Top 20 Anime Character Birthdays for November

Greetings! This post continues our series of identifying the best characters in anime based on their birth month. This time, we are going to talk about the best anime characters born in November.

Anime is overflowing with a host of iconic protagonists, antagonists, and support characters. The depth of their diversity makes the task of selecting the best a challenging endeavor. Hours of thoughtful introspection and research went into the process of creating a pretty good list of anime personalities. The result of this undertaking is a list that provides an equal representation of anime characters across multiple genres who, according to their creators, were born in November.

As you review the post, please feel free to let me know if I overlooked your favorite anime or manga character. Leave a comment below and let me know your picks.

20. Yoshi

  • Birthday: November 23
  • First Anime Appearance: Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro, Ep. 1 “Senpai is a bit…/Senpai, don’t you ever get angry?” (2021)

Absentminded, Yoshi is a female student at Kazehaya High School. She is part of the Nagatoro’s clique, which includes Gamo-chan and Sakura.  

Simple-minded but energetic, Yoshi is an attractive girl with blonde hair pinned back in pigtails. She sports an open-mouth expression, as a visual of her cluelessness. The series hammers this home by referring to her as a ‘moron’ for her poor academic achievement. A consummate follower, Yoshi mimics the taunts and actions of Senpai in Nagatoro’s inner circle. Secretly, she likes Senpai’s manga, referring to him as the ‘grandmaster of manga.’

Yoshi is a cliché of the dopey, fun-loving follower. She provides much-needed comic relief to offset the clique’s bullying of Senpai. With a combination of persona and attractiveness, fans count Yoshi as one of their favorite characters in anime.  

19. Chizuru Akaba

  • Birthday: November 22
  • First Anime Appearance: Student Council’s Discretion, Ep. 1 “Student Council Chats” (2009)

A Hekiyou Academy student, Chizuru Akaba is one of the series leading female characters. She is the Secretary of the 32nd Student Council.  

On the surface, Chizuru is an attractive and solemn high school student. The reality is that she is the student council’s sadodere. A sometimes sadist, she uses a combination of physical and mental manipulation to influence the series’ male protagonist. When her cruel acts fail, she controls the Council’s male leadership by dressing up in cutesy outfits. The primary focus of these antics is on the Council’s President and Vice President, Kurimu Sakurano and Ken Sugisaka. These actions come from a place of insecurity and inability to maturely express her feelings towards them.

There is something about eccentric, cute girls manipulating young boys that resonates with fans. To this point, Chizuru Akaba is no exception. The struggles we all face with appropriately manifesting one’s fondness for another is why Chizuru is a great main character and one of November’s fan favorites.

18. Rakshata Chawla

A tall and attractive woman, Rakshata Chawla is the head scientist for the Black Knights. She desires to end world conflict through technological development.

Born in the Military District of India, the series gives little hint of Rakshata’s childhood and family. She attended the Imperial Colchester Institute, mastering medical cybernetics. When India backed the Black Knights, she would lend her scientific expertise to their cause. Inventing Radiant Wave Technology, the weapon uses a focused radiation beam to destroy the opposition. The Holy Britannian Empire would take her prisoner, with them releasing Rakshata only after Lelouch’s death.   

Rakshata Chawla is a dynamic character whose mannerisms and intelligence draw us to connect with her. Specifically, she is confident in herself and is unabashed at acknowledging this fact to others. Her poise resonates with fans, who identify Rakshata as one of their favorite anime characters born in November.

17. Chi-Chi

  • Birthday: November 5
  • First Anime Appearance: Dragon Ball Ep. 7 “The Ox King on Fire Mountain” (1986)

A Fire Mountain princess, Chi-Chi is an influential character within the Dragon Ball franchise. Her timid childhood introduction would give way to a confident warrior-woman in adulthood.

The daughter of the Ox-King, Chi-Chi’s motivations centered on her father’s happiness. She would act well-behaved around him and become a warrior. Her mastery of fighting was instrumental in taking down a rampaging dinosaur. The Ox-King would send Goku to deliver Chi-Chi to his mentor. His mission would cement the pair’s future, leading to their eventual marriage and family together. She is a loving wife and parent, whose abilities manage to keep her sons and Goku on their toes.

