Best & Worst Anime Openings & Endings

Hello everyone, this time I decided to do something totally different from the usual reviews I write. I am currently listening to almost every opening from almost every anime I’ve ever watched. Yeah, this is gonna take me a while. I will rate every single opening on a personal document. In this post I am writing, I will share those I think are the best and worst.

If you’ve read some of my reviews, you may have noticed that I pay a lot of attention to sound and music. I usually don’t write a lot about it because I don’t want things to get technical, but yeah I do put a lot of importance on it. Now there’s a reason for this. I have hypersensitive hearing, which is a bit troublesome for my daily life. But when it comes to music, then I suppose it’s great. Well as long as said music is pleasing to listen to. Otherwise, yeah it’s really painful for me. I’m also very picky about what I watch, read, and listen to. Anyway, I thought it’d be fun to do this. Especially since I’m picky, I actually can’t remember the vast majority of those openings and ending, since I most likely skipped them every episode unless they were great.


I’m gonna write it again, I AM ONLY PUTTING OPENINGS & ENDINGS FROM ANIME I HAVE WATCHED. So please, don’t start thinking this or this should be there, you don’t know what I’ve watched or not. Take this list as a list of great openings & endings from someone who has listened to hundreds of those. I’ll also say that an opening can be considered as one of the ‘best’ over different criteria.

I will skip any anime that has a ton of openings and endings (think Naruto, One Piece, etc…). I will also not include anything from movies, or openings that appear only in one or two episodes. And I’ll simply skip some anime depending on my mood xD honestly, some stuff is too average, I really can’t be bothered to spend time on things I know aren’t worth it. And obviously, I’m basing all this on sound alone.

Now, I guess this list will feature songs that probably everyone knows, yet I’m sure there will be openings not many have even heard. Obviously, even though I try to stay as objective as possible, my own tastes will surely have an impact. So remember to take things with a grain of salt. If you are curious, I prefer classical, certain kinds of rock, and symphonic metal, among other things. I particularly love the sound of a piano. anyway let’s get started, shall we?

Couple notes

The list is in no particular order. I actually went through every anime in my list in alphabetical order. As you’ll see, there’s a lot more opening than ending on this list. And I do think endings are usually of a lower quality than openings, which makes sense, most people will skip it anyway, and the opening is the first thing you see. Ask people you know if they remember the ending of any popular anime, chances are they won’t but they will know the opening. I’m pretty sure all of us have at least watched one anime simply because we knew the opening and loved it. So obviously this list will also reflect that, but of course, there are some exceptions out there. Anyway, let’s start, hope you’ll enjoy it, as it took me so many hours (dozens of hours actually) to make it.

Best Anime Openings

1. This Game – No Game No Life

by Konomi Suzuki

I was wondering what I should start with, and you know what? There’s absolutely no reason why I chose this one X). I’m pretty sure everyone knows it though, even people who haven’t watched No Game No Life. And yes, it’s an amazing opening. It’s passionate, there’s a very good balance between the voice and accompaniment. Its style is pretty standard for an anime opening, yet it has the quality all openings should aim to have.

2. No Pain, No Game – Btooom!

by Nano

I’m taking the easy way and continuing with an opening that has a style quite similar to the previous one. And a similar name as well. I’m not sure what to say actually, this should really be the standard quality for anime openings, yet most openings are far from this. Obviously, it’s an opening a lot of people have at least heard of here or there. I’ll mention that the last episode’s opening is different, and also a great one!

3. Dark Seeks Light – Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru

by Yui Ninomiya

So, after two well-known staples from almost 10 years ago. Yeah, it’s already been such a long time I know. I present you an opening from a 2021, yeah you guessed it, isekai. And I’m pretty sure not many of you reading this article have even heard about this anime. The isekai genre is well yeah, we all know how it is.

