7 Awesome Anime Like Overlord

I just have a sense that many of the gamers who read my blog would prefer to be trapped in a game rather than in the mundane real world.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that it is 2022, we are still not even close to it—but hey, at least VR and 4K gaming are options, right?

Overlord is one of the isekai anime series where you may do just that, and while it’s a lot of fun, there aren’t a lot of episodes.

While we wait for a properly wired neuroheadset that will allow us to connect our consciousness directly to the game, I can at least provide the top 7 anime like Overlord that will satisfy your desire for a proper alternate universe full of action!

7. Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

I’m inclined to think that the majority of my readers have never heard of this series, even though it’s a similar anime to Overlord.

Satou, the protagonist, is a programmer trapped in the body of his 15-year-old self in a fantasy world. This realm is a mix of MMORPG games he was debugging in real life, and it has a striking resemblance to Momonga, who is engaging with NPCs while unable to log out of the game, so he also lives there.

Momonga and Satou will be compelled to explore their new realms, with likely no way of returning to reality. Isn’t it amusing?

6. Log Horizon

Both of these anime series feature protagonists who are trapped in a role-playing game (RPG) with no way of returning to the real world. The protagonists are overpowered and referred to as “alpha.”

The most significant distinctions are the presence of real people in LH and the ambitions of its players—they are desperately seeking to return to reality, whereas Momonga is only concerned with conquering the new world.

5. No Game No Life

Oh, and we’re stuck in a fantasy world once more.

The most striking parallel is that the main characters in NGNL are both attempting to conquer the new world by seizing power and have no desire to return to the real world. Momonga and Sora (NGNL) are both powerful, which makes it easier to identify with them—after all, we’re all aiming to be the greatest in the games we play, right?

NGNL has more comedy than Overlord, but they’re both entertaining to watch, and if you liked Overlord, you’ll likely enjoy NGNL as well.

4. Btooom!

Let me be clear: if you haven’t seen Btooom!, you’re missing out.

Ryota, the main character of Btooom!, is also one of the best players, like Momonga, even before being trapped in the game in the case of Momonga or on the island in the case of Ryota. Momonga and Ryota become trapped somewhere—Ryota on the island with his real body, Momonga in the game world.

Btooom! is similar to The Hunger Games because it’s a battle royale with many players attempting to kill each other and escape alive.

3. Accel World

Both anime focus on the world within an MMORPG game, but Accel World is more family/children friendly because it does not have the element of being trapped in the game.

In some ways, the aims are similar—both protagonists want to be the “best” characters in the game—but their motivations are different. Momonga easily adjusts to his new role as the most powerful guild master, while our Accel World duo consists of two strong characters—a boy and a girl—who are attempting to discover the truth about a real-world item.

2. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

The show tells the story of Sakamoto, also known as the Demon King, a shut-in gamer who is transported to a fantasy world with the appearance of his character from the game he was previously playing.

With two lovely females competing over them, both main characters are OP, but Demon Lord has a lot more ecchi moments than Overlord.

1. Sword Art Online

We couldn’t call this a top 7 list without putting Sword Art Online at the top. According to MAL, the implementation of the “stuck in the game concept” has been more than effective since it ranks fifth in popularity with more than 2,7 million members.

The characters in SAO are attempting to complete the game without dying or losing their allies, whilst Overlord is focused on the MC expanding his own territory and conquering the entire new world.


Hi, my name is Mia, and I am the founder of 9 Tailed Kitsune. I am a big fan of esports, games, and anime. When I was around 7 years old, Phantom Thief Jeanne sparked my fascination for anime, and it has never faded!

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    Accel world is the sister series for SAO. I love LH and AW xDD.

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