Since her anime introduction, Chi-Chi’s life and adventures span nearly forty years. Her longevity reaches near iconic status, equal to the franchise’s protagonist. Her staying power make Chi-Chi a sure bet that she will continue to grace fans’ best anime character lists for years to come.

16. Makoto Tachibana

  • Birthday: November 17
  • First Anime Appearance: Free!, Ep. 1 “Reunion at the Starting Block!” (2013)

Makoto Tachibana was a competitive backstroke swimmer and captain of the Iwatobi High School Swim Team. A successful high school athlete, he would pursue a degree in sports medicine.

The Tachibana family lives in Iwatobi, a small fishing village along Japan’s coast. A traumatic natural disaster fostered Makoto’s fear of the ocean. Despite his fears and tall stature, he would pursue competitive swimming over junior high school basketball. A disciplined individual, he rose to the position of team captain. Generally, Makoto is easygoing but his teammates can sometimes wear on his last nerve.

Makoto Tachibana is a beloved anime character. At the height of his popularity, anime fans voted him as the Sexiest Anime Man in 2013. Almost a decade later, he continues to have a following. This staying power ensures that Makoto Tachibana will continue to be a popular tour de force for years to come.

15. Kyayo Ootori

  • Birthday: November 22
  • First Anime Appearance: Ouran High School Host Club, Ep. 8 “Starting Today, You Are a Host!” (2006)

A financially-minded student, Kyoya Ootori is the vice president of the elite Ouran Academy’s Host Club. The responsibility he feels for the Club earned him the nickname the “Shadow King.”

Kyoya is the youngest of four children of the wealthy Ootori family. He longs for his father’s recognition as an equal to his brothers. This desire led him to become the Club’s financial manager. However unlikely, Kyoya works hard to demonstrate that he is a worthy successor to the family’s businesses. His singularly-mindedness gives him an air of being detached from others. He eventually comes to accept the notion that expectations do not determine one’s self-worth.

Kyoya Ootori is one of Ouran Host Club’s most relatable characters. Initially, his inspiration is to have his father recognize him as an equal. Family and societal customs would never allow this to occur. He comes to understand these barriers and charts his own path forward. His journey combined with an honest approach to life establishes Kyoya Ootori as one of our popular anime characters born in November.

14. Rock Lee

  • Birthday: November 27
  • First Anime Appearance: Naruto, Ep. 21 “Identify Yourself: Powerful New Rivals” (2003)

Zero to Hero, Rock Lee was the least likely of the Academy students to become a ninja. Under Might Guy’s tutelage, he would overcome his shortcomings to become a taijutsu master.

The story gives little insight into Rock Lee’s family and origin. At the Academy, ‘Centipede Brows’ is the subject of peer ridicule due to his lack of ninjutsu or genjutsu skills. Despite these initial shortcomings, he learns to master the Drunken Fists and Eight Gates fighting techniques. He also adopts his mentor’s nice guy personality traits. His skills and character would win over those who formally mocked him.

Naruto’s creator drew inspiration for ‘Centipede Brows’ from actor and martial artist, Bruce Lee. Small and unassuming, the two could bring pain to their foes. A well-crafted character, Rock Lee is one of Naruto’s most popular personalities born in November.

13. Khun Aguero Agnes

  • Birthday: November 29
  • First Appearance: Tower of God, Ep. 1 “Ball” (2020)

Khun Aguero Agnes or simply ‘Khun’ is one of the series’ main characters. Intelligent, he is calm and collected but also ruthless when taking on an opponent.

Khun is one of several children to Khun Eduan, a High Ranker akin to royalty. His father would force his offspring to fight one another for the honor of bearing the family crest. Khun emerged victoriously only having the father disown him for his sister’s failure to become a princess to Zahard. His father’s injustices prompted Khun to take the tyrant’s magical items. The series shows Khun to be a cunning teen, who manipulates the rules to succeed.  

