Top 25 Most Notorious Dragon Ball Villains

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Who are your favorite Dragon Ball villains?

A simple question yet not so easy to answer when we know the amount of charismatic bad guys present in the work of Akira Toriyama.

A popular poll realized by a famous influencer showed the following ranking of DBZ villains from worst to best:

  • 25th: Zarbon with 0.6% of votes
  • 24th: Slug with 1%
  • 23rd: Recoome with 1%
  • 22nd: Garlic with 1.2%
  • 21rst: C-19 with 1.2%
  • 20th: Nappa with 1.5%
  • 19th: Ginyu with 2.5%
  • 18th: Doctor Gero with 2.5%
  • 17th: Dabra with 3.5%
  • 16th: C-13 with 4.4%
  • 15th: Tao Pai Pai with 7.1%
  • 14th: Raditz with : 7.2%
  • 13th: C-18 with 8.6%
  • 12th: C-17 with 8.7%
  • 11th : Bojack with 13%

10. Turles

At the tenth position, we meet the villain that caused confusion in the mind of all Dragon Ball fans: Turles with 14.5%

9. Cooler

At the 9th position with 21.1% is Freezer’s big brother: Cooler from the 5th Dragon Ball Z Movie.

He who arrives on planet earth to fix his brother’s mistakes will come to find that Goku is way stronger than he thought he would be.

8. King Piccolo

At the 8th position is the meanest and most sadistic of all Dragon Ball villains: King Piccolo.

He is none other than the maleficent side of the Almighty God himself. Fans really like this villain because he is at the origin of many disturbing events in the Dragon Ball series with 21.2%

7. Majin Buu

At the 7th position with 26.8% we have one of the most powerful Villains of the Dragon Ball Z saga: Majin Buu.

He forced Gotrunks into Super Saiyan 3, Gohan to full potential, and finally, Goku and Vegeta had to use their Gotara to defeat him.

6. Vegeta

At the 6th place with 42%, we have Goku’s best enemy: Vegeta from the Saiyan and Namek saga !

Vegeta isn’t truly what we would call a villain, he is the Saiyan prince, son of the king Vegeta, and goes on earth to find the Dragon Balls with help of Nappa. He will show as impartial and sadistic, able to fight the whole Z team alone. Goku will then force him to transform into Oozaru.

5. Janemba

At the 5th place with 43%, we have someone who looks like a harmless ball in his natural form but once transformed he embodies an absolute Demon: Janemba!

He is the receptacle of evil auras from the other world and will even surprise Goku under his Super Saiyan 3 form thanks to advanced techniques and a fighting style based on magic tricks! Notice that it is thanks to Janemba that we see the fusion between Goku and Vegeta in the Dragon Ball Z arc.

4. Kid Buu

At the 4th position with 48.7% we have a villain appearing as the mix between a child and a chewing gum: Kid Buu!

He is the initial form of Buu as he was created 5000 years ago and under this state he is uncontrollable. He happens to destroy planet earth just for fun and it will take teamwork of Vegeta, Goku, Good Buu, and Mr. Satan to stop him.

3. Broly

3rd position with 67.6% might be a big surprise in this top if I tell you it is actually Broly!

Broly is a Saiyan born the same day as Goku and when he’s just a baby he possesses the same power as Goku in his kaio-ken form in his fight against Nappa. This is why when King Vegeta learns about his existence and strength refuses to let such a powerful warrior from different blood alive. Subconsciously Broly developed a bubble around him to protect himself in space, he survived and since then his only goal is to kill San Goku because when they were only babies he kept crying which led to Broly’s insanity.

2. Freezer

At 2nd place, we have the infamous Freezer with 74.3%.

Freezer is probably one of the worst villains in Dragon Ball Z, he is cruel and doesn’t hesitate to kill his own minions, love seeing his opponents suffer before killing them, kills entire planet’s populations just to sell them afterward, and is in a quest to gain immortality which leads him onto Namek where he meets Goku. He is one of the 3 main antagonists of the series!

1. Cell

And to finish this blog post, at the first spot with a close score of 75.5%: CELL!

Cell is a genetically modified organism created by Doctor Gero with king cold, Freezer, Goku, and Piccolo’s cells. He comes from the future in order to absorb C-17 and C-18 to obtain his final form. At first, a simple creature feeding itself with humans to obtain more power, he happens to humanize himself and tests his abilities through the Cell Game in which he ends up fighting Gohan.

Who’s your favorite villain and why? Don’t hesitate to tell us in the comment section down below!

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