10 Isekai Anime Series with Guns

We are fairly used to seeing isekai blended with all sorts of genres and mostly with a protagonist who has some kind of special ability. But how about finding an isekai anime with guns? What I mean by that is that the MC uses at least sometimes a gun to fight.

To be honest, such shows are pretty rare. Usually, we see the MC flexing some OP power or fighting with a sword since many of them are isekaied in a medieval fantasy era.

Nevertheless, I found 10 solid isekai anime series with guns worth checking out!

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10. Those Who Hunt Elves

Those Who Hunt Elves is an isekai anime with guns that is not widely known. The show aired in 1996 and has only 12 episodes. According to MAL, the anime’s rating is 7. That’s pretty good, in my opinion.

Three complete strangers from modern-day Japan are unintentionally transported to a fantasy world with elves and other magical creatures. When an attempt to send them home fails, they learn that the spell was broken into five pieces and imprinted onto the bodies of five randomly selected elves scattered all across the world. And so, they set out to undress every elf in order to find the spell fragments!

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9. High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World

Seven high school kids are victims of an aviation tragedy. When they regain consciousness, they find out that they are in a magical world with half-human, half-animal inhabitants.

But they don’t even worry about being thrown into a feudalistic society controlled by autocrats and guilds without a single contemporary amenity in sight!

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8. Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Ichirou Suzuki, a programmer in his late twenties, awakens one day to find himself trapped in a fantasy world. He soon finds that this world is a blend of the MMORPGs he was previously debugging at work. In addition to adopting the name Satou, he is also taking on the appearance of his younger, 15-year-old self.

When Satou is suddenly ambushed by a lizardman army without having time to process what has happened, he is compelled to use his talent on instinct. To his amazement, he fully kills them out and gains level 310, which maximizes his stats!

With no way to return back home, Satou sets off on an adventure to explore the new realm.

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7. In Another World with My Smartphone

As the name implies, the MC is sent to another world with a magically upgraded smartphone. Now imagine all typical isekai tropes and clichés. To make it easier for you to imagine, it goes something like this: the MC dies, and God feels bad for him and sends him to a fantasy world. Somehow, absolutely everything turns out better than it was before. The hero is OP from the start and every gorgeous girl he meets throws herself at him. Well, that’s basically the summary of In Another World with My Smartphone.

And to handle situations where he can’t use magic, the MC uses Brunhild, a weapon that combines a six-shooter firearm and a melee weapon.

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6. Arifureta

Before someone comes at me for including Arifureta, I know that the anime is way worse than the light novel. But not everyone reads light novels or manga.

To save humanity, Hajime Nagumo and his entire high school class are sent to a fantasy world. But Hajime has little to brag about; his talents are only mediocre in contrast to his peers who are endowed with exceptional fighting skills.

Just like in his previous world, Hajime must struggle to acquire the necessary strength to save humanity. And firstly, he must clear an entire dungeon, which is thought to be the deadliest one that anyone has ever managed to do.

His main weapons are techno-magical revolvers, so it perfectly fits into the isekai anime series with guns.

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5. Combatants Will be Dispatched

Combatants Will be Dispatched was one of the highly awaited anime series of the Spring 2021 season. Natsume Akatsuki, the author of KonoSuba, is the creator behind it. What that means is that the anime has the same feel to it and fans of KonoSuba will most likely love it.

The villainous Kisaragi Corporation, having nearly conquered Earth, has chosen to send Combat Agent 6 and a newly created combat droid named Alice to a fantasy-like world in order to further their conquest.

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4. The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat is self-explanatory, after all, it’s all about the titular.

The show stands out because they chose an experienced and accomplished assassin who died as an older person as the MC. This means that him being OP makes sense for once.

Although the characters frequently wield other weapons, the protagonist and his close allies use also magic guns.

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3. Drifters

Drifters still fits into the category of lesser-known isekai despite having a rating of 7.90 on MAL. By including it on this list, I hope that more people can come to appreciate it.

The Drifters are a group of heroic warriors from history who have been transported to a parallel Earth to battle and defeat the Ends, a similar group that has chosen to rule the planet instead of protecting it.

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2. Gate

A gate that leads to a fantastical world suddenly forms in present-day Tokyo. To foster a connection between the two worlds, a Japanese military unit is formed.

Since we are talking about the military, it’s only obvious that there are going to be all sorts of weapons, including guns.

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1. The Saga of Tanya the Evil

The Saga of Tanya the Evil offers a fresh take on the increasingly popular Isekai/AU genre. First off, rather than being isekaied to the new world as an adult, the character is born there with a different gender. Second, Tanya doesn’t want to embark on an adventure or defeat an antagonist. All she wants is to survive and thrive there.

Tanya Degurechaff is a little orphan girl who used to be an atheist guy who worked as a salaryman in his previous life. After he got on God’s bad side, he is reincarnated in a world that’s an alternate reality’s equivalent of Imperial Germany.

Tanya decides to rise in the military ranks to avoid combat as much as possible because she knows that if she doesn’t pass away naturally or turn to God, she will go to hell!

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