About 9 Tailed Kitsune

9 Tailed Kitsune’s purpose is to entertain and provide useful information for anime fans all around the world.

I created this site because I love anime & I also love writing.

I like to contribute to the anime community by sharing helpful information for the topics I am passionate about, plus I deeply adore the whole anime community, whether it’s anime fans, bloggers, or YouTubers, so this is a perfect opportunity for self-realization and interaction.

There is no better way to express my love for anime than to blog about it!

This blog focuses mainly on:

  • similar anime recommendations
  • upcoming anime lists
  • top lists (any anime topic)
  • thoughts about hot anime topics
  • anime quotes
  • anime reviews
  • anime tags
  • anime facts

You won’t be bored here, I promise! Don’t be shy to leave a comment or two while passing by. 🙂