Khun Aguero Agnes’ intelligence is his greatest weapon, as the series shows him to be an excellent tactician. His logical fighting style combined with magical items make Khun a tour de force in the arena. Psychologically and emotionally abused, Khun Aguero Agnes’ perseverance over adversity resonates with fans to make him one of our favorite characters born in November.

12. Noelle Silva

  • Birthday: November 15
  • First Anime Appearance: Black Clover, Ep. 4 “The Magic Knights Entrance Exam” (2017)

A fan-favorite Black Clover character, Noelle Silva is a popular anime girl. A combination of himedere and tsundere, Noelle Silva is the second daughter of the noble House Silva. Insecurities fostered by an inability to live up to expectations, she settles with becoming a member of the Clover Kingdom’s least disciplined protectors rather than joining her brother’s Silver Eagles.

Due to the nature of her mother’s death, the Silva children found an easy scapegoat to blame in Noelle. Their deep-seated resentment created an inferiority complex in the young girl, with the result being her inability to properly use magic. With limited options, Noelle reluctantly became a member of Captain Yami Sukehiro’s Black Bulls. The squad’s over-the-top personalities and unorthodox approach to kingdom protection made the perfect nurturing environment for Noelle to become a powerful water mage. Her maturity combined with magic skills would earn her the title of Sea Goddess and reconciliation with her siblings.

Noelle Silva’s character arc is one about personal growth. This only happens because she moves outside her comfort zone and starts to trust in others, especially Asta and Yami. A perfect Black Bull, Noelle Silva is a great support character and one of November’s fan favorites.

11. Alois Trancy

  • Birthday: 5 November 1874
  • First Anime Appearance: Kuroshitsuji, Ep. 2:1 “Clawed Butler” (2010)

Earl Alois Trancy is one of the series’ primary antagonists. A wealthy noble, this teenager’s erratic temperament shifts wildly from cheerful and approachable to violent outbursts. 

Orphaned and living on the streets, Jim Macken experienced many tragedies and hardships. This included suffering physical abuse at the hands of the Earl of Trancy. Without an heir, the Earl adopted Jim and renamed him Alois Trancy. As the Earl of Trancy, Alois would enter into a contract with a demon to the party responsible for killing his younger brother. The truth sets him on a collision course with the story’s protagonist.

Alois Trancy is a dynamic villain, whose backstory draws us into empathizing with his cause. Specifically, his motivation is founded on the need to right the wrongs put upon him by others. These principles resonate with anime fans to make him a favorite character born in November.

10. Tadashi Yamaguchi

  • Birthday: 10 November 1996
  • First Appearance: Haikyū!!, Ep. 3 “The Formidable Ally” (2014)

Tadashi Yamaguchi is the Karasuno High School volleyball team’s pitch server. His shy, follow-the-crowd persona masks his eventual rise to the role of team captain.

An awkward freckled-faced child, Tadashi’s appearance was a source of bullying by his peers. Their taunts molded the adolescent into an insecure teen. His self-doubt would see him joining Karasuno’s volleyball team, as he felt soccer and basketball players were “big and scary.” With his performance in volleyball combined with the encouragement of teammates, Tadashi would overcome his crippling timidity. Leaving the game behind, he would go on to attend college after graduation.

Being preyed upon by others is an emotionally and physically scary event. In any other anime series, this would result in the character becoming a villain. Fortunately, Tadashi Yamaguchi is able to overcome this trauma to become a prized leader of the Karasuno High School volleyball team.

9. Ami Kawashima

  • Birthday: November 9
  • First Anime Appearance: Toradora! Ep. 5 “Ami Kawashima” (2008)

Ami Kawashima is a statuesque, pretty young girl at Oshashi High School. She is the final main character introduced in the series.

Ami is the daughter of a famous actress, Anna Kawashima. A full-time model, she took a career sabbatical to attend high school. She unapologetically uses her celebrity status and approachable personality to manipulate classmates. Her scheming goes as far as attempting to destroy the protagonist’s romantic relationship. Ami’s behavior would earn her an unflattering nickname, “baka-chi.”

