Top 10 Comedy Anime Series You Shouldn’t Skip

Comedy is my favorite anime genre, and adding romantic elements makes it even spicier. It’s what I believe anime totally monopolizes because it can produce any number of hysterical expressions. Slapstick comedy which tends to be a little cringe in non-animated shows is more than just amusing in anime. 

So if you got tired of over-the-top action anime, take a sip of strawberry milk, stretch your legs, and steel your lungs so that it doesn’t burst out.

Don’t pay much heed to how I have ranked the animes below, it’s my personal opinion.

10. The Comic Artist and His Assistants

The Comic Artist and His Assistants revolves around a mangaka and his daily life struggle of designing the best panties. It’s somewhat a harem but the MC being dense and perverted makes it just a fabulous comedy anime.

The MC’s assistant, manager, or anyone who comes in contact with him is constantly put in situations they can’t help but be flustered about. The MC’s obsession with panty shots dials down his sales which sometimes triggers a masochistic play with his manager since the MC is insanely perverted.

9. Tonikaku Kawaii

This is a superb romcom where both the male lead and the female lead are quite assertive. The MC is very lovable since he is so chilled and acts rationally in dire situations. He is diligent in whatever he does.

The thoughts that run through his mind are sure to give you some giggles. The female lead is extremely cute, the epitome of perfection, and her blushing face is sure to steal your heart. So at any rate it’s an invigorating wholesome ride where few strings of your heart are sure to get plucked.

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8. The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

Now, this is yet again a wholesome rom-com where the MC shares a dorm with highly eccentric people. This somewhat gives off similar vibes to The Pet Girl of Sakurasou.

The female lead is dense, cute, and a total introvert which makes it even more intriguing to see just how and when she will open to the male lead, though the male lead is in love with her from the very beginning.

The budding relationship between the two will be like honey to your heart, for me I felt more satisfied than ever. Of the other people in the dorm, there is a sadistic bi*ch woman, a totally alcoholic single middle-aged woman who curses all young couples, and an extremely amusing masochist guy whose activities are just too funny.

7. Working!!

Working!! is an amusing show full of funny communication among the eccentric workers of the restaurants. The MC is a potential lolicon because of his love for small things. The waitress Mahiru Inami falls for the MC, she is androphobic of all the things and the MC is supposed to help her cure it.

There is a blonde airhead girl with a katana (sword) held onto her waist which triggers confused Demeanors on the faces of people she is unaware of why it happens. She is abnormally attached to the glutinous lazy manager (she’s a woman) and keeps on praising her for hours in front of the boy who has got hots for her. These twisted and messed-up characters provide for yet another wholesome show.

6. Daily Lives of High School Boys

This anime is pure comedy with no romance or ecchi, it’s centered on the daily hilarious life of high school boys.

The type of comedy this show takes the help of engages you in their conversation. There is a big pause with BGM between sentences which hooks you up and gets you quickly invested in the scene. But you know the response that follows that serious remark is utterly irrelevant which makes it amusing and messes up your sober face and turns your mouth into an upside valley.

5. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

This anime is centered on the daily troublesome life of our MC Saiki K. He is an insanely overpowered psychic guy. He asks for a perfectly normal life which obviously is not possible for someone so unique. He always gets surrounded by eccentric ones claiming him to be his friend but since he is psychic he can read people’s minds, exposing their fickle nature.

But these self-proclaimed friends of his really are hilarious. One is insanely stupid in whose mind irrelevant things always pop up compared to what he is actually saying. One has a severe case of eighth-grader syndrome and then there is the most popular angelic girl who is in love with the MC just because she couldn’t make him go “oh, oh” by her looks.

The information exchange between people is very fast. The comedy basically utilizes the futile nature of the human mind where their thoughts contrast with their actions.

4. Kaguya- Sama: Love Is War

Kaguya- Sama: Love Is War will entertain you to the fullest and grab your attention from the very start.

It’s set in the student council room of a very prestigious school where student council president Miyuki Shirogane and vice-president Kaguya Shinomiya are in love with each other. But their pride won’t allow them to confess it to each other.

So, it’s about the mental war, where they have to choose their words carefully hiding their desperation making the other confess to them since one who gets confessed gains dominance in their relationship. This tense ambiance of the mind game is broken by Chika Fujiwara who is quite busty, an airhead, and a potential waifu. Her carefree attitude and casual remark in the arena of war between two genius minds add to the beauty of this show.

This isn’t just a comedy, you will get a special episode in season 2 showing a tearjerker backstory of Ishigami You who’s a loner and another interesting character.

With the superb art style and fluid animation that it has, make sure to look out for waifu in this show, there are four of them who are absolutely kawaii (cute).

3. Grand Blue

This show made me a sucker for comedy animes. This is an absolute treat where the college students enjoy their youth to the fullest which is sure to make you jealous. Too much drinking, stripping naked, extremely fun life of single boys, the exaggerated expressions they make which make them look like titans are hysterical.

The activities of the duo of otaku lolicon Kohei Imamura and Kitamura Lori are sure to make your day. If not the first episode, the second is sure to get you rolling.

The gags are on point, the characters are amazing and easy to get invested in. You are totally going to love Azusa, Chisa, and Cakey.

2. Konosuba

You are going to love this anime for its characters. Kazuma is not your everyday dense male lead, he is totally savage or rather a scum who treats females the same way he does the male. The useless, quick-to-give-up, cry-baby goddess Aqua is yet another lovable character, and the flat-chested yet adorable Megumin will make you fall in love with explosion magic.

The big-breasted masochistic girl, Darkness, is the most savage one. Her masochism level is off the mark, every word that leaves her mouth, her ahegao is a total treat. She makes her enemies feel like they are indulging in lewd activities by defiling her making her the victim by rephrasing the sentence said by them in a lewd manner while she thoroughly enjoys the situation.

1. Gintama

Gintama is such an epic anime that even though it’s such a long series yet not one episode can be considered boring. That itself is enough to claim it’s the greatest comedy anime ever.

I won’t go that ahead to label every episode as epic but surely there are more than enough episodes to get you rolling. Being a long series comes with the pros of making you engaged with the characters after which whatever comes out of their mouth be it amusing or not, you are going to like it and if it’s Gintama it ought to be funny.

This series is set in a city named Edo where outer space aliens named Amanto have attacked it. The age of samurai is long gone and the use of swords is banned.

Every character is unique in their own way. Hijikata and Sogo are another great pair besides Kohei and Lori from Grand Blue. All of us are aware of this anime title, it’s just waiting to be included in your “Watching” list of animes.

Honorable Mentions

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou


Aho Girl

Combatants Will Be Dispatched

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