Fun Facts About Tsukasa Tsukuyomi

Tsukasa Tsukuyomi is the female protagonist of Tonikaku Kawaii (Fly Me to the Moon, Generally Cute).

The anime is currently airing and I am more than pleased with its uniqueness (and rom-com atmosphere). I mean, imagine that your crush, who you met under really weird circumstances, from a few years ago comes knocking on your door with a marriage form. That’s Tonikaku Kawaii for you.

*might contain some mild spoilers, proceed with care!

Here are 8 Fun Facts About Tsukasa Tsukuyomi!

#8 She can wield katana like a pro

Imagine a millennial capable of skillfully drawing out a sword. Yes, that’s Tsukasa for you!

#7 She is a huge GEEK

She is a big fan of video games, movies, the Internet, and pop culture. After finding out that her new apartment doesn’t have a TV, she was quite sad.

#6 Tsukasa’s name meaning

Tsukasa could be translated as chief, while the last name Tsukuyomi (月読) is the Japanese god of the moon. 

#5 She is elegant, and so are her outfits

You might have noticed how Tsukasa goes out always wearing some sort of elegant clothing paired with a skirt. She gets a bit more relaxed inside her and Nasa’s home though.

#4 Her blood type is O

If you ask any Japanese person what blood type they are, ~99% will know it. In Japan, blood types are considered an important indicator of a person’s personality.

Type O is associated with optimism, outgoing personality, and flexibility.

#3 Tsukasa is 16 years old

At least physically. She was born on April 3 and her zodiac sign is Aries.

#2 Her new name

Tsukasa’s new name after marrying Nasa is Tsukasa Yuzaki. She is shown to be really delighted with her new last name.

#1 She might be immortal

There are hints about Tsukasa being an immortal being, or having a very long lifespan.

I noticed that she is way more resilient than a regular human, having tanked a vehicle crashing into her to save Nasa and still being able to walk about normally.


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