About Author

Who are you?

It’s hard to define who I’m, but we can start by saying that my name is Mia and I live in the Slovak Republic.

I’m a psychology post-graduate who is still figuring out what to do with life.


Why did you create a blog?
  1. I felt like I want to utilize my knowledge when it comes to anime
  2. I wanted to be helpful to people who are searching for useful anime news or recommendations
  3. I love writing and I love anime, so why not both?
What are your hobbies?

My top 3 favorite activities are video games (along with listening to some quality music), forensic TV series with real stories, and anime.

Of course, I like to spend time with family and friends and boyfriend too, but these are activities I love to do when I’m alone.


How can I contact you?

There is a contact form in my menu, and also, I have all kind of social media which you can find in the right top corner. I’m always up for a conversation!


Do I accept sponsored posts/ advertising?

Yes, I’m open to offers. For business inquiries please use the contact form or send me an e-mail to [email protected]