Ami Kawashima is a young woman, who is definitely winning at the game of life. Her motivations center on the notion of what is best for her. A self-centered young lady, Ami Kawashima is November’s ninth favorite character in anime.

8. Azusa Nakano

  • Birthday: 11 November 1992
  • First Anime Appearance: K-On!, Ep. 8 “Freshman Reception!” (2009)

Azusa Nakano is a student at Sakuragaoka High School and is one of the five main characters in the series. A disciplined and talented guitarist, her drive often conflicts with her carefree bandmates.

The daughter of talented jazz musicians, Azusa-chan is modest about her own musical talents. Attending Sakuragaoka High, she seeks out the Light Music Club following their performance at the student festival. The club’s relaxed nature quickly calls Azusa to question her decision. Her apprehension gives way to making lasting relationships, as club members share their love of music and tea time. She goes on to become a lead guitarist and vocalist following the group’s graduation.

Forrest Gump famously stated that “My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” This statement has many parallels to Azusa-chan’s journey of personal growth with the Light Music Club. Azusa Nakano’s is what makes her a favorite slice of life character.

7. Yuki Nagato

  • Birthday: November 18
  • First Anime Appearance: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Ep. 1 “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu I” (2006)

Yuki Nagato is quite a young student with golden brown eyes at North Prefectural High and an SOS Brigade member. Her mild-mannered, schoolgirl façade masks her origin and motivations.   

Yuki is a humanoid interface with the task of monitoring the SOS Brigade’s president, Haruhi Suzumiya. The Data Overmind created her to observe human behavior, especially Haruhi’s ability to manipulate time. With an analytical mind, she would assist the Computer Research Society in creating a new operating system. She comes to struggle with her own emotions, which almost lead to the murder and destruction of the planet.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is a strange but wonderful anime series. A niche school club whose sole mission is to keep the protagonist happy or suffer the consequences. This is a maddening proposition, as their success hinges on the patience and skills of the SOS Brigade’s wallflower. Yuki Nagato’s qualities and contribution to the narrative make her one of the anime’s favorite characters.

6. Shota Aizawa

  • Birthday: November 8
  • First Anime Appearance: My Hero Academia, Ep. 5 “What I Can Do for Now” (2016)

Shota Aizawa is the series’ titular educator of the ambitious students of Class 1-A at U.A. High. A no-nonsense teacher, his interactions can seem cold and insensitive to the casual bystander.

Except for being born in Tokyo, the series gives very little insight into Shota’s upbringing or family. He would come to attend U.A. High, becoming the Pro Hero Erasure Hero: Erasure Hero. His quirk uses sight to nullify an opponent’s ability, which deactivates whenever he blinks. As an educator, the Erasure Hero does not mix words or actions but his Spartan manner belies a deep desire to see successful students and future Pro Heroes. 

In spite of a prickly personality, Shota Aizawa is a capable and caring educator. These qualities have endeared him to fans, who consistently rate the Eraser Hero within their top ten My Hero Academia characters. A well-crafted character, Shota Aizawa is one of our most popular anime characters born in November.

5. Kagura

  • Birthday: November 3
  • First Anime Appearance: Gintama, Ep. 1 “You bastards!! Do you even have a silver soul!” (2006)

Kagura is the series’ female protagonist, whose only desire is to live a normal life. Her desire is almost unattainable, as Kagura’s pint-size frame disguises one of Yorozuya’s strongest fighters.

Living on another planet, Kagura lived in the slums alongside her parents and younger sister. The desire to be normal would see her leave them behind and take up residency on Earth. Upon her arrival and witnessing her fighting abilities, a local gang tricked her into protecting their criminal enterprise. Her little sister’s charm combined with superhuman strength serves as the glue in Kagura’s relationship with Sakata Gintoki.

