Top 7 Dumbest Premises In Anime

We get a lot of anime with great premises, but do we ever talk about the dumbest premises you can stumble upon? With dumbest, I mean completely absurd and ridiculous premises that will make you 100% facepalm. What you thought it’s not even possible to create with a human mind probably is possible. Thanks to some, how to put it? Very creative mangaka.

I did my research to make a list of the top 7 most absurd, ridiculous, and dumbest premises you can find in the world of anime. 

7. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

The premise: A muscular guy with an afro uses his powerful nose hair to defeat an army of men who want the entire world to go bald.

6. Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu.

The premise: The main protagonist, Souji has a twin-tail fetish (weird already). Soon after we are introduced to this fetish he magically transforms into a twin-tailed hot girl (genderbend, yay!) to fight enemies and protect the twintails he holds dear.

5. Watashi no Coffee Samurai: Jihanki-teki na Kareshi (My Coffee Samurai: A Vending Machine Boyfriend)

The premise: The main character, Hemi is a college student who falls in love with a coffee vending machine named Jin. Jin is actually a samurai from the Sengoku period who wished to be re-born with an invincible steel body when he fell to assassins, hence he got re-born with the vending machine body. Good that Hemi does not seem to mind at all.

4. Sekkou Boys

The premise: Idols in this anime are statues. Yes, you heard it right. This honestly seems like a really wrong classical art meme.

3. Bananya

The premise: The show centers around feline-banana hybrids (bananas that are cats). Cute if you ask me, but what the heck?

2. Akikan!

The premise: A guy drinks a can of pop and finds out that the can is actually a girl who can turn back and forth between the can and the human form, and she needs to be regularly drank from to stay healthy.

As the anime progresses, it becomes a battle show where can-girls made out of steel or aluminum battle to decide the superior metal.

1. Fighting Foodons

Probably one of the dumbest anime premises I have ever seen.

The premise: People cook dishes and that turns them into stands that fight other dishes—the better cooked the dish is, the more powerful it is.

Have you ever heard of dumber premises than those? 

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