This anime while not so bad, was actually more than decent from the isekai standard, was nothing amazing. And yet, the opening is actually stunning, so much so that I actually remembered it. When I saw the name of the opening among all those I have listened to, I actually remembered liking it and a couple of parts of it. So, sometimes you’ll find great openings in places you don’t expect them to be.

4. Identity – Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

by Mikio Sakai

Continuing on the ‘you wouldn’t expect such a good opening here’ category. Yeah, we’ve got an ecchi anime this time. Actually, it’s quite a popular one, and among the few really well-made ecchi out there. The novel is actually great, I’ll write an article about it at some point. Anyway, you wouldn’t expect such a good-sounding and serious opening in this genre. The accompaniment isn’t the absolute best, but that voice is simply amazing, and I actually like the accompaniment’s style a lot.

5. Sidonia – Knights of Sidonia

by angela

I’m seriously putting a lot of thoughts into the order of this list, but in the end, it’s kind of random. As a fully CGI anime, Knights of Sidonia isn’t known much, a shame really, pretty good anime. But this opening is just so different and sort of epic, it’s also super fitting with the anime’s style. This opening is a bit peculiar, as is the anime it’s from.

6. Guren no Yumiya / Jiyuu no Tsubasa / Shinzou wo Sasageyo! – Shingeki no Kyojin

by Linked Horizon

Yeah, this is not one opening, but three. Obviously, you all know them, and you all understand why I’ve grouped them all here. Attack on Titan was really the beginning of an era. And its openings are no exceptions. They are nothing like what we were used to, and wow are they fantastic. There’s really no way they wouldn’t be on this list. I’ve only put the three first because I think they are better than the other ones, which are still amazing don’t get me wrong.

7. Grand Blue – Grand Blue

by Shounan no Kaze

Huge change of style here. Well, Grand Blue is a pretty unique anime. And its opening and ending are also quite unique. But they’re also pretty great. Definitely not my style of music, and yet I still enjoy those. I definitely wouldn’t listen to this all day long, but you really can’t help but wanna dance listening to this. A fitting opening for an outstanding anime.

8. Love Supreme! – Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S

by fhána

Let’s go a bit deeper into the weird and unusual style. This opening not only makes you wanna dance, but you also can’t help but sing along! It’s also quite melodic, definitely my favorite opening in this Idol style. And it fits this anime perfectly. I definitely remember having listened to it almost every episode. That’s how good I think it is.

9. Unravel – Tokyo Ghoul

by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure

Ah, obviously it would end up there. I actually never finished the first season of Tokyo Ghoul. But as I watched 10/12 episodes I had to include it. After all, it’s the main reason why everyone knows Tokyo Ghoul. Heck, I’m sure a lot of people who don’t watch anime heard about Tokyo Ghoul because of it. Yeah, there was no way I wouldn’t include it. No matter how much I think Tokyo Ghoul is pretty bad, I can’t deny that this opening is simply unique and amazing.

10. Hikaru Nara – Your Lie in April

by Goose house

Among the openings everyone knows, obviously, it had to be this one. Honestly, I’ve got mixed feelings about it. But I can’t deny it’s great and quite unique among anime openings. I’m also a bit biased toward this opening as it reminds me of someone I’d rather forget. Your Lie in April is one of those anime that absolutely everyone knows and almost everyone loves. And if you pay attention you’ll notice that most of these anime have an opening that everyone knows and likes, even people who haven’t watched said anime. Yes, openings matter, a lot more than people realize. And you’ll soon see it even more clearly, even if there are obviously exceptions.

11. Kuusou Mesorogiwi – Mirai Nikki

by Yousei Teikoku

This opening is pretty iconic for anyone around my age who’s been watching anime for at least about 10 years. The younger generation probably heard it but may not have watched Mirai Nikki. But for my generation, Mirai Nikki is among the first anime of the survival genre. And this opening is absolutely gorgeous, I’ve listened to it countless times. I’m pretty sure I watched this anime because I had heard the opening at a convention’s karaoke. Gotta admit watching Mirai Nikki when you’re like 14 may not be the best idea ever though. Anyway, it’s the kind of opening I knew would be in this article before I even started listening to all those openings.