Within the Gintama universe, Kagura is a dynamic character. Her motivation to establish her own path in life resonates with us. This sometimes leads to a conflict with the desire that has not caught up to reality. Kagura’s journey to be her own person is one of many reasons why she is a favorite among fans and one of our picks for the top anime characters born in November.

4. Kenpachi Zaraki

  • Birthday: November 19
  • First Anime Appearance: Bleach, Ep. 20 “Gin Ichimaru’s Shadow” (2005)

Kenpachi Zaraki is a tank of a Shinigami and captain of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13. His motivation is less on preserving the peace and rather on fighting the strongest opponent.

An orphaned street urchin, the no-name child became a force of nature in order to survive. He would take the name Zaraki, as a homage to overcoming adversity in Rukongai’s worst district. Yachiru Unohana, former 4th Division captain, would become the only fighter to ever instill fear in the hulking mammoth. In spite of his love of combat, Kenpachi Zaraki is also protective of the weak. His masked compassion was the motivator for adopting Yachiru Kusajishi, following the death of her parents.

Kenpachi Zaracki is a typical shōnen warrior, a fighter’s spirit who cares for the vulnerable. The caveat is that the fight is worth his effort. Kenpachi’s principled nature is one of many reasons why fans place him as their favorite anime character with a birthday in November.

3. Yui Hirasawa 

  • Birthday: 27 November 1991
  • First Anime Appearance: K-On! Ep. 1 “Disband the Club!” (2009)

The Ho-kago Tea Time’s eternal optimist, Yui Hirasawa is the primary protagonist of K-On!. A bit absent-minded, her enthusiasm is the spirit of the Light Music Club’s band.

Easily distracted, the rigor of academic life is a struggle for Yui. She has difficulty passing her classes except for the ones in fine arts. With no musical talents, her recruitment into the Light Music Club’s band occurred purely by chance. She mistook the Club’s name to mean that the group was for beginners seeking to play easy music, such as whistling.  Her misread would result in Yui becoming the Ho-kago Tea Time’s lead guitarist and vocalist.

Yui Hirasawa is an authentic personality, who genuinely loves life and friendships. Her cheerful nature lends light to any room she enters. These traits are reason enough why Yui and the girls of the Light Music Club are fan favorites.

2. Sōma Yukihira

Sōma Yukihira is a 92nd Tōtsuki Generation alum and series protagonist. His unconventional approach to the culinary arts set him apart from his traditionally trained peers.  

An energetic youth, Sōma is the son of Jōichirō and Tamako Yukihira. Working the family restraint, his passion for cooking started at an early age. Jōichirō would challenge his son by having the two create new dishes, called Yukihira Style recipes. Their competition would often result in failure, with unsuspecting customers choking down some nasty combinations. Unhampered by classical techniques, Sōma’s eccentric approach would earn him 1st seat on Tōtsuki Academy’s Elite Ten Council.

Sōma Yukihira’s journey to becoming a chef is one of passion while being true to one’s nature. He is exuding self-confidence but his certainty never gets in the way of seeking others’ advice. These qualities and overall personality make Sōma Yukihira one of the anime’s favorite characters born in November.

1. Armin Arlert

  • Birthday: November 3
  • First Anime Appearance: Attack on Titan, Ep. 1 “To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1” (2013)

The king of anime characters born in November is the 15th Commander of the Survey Corps, Armin Arlert. He is one of the series’ two deuteragonists. Armin’s leadership and keen strategic analysis will become critical to bringing peace to Paradis.

A physically weak child, Armin was a target of bullies until he befriended Eren and Mikasa Yeager. After their district fell to the Titans and having reached the age to enlist, the three joined the 104th Training Corps. An average fighter, Armin’s strength comes from his strategic analysis skills. His comrades look to him to assess their adversaries and direct their actions. With him possessing the world-ending Colossus Titan, Armin is always optimistic that conversation rather than violence can resolve problems.

Armin Arlert is one of the few Attack on Titan characters to remain true to themselves. A kind-natured individual, his priority is protecting friends, comrades, and the community. Armin’s noble aspirations are one of many reasons why he is our favorite character with a birthday in November.

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