The Best No Game No Life Characters, Ranked

No Game No Life is one of the world-famous isekai that aired in 2014. Filled with a small but likable cast of characters, vibrant colors, and captivating moments, it comes as no surprise that it stays relevant to this day. It simply doesn’t lose the initial charm in the sea of many isekai that are released every year, recycling the same concepts over and over.

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Since the cast is kinda small and doesn’t have that many fleshed-out supporting characters, it was quite difficult to rank them properly.

Despite that, with the help of MaL, I picked the top 5 fan-favorite characters from the No Game No Life franchise. Enjoy!

5. Stephanie Dola

Stephanie is the granddaughter of the Former King of Immanity. She hates to lose and is proud even though she knows that humans (immanity) are the weakest race out of all the races. Despite that, she strongly believes that they have potential.

Stephanie is kind-hearted, emotional, expressive, and a social butterfly. She is literally the opposite of Shiro.

Her biggest weakness is that she is impulsive, often acting on instinct, without thinking decisions through.

4. Schwi Dola

Schwi is the heroine from the NGNL movie, No Game no Life: Zero.

If you thought that she resembles Shiro, you are right! Not only she looks like her but she also has a similar personality. Expressionless, calculative, and AI-like. It all makes sense because she is an ex-machina, so her understanding of the human heart was very limited in the beginning.

After she met a humanity survivor called Riku and started living in a colony, she started developing her own ‘heart’. And in the end, she understood what love really means.

3. Jibril

Jibril might look bouncy and beautiful but did you know that she is over 6000 years old?

She is the youngest and most powerful of the Flügel race.

This winged angelic cutie is obsessed with knowledge, and she even bets herself, along with EVERYTHING she owns, to gain more knowledge. That greedy for knowledge, yes!

She is usually soft-spoken and polite, but she can also be extremely condescending to other races that are ranked below her own. Between those is, of course, immanity (humans).

Jibril is to this day somewhat sadistic and loves to reminiscence about the “good old days” before the oaths were established and when everything could be solved by killing. It is also revealed that in the past she used to collect severed heads as trophies and kill others out of boredom with no regard for their life.

2. Shiro

A cute 11-year old loli, Shiro is a genius who is insanely smart. She speaks 18 various languages, learns a new language in under 15 minutes, is a master of chess (never defeated to this day) and is the best in more than 280 games. Hell, she can even calculate the decision-making of people using MATH!

Shiro can easily outsmart most modern computers, which goes way beyond what’s possible in our real world.

With that being said, she is completely dependant on her brother, relying on him to function properly. She appears to be emotionless and expressionless most of the time and also has also difficulty understanding the emotions of others, which is her biggest shortcoming that causes her trouble that can’t be solved with her logic.

1. Sora

A brilliant NEET and hardcore gamer, Sora is the older brother of Shiro. He loves and cares for his step-sister deeply. Despite being a shut-in neet, he is confident, outgoing, and good at manipulating others.

He is a master at reading people’s minds. He also has a super-genius IQ like Shiro but instead of relying on calculations, he heavily relies on his deductive and observational skills.

Together with his sister Shiro, they form a team called Blank. Whether up against elves or gods, Blank—the online game username and account shared by the siblings—NEVER LOSES.


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