12. Red Fraction – Black Lagoon


This is another opening I knew beforehand I would put in this article. I’ve listened to it countless times, I sang it so many times as well. Black Lagoon is getting quite old, yet it doesn’t feel like it aged at all. And this opening is as great as it always was. Black Lagoon is unique among anime and it’s also pretty unique among anime openings.

First off, it’s all in English, pretty rare, and it reflects how Black Lagoon gotta be one of the only anime that actually has a version with characters all speaking in their native languages. Then the opening itself, I’m sure it’d be hard to find any other opening that has this style, this rhythm, and this change in the singing and accompaniment between hard rock and something more melodic. OH, by the way, the third season has a remix version of it as the opening.

13. Break the Cocoon – Soul Land

by Angela Zhang

Now, this anime I’m sure there’s probably no one among you that has even heard of it, yet watched it. And yes, this is a Chinese anime, and yes it’s fully CGI. I also watch and read Chinese anime and novels. Honestly, just talking about Soul Land’s music could take an entire article by itself. I’ll write an article about it soon I think, but it’s quite complicated in many aspects. Anyway back to the main topic here.

Break the Cocoon, I fell in love with this opening, so much that I want to play it on the piano, and I’m pretty much a beginner on the piano, yet I started learning how to play this opening. I’m sure many people will be bothered that it’s in Chinese. When you’re not used to hearing Chinese, it can sound really weird I guess. But it’s truly a beautiful song.

14. Sincerely – Violet Evergarden


If you’ve read my first article, you know how much I’ve praised this anime. And I’ll also praise its opening. It’s beautiful, you can feel the emotions in that voice. It reflects Violet Evergarden really well in my opinion. It sounds simple and clear, yet it’s so pretty and colorful. Violet Evergarden is truly in all aspects one of the absolute best anime of all time. Well except for its ending, cause honestly, the voice sounds really bad, I really can’t bear listening to it.

15. Here – Mahoutsukai no Yome


Honestly, I haven’t finished watching The Ancient Magus’ Bride. It’s quite hard for me to watch it. But it has to be one of the most beautiful anime ever, in its beautiful, in its own way. In particular, the soundtrack is fantastic. And this opening is just perfect. There’s no other way to describe it. I didn’t think I’d say that but, I think if I had to choose a single opening among all that are in this article, I’d pick this one. I’d honestly end up crying if I kept listening to it, and yet I’d keep listening to it more and more.

16. Kawaki wo Ameku – Domestic Girlfriend

by Minami

As much as this anime has been criticized, I don’t think it’s possible to criticize its opening. It truly is stunning. I’m not even sure how to describe it. But if every anime had an opening like this, I’d listen to every opening in every episode.

17. Gurenge – Demon Slayer

by LiSA

I’m sure, if there was one opening everyone would expect to be in this article, it’d be this one. Honestly, I consider Demon Slayer to be the best anime of the last two decades. And this opening might very well be the best opening of the last 20 years as well. I know people who know it even though they don’t watch anime at all. LiSA was already popular before, but now she’s probably the most popular singer as far as anime openings go. Really, I don’t even think I need to say anything about it. If this wasn’t on this list, then this article would be empty.

Best Anime endings

1. Gomenne Iikojya Irarenai – Kill la Kill

by Miku Sawai

I’m starting the ending list with an anime pretty much everyone who’s been watching anime for a while should know. And this ending, honestly, it’s hard to believe it’s an ending. It could very well have been an opening and a great one at that. If every ending had such quality, I’d never skip any. And it’s so easy to skip the ending, actually, I think most of us tend to skip every ending when the first couple of notes aren’t sounding particularly amazing. But this one, you can tell from the very first notes, you don’t wanna skip it.

2. Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai – Shingeki no Kyojin

by Yoko Hikasa

Well, I think Attack on Titan will have the most appearances in this article. Yeah, not only are the openings amazing, but even the ending was fantastic. And it does feel like an ending, simply because the quality is so much higher than most endings. Super beautiful. This anime was really a revolution in all aspects I suppose.

3. Requiem – Knights of Sidonia

by Customi Z

And we got another anime appearing twice in this article. Even more surprising, it’s an anime that’s not very popular at all, guess people really got something against CGI. Sometimes you do find amazing openings and ending in anime that people simply don’t know exist. I particularly like its rhythm and the use of the piano in this ending.

4. Hamidashimono – The Misfit of Demon King Academy

by Tomori Kusunoki

While I really didn’t find anything great in this anime, this ending is actually amazing. Again it could have been an opening really. A shame there are not too many of this kind of ending.

5. Nameless – Alderamin on the Sky

by Kano

I said I loved the sound of the piano right? The first couple of notes were really pleasant to hear. But the whole ending sounds great. Again not an anime I would have expected to have a good ending song. And yet here we are.

6. Wagamama – Domestic Girlfriend

by Alisa Takigawa

I suppose Domestic Girlfriend is not an anime you’d expect to see in any kind of “best” list. It received so much criticism, its MAL score is lower than many average isekai (and we know how bad the average isekai is). Yet it’s in this article not once but twice. And it’s not without reason, this ending is marvelous, it’s nothing original or particularly fancy, but sometimes, simplicity is all you could ask for.

7. Maid with Dragons – Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S

 by Super Chorogonzu

Yet another anime that has two entries in this list. I guess it goes to show that anime with a good opening tend to also have a good ending. And this ending doesn’t disappoint at all. It has a similar style to the opening, and it fits Miss Kobayashi perfectly. This second season really doesn’t disappoint in any aspect. I’m really glad we keep getting new anime that puts effort into their openings and endings.

8. Wa -cycle- – Mahoutsukai no Yome

by Hana Itoki

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I’d put it in the article. But The Ancient Magus’ Bride has this unique and beautiful style. A style this ending, much like the opening, reflects really well. So it’s no wonder that it sounds beautiful, and it also has this unique feel to it, packed with emotions.

9. Filament – Mirai Nikki

by Yousei Teikoku

And as our last entry on this list, Mirai Nikki’s second ending. While it’s a lot less iconic than its first opening, it’s no wonder it’d end up here. Maybe you’ve noticed already, it’s by the same artist. And while the style is definitely a bit different from the opening, it’s definitely incredible.

Worst Openings & Endings

1. Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

And to kick off this part of the article, we’ve got an absolute winner here. Mairimashita! Iruma-kun may be a pretty decent anime, but the first season’s opening AND ending are just about the worst I’ve listened to. It’s so bad it’s painful. The worst part is, the season is 23 episodes long, and there’s only a single opening and ending. Hopefully, we can skip them.

2. Rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul

If you’ve read my other articles, you already know how much I praised this anime for its soundtrack. But the first opening and both endings are just bad. There’s no way to save them really. The opening could have been alright, but it turned out messy and dissonant. As for both endings, they’re very similar, and I just can’t understand why you’d ever choose this as an ending for this kind of anime. I’m really clueless about this choice, makes no sense.

3. Hanebado

Now, this is the kind of anime no one knows. I watched it cause I used to play badminton. It’s actually not bad. But I’ll have to admit, the opening is just horrendous. But weirdly, it’s exactly the kind of anime where I’d expect to find the kind of openings I’d rather never listen to.

4. Assassination Classroom

I’m probably gonna offend a ton of people saying this. But yes, the second opening deserves a spot here. While I think the first opening is actually fairly good, with its peculiar style. The second is just nah, I’d almost put the third opening in there as well. I’ll never understand those crazy fans listening to such openings daily, and yes, my little sister is among those crazy fans, but what can you do, she’s only 12.

