7 Anime You Need To See If You Like Overlord

I just have this feeling that many gamers reading my blog would love to be stuck in the game instead of the boring real world (actually I’m pretty, pretty sure)!

Unfortunately, even though it’s the year 2019 we are still not even close to that – but hey, at least VR and 4k gaming is an option, right?

Overlord is one of the anime where you can actually experience exactly that and although it’s highly enjoyable it does not come with too many episodes to spare (◕︿◕✿).

Whilst we are stuck in the queue for some specially wired neuroheadset which would be able to connect our consciousness directly into the game I can at least present the top 7 anime which might fulfill your needs of a proper alternative world full of action, weapons, and special abilities.

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7. Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku (Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody)

Genres: adventure, fantasy, harem

Episodes: 12

I bet that the majority of people who are reading my blog have never heard of this anime!

✔️ The main character, Satou is a programmer who gets stuck in a fantasy world in the body of his 15-year-old self. This world is a combination of MMORPG games he was debugging previously in reality which strikes a powerful resemblance to Momonga, who is interacting with NPCs whilst being unable to log out of the game so he basically lives there as well,

✔️ Momonga and also Satou (Death March) are bound to explore their new worlds with (probably) no way of going back to reality. Fun, right?

6. Log Horizon

Genres: action, game, adventure, magic, fantasy

Episodes: 25

✔️ These 2 anime series have a similar situation in which both the protagonist and others are basically stuck in a Role-Playing Game (RPG) with unknown chances of returning into the real world,

✔️ Both main characters are considered alpha and overpowered,

✖️ The biggest differences can be found in the existence of real players in LH and also in goals of Log Horizon’s players – the are desperately trying to return to reality whilst Momonga solely focuses on conquering the new world.

5. No Game No Life

Genres: game, adventure, comedy, supernatural, ecchi

Episodes: 12

Oh and here we go again; trapped in a fantasy world.

✔️The biggest similarity is that the main characters in NGNL (Shiro and Sora) are also trying to conquer the new world (they got transported there) by seizing power and they show no desire to return to the real world,

✔️ Momonga and also Sora (NGNL) are equally overpowered making it easy to relate to them (we are all trying to be the best in the games we play, right?),

✔️NGNL has more comedy than Overlord, but they are both fun to watch and if you enjoyed Overlord you will probably like NGNL too.

4. Btooom!

Genres: game, adventure, comedy, supernatural, ecchi

Episodes: 12

Let me clarify something – if you have never seen Btooom! you are really missing out.

✔️Btooom!’s main character, Ryota is also among the best players, similarly to Momonga (even before being trapped in the game in the case of Momonga or on the island in the case of Ryota),

✔️ Momonga and Ryota end up trapped somewhere – Ryota is trapped with his real body on the island. 

✔️ Btooom! can be compared to Hunger Games – it’s basically battle royale which of course includes many players trying to kill each other and make it out alive.

3. Accel World

Genres: action, game, sci-fi, school, romance

Episodes: 24

✔️Both anime focus on the world inside an MMORPG game, although Accel World is more family/children friendly without the aspect of being trapped in the game,

✔️ The goals are in a way similar; both protagonists are trying to be the “top” characters in the game, but their reasons are different – Momonga simply adapts to his new role as the strongest guild master while our duo from Accel World consists of two strong characters (a boy and a girl) trying to find out the truth about an item from the real world.

2. Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu (The Otherworldly Demon King and the Summoner Girls’ Slave Magic)

Genres: comedy, ecchi, fantasy, harem, magic

Episodes: 12

✔️ Isekai centers around a story of Sakamoto also referred to as the Demon King who is a shut-in gamer ending up transported into a fantasy world with the appearance of his character from the game he had been previously playing,

✔️ The main characters are both plainly broken and overpowered with two attractive females fighting over them, but Isekai includes way more ecchi scenes than Overlord.

1. Sword Art Online

Genres: action, adventure, fantasy, romance, game

Episodes: 25

We could not even call this top 7 list without placing Sword Art Online on the #1. Ranked in popularity as no. 3 according to MAL we can say the implementation of “stuck in the game concept” has certainly been more than successful!

✔️ Both anime center around characters who are trapped in the game, although the main character of SAO, Kirito has a dream of returning into the real world while we can’t really say the same about Momonga,

✖️ SAO has many real players meanwhile we can’t say the same about Overlord because he is the only player remaining but in my opinion, this might be really refreshing for Overlord fans who haven’t seen SAO yet,

✖️ The SAO’s characters are trying to clear the game (MMORPG) without dying and losing their comrades whilst Overlord focuses on expanding his own territory and conquering the whole new world. 

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