How to Watch No Game No Life in Order

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No Game No Life is a Japanese isekai light novel series by Yū Kamiya that aired in 2014.  

It revolves around two main characters, Sora and Shiro, the duo of NEET siblings who dislike the real world. They are famous in the online multiplayer game for being extremely skilled and undefeatable.

One day, they receive a strange e-mail challenging them to play a chess game and they willfully accept and win only to be teleported into another world where they meet Tet, the God of Games. During the brief introduction of Tet, they find out that in this strange and mysterious world, everything is getting resolved by playing games—the physical harm is blocked by magic.

The invincible duo of siblings now has a completely new goal in mind—to become gods in this new realm!

It is not an understatement to say that it remains one of the best and most popular isekai to this day, even though many years have passed.

In this guide, we will discuss the best order in which you should watch No Game No Life.

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No Game No Life Chronological Watch Order

No Game No Life2014
No Game No Life: Specials (Optional)2014
No Game No Life: Zero – Manner Movie (Optional)2017
No Game No Life: Zero (Movie)2017

No Game No Life Recommended Watch Order

No Game No Life2014
No Game No Life: Zero (Movie)2017

No Game No Life Watch Order Explained

First of all, the first order is chronological. You can alternatively watch NGNL: Zero first because it’s a prequel but I recommend you to watch it according to the air date as described above. If you decide to watch the prequel first, please note that you will miss some references and enjoyments. It’s highly recommended to watch the TV series first and then watch the movie afterward for maximum enjoyment.

The Optional stuff that I mentioned in the chronological order is going to be explained below in detail but you definitely don’t have to watch it, in fact, I do not recommend watching them since one of them is just pure fluff and the manner movie is just a short instructional video about manners in the movie theater. If you are a die-hard fan of NGNL you might want to watch them, though! Maybe you did not even know those existed?

Skipping filler in No Game No Life

Both No Game No Life & No Game No Life: Zero are manga canon so there is no filler in them. So unlike Naruto. 😀

No Game No Life (2014)

This is the main TV series that should be watched first.

It focuses on a genius gamer sibling duo that ends up in the world of Disboard. This fantasy world vastly differs from our world and every dispute is resolved by games there. As you can imagine, it’s a dream come true for these NEETS!

There are 10 pledges that every being must follow:

  1. All murder, war, and robbery are forbidden in this world.
  2. All conflict in this world will be resolved through games.
  3. In games, each player will bet something that they agree is of equal value.
  4. As long as it doesn’t violate pledge three, anything may be bet, and any game may be played.
  5. The challenged party has the right to decide the rules of the game.
  6. Any bets made in accordance with the pledges must be upheld.
  7. Conflicts between groups will be conducted by designated representatives with absolute authority.
  8. Being caught cheating during a game is grounds for an instant loss.
  9. In the name of god, the previous rules may never be changed.
  10. Let’s all have fun and play together!

No Game No Life Specials (2014)

NGNL: Specials are very controversial mini-series that contain only fluff. They are picture drama specials included on the Blu-ray/DVD volumes.

It’s a bunch of ecchi scenes with low-quality animation and no plot. It’s like a fan service that no one asked for revolving around daily experiences if you can call that and they show some of their personality traits. Does not add anything to the franchise, though. If you love ecchi then you might consider watching it only for that.

No Game No Life: Zero – Manner Movie (2017)

This is a 2-Minute Guide about Manners in the Movie Theater. To demonstrate the manners, they used cute chibi versions of the NGNL characters who narrate and perform the scenes.

These are the 10 manners you should follow:

1. Mute your mobile phone.
2. Any conversation during the watching is forbidden.
3. It’s forbidden to use fire in the building of the cinema.
4. It’s forbidden to use magic in the building of the cinema.
5. Carrying dangerous things is strictly prohibited.
6. Do not disturb people around you.
7. Recording is strictly prohibited.
8. Dispose of garbage in the trash cans.
9. All the above rules are binding in the name of the Blank.
10. Let’s enjoy the movie.

Again, this is completely optional. It is however at least cute & educational, unlike the previous entry.

No Game No Life: Zero (2017)

Alternatively known as NGNL the Movie, this is obviously a movie that is also a prequel to the TV series. I actually prefer this movie over the original series because I love the characters. They also resemble Shiro and Sora with their looks & personalities, and there is even an ancestor of Stephanie and our cutie Jibril.

It’s way darker than the rather playful and comedic approach we see in the NGNL series. This movie shows us the ancient Disboard with no covenants in place. Since there are still 16 sentient races with various power levels, it’s safe to say it was a pretty dangerous place for the weak ones. Like humans.

We meet a young human warrior, Riku, who is determined to save humanity which is on the brink of extinction. The attempts appear fruitless until he stumbles upon a powerful Ex-machina, Schwi, who is determined to understand the human heart. And with some luck, these two might finally find the answer for establishing peace throughout Disboard!

Where to Watch No Game No Life

The series is available on Amazon, Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix, and HIDIVE.

The movie is available on Amazon, HIDIVE.

Is there No Game No Life Season 2?

No Game No Life Season 2 has yet to be officially confirmed, so there is no release date for the second season of it. However, there is enough source material and it performed pretty well financial-wise, so it will probably receive an adaptation in the—hopefully near—future.

If you love the series, you might want to check out these beautiful NGNL figures from Good Smile while we are waiting for any news regarding Season 2!

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