5. Danmachi

Hell nah, I’m not typing the whole isekai name. From isekai standards, Danmachi is a pretty good anime, I’ve actually read the novel, well I’m far from the current volumes but it’s annoying to wait for them to come out so I decided to wait a few years before going back to it. As for the anime, I’ve only watched the first two seasons, it gets boring when you’ve read the novel and you already know what’s gonna happen.

And as far as openings and endings go. I think Danmachi deserves the crown for the most entries in this part of the article. Yes, every single opening and ending from the first two seasons, is equally bad. They’re not as bad as some other stuff, but they’re still pretty bad, and the fact that they’re all that bad is just insane.

6. Deca-Dence

A fairly recent anime. It attracted quite a bit of attention when it came out, and that attention died fairly quickly. It’s not bad, but it’s far from great. It’s the kind of average, somewhat entertaining anime. And I’m giving its ending a nice mention as one of the worst endings I’ve had to listen to during the past few days. I really preferred listening to the good ones.

7. God Eater

Both the opening and ending are just terrible. The anime itself is pretty average, unfortunately, its opening and ending simply don’t reach the average point. A shame considering the kind of songs you can put as an opening for an anime of this style.

8. Code Geass

And to end things up, yes I dare. Actually, this anime’s second opening is the one opening I knew I’d put in this category. Yes, I’ll offend many Code Geass fans. And I don’t care, you just wait to read the article I’ll write about Code Geass, I’ll offend all of you. Fun fact, I’ve watched this anime with my dad, partly at least. And there’s one thing we both agreed on. Please skip the second opening for the love of god. That thing is just so bad, it hurts your ears. I’m pretty sure we haven’t listened to it entirely a single time.

Honorable & Special Mentions

What, you thought it was over? Nah, no way. I’ve got a couple more stuff to say. See, there are some openings and endings that just can’t be put in the same category as other stuff. And there are some that are really great in a certain way, even though they can’t compare with the best ones out there.

Resonance – Soul Eater / PAPERMOON – Soul Eater

by T.M.Revolution / by Tommy heavenly6

Let’s go back in time quite a bit, okay I didn’t go as far as the 90’s since most anime back then had a billion openings and endings. Anyway, Soul Eater is starting to get on the older side. But those two openings are still as amazing as they were back then. Obviously a very well-known anime, and has two well-known openings, so it’s no surprise they would end up here. Those are really iconic for anyone who’s been watching anime for a while, even though they’re not as good as some newer ones.

Contradiction – The God of High School

by KSUKE feat. Tyler Carter

The God of High School is one of those anime that had all the hype in the world when it was released. And then it didn’t live up to the hype. But it has at least one thing for itself, style. Yeah, it has this unique style you can’t seem to find anywhere else. And this opening definitely compliments this style extremely well. I think it deserves a spot here for this style and for how challenging it can be to do stuff differently.

Made in Abyss

I’ve recently written an article about it. Made in Abyss has one of the very best soundtracks among all anime. Yet, you can’t help being disappointed with its openings and endings, they ain’t bad at all really. But it’s just not up to the standard the rest of the soundtrack puts up. It’s truly unfortunate.

Akatsuki no Yona – Yona of the Dawn

by Kunihiko Ryo

Out of the hundreds and hundreds of openings I’ve listened to, this one is unique. I was quite surprised, as it is the only single opening among hundreds, that is purely instrumental. And more than simply here because it’s instrumental, god does it sounds beautiful. It might not be among the best openings, but it’s still quite pleasant to listen to.

Don’t Look Behind – Black Lagoon


So we’ve got the one opening that’s entirely instrumental. Now, this is the one ending that’s entirely instrumental. It’s not as pretty as the previous one, but it fits with Black Lagoon’s style. Shootout to Roberta’s Blood Trail season’s ending, it’s obviously great but it simply shouldn’t compete with anything that’s on this list.

Grisaia no Kajitsu

I don’t have a preference among this anime’s different openings and endings. But I found that among every anime I’ve watched, it’s one of the very few that I found particularly consistent in the quality of its opening and ending songs. They’re not the best, but they’re only just a bit below, and it’s amazing that every single opening and ending in three seasons manages to achieve this quality.

Ikouze☆Paradise / Hanabira Ondo – Interspecies Reviewers

by Yuusuke Kobayashi, Junji Majima, Miyu Tomita

Well, obviously this can’t be placed anywhere except here. Honestly, it’s a damn impressive and great opening and ending. If you’re gonna do karaoke, you’d definitely need to feature those two songs. This is the true anime vibe you might be looking for in an opening or ending. It’s crazy, as is the whole anime anyway. But it brings joy and energy, it’s funny, and it sticks in your head. In my opinion, they’re among the best openings and endings there can be, but it’d feel weird to put them up here because of their style.

Ignite – Sword Art Online

by Eir Aoi

Honestly, basically, any song by Eir Aoi could have been put here. Yeah, it’s that good. And she’s one of the most renowned artists when talking about anime opening or ending. So why isn’t this on the list up there? Well, I just couldn’t bring myself to it. There’s one thing that bothers me in basically any song by Eir Aoi, the accompaniment is ever so slightly dissonant. I’m not sure exactly how to explain this. Her voice is simply marvelous don’t get me wrong. But I feel like the accompaniment kind of clashes with her voice in certain places, a shame really, but I suppose her voice being so strong can make it hard to find a good balance. Still, her songs remain among the very best you can find in anime openings or endings.

Crossing Field – Sword Art Online

by LiSA

Similarly to the previous entry, I don’t think I need to say how popular LiSA has become. And this very particular opening is I think the one that made LiSA so popular. Sword Art Online is in many ways a very important anime and one of the most iconic of all times. Any opening from LiSA could be here honestly, well except Gurenge, cause I’ve put it up above in this article. I chose this one simply because of how iconic it has become unlike something like Rising Hope from The Irregular at Magic High School. But I think it mostly has to do with anime popularity more than anything.

Special Entries

Love Live

I don’t think it’d be possible to write an article about anime songs without mentioning Love Live somewhere. But I simply can’t bring myself to compare it with anything else. It’s in a realm of its own in a way. It’s an idol anime after all. Every opening and end of every season is a son by those idols. Not to say there are no other idol songs in other anime, simply that usually they turn out to be pretty average or even cringe. While here it’d be hard to say which song is best, it’s all down to preferences. But I think every single of these songs is amazing.

There are only so many anime that can have this much opening and ending quality throughout every single season, and all are very high-budget, extremely popular anime. It’s kind of like an anime that had 5 seasons, all featuring an opening and ending made by LiSA specifically for this anime.

Rightfully – Goblin Slayer

by Mili

Why is this here you ask? Cause I haven’t watched Goblin Slayer. This article is supposed to be about stuff I’ve watched. So why is there uh? Well, even though I haven’t watched this anime, I know this opening quite well. Mili is my favorite group after all. I think, among the openings and endings they made this one is the best. And it’s actually a great song anyway, I’d have put it in the article had I watched Goblin Slayer. But I guess I am biased. It’s a shame Mili has only made songs for anime that are well, not popular or even good, except for this one I suppose, and maybe the Gleipnir ending, but that anime hasn’t lived up to its hype at all. Anyway, if you didn’t know Mili, now you do, and they make really super great music.


Yeah, it is time to stop, for real this time. Ah, this turned out to be super long. Took me so many hours to make it. But I’m happy I did. There are obviously a lot of other openings and endings that I thought were great that aren’t on this list, but gotta chose. I won’t write too much, this article is already long enough. I hope you enjoyed it and enjoyed the songs I decided to feature. I’m sorry for all the openings and endings I didn’t take the time to listen to, some anime simply have too many. Heck, I even skipped some anime I know have good openings or very iconic ones. But it’s not as if you didn’t know those already (who watches anime and never heard that one dragon ball opening uh?). Anyway, that’s all for now, I’ll be back soon with more review articles!

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