10 Interesting Facts About Zero Two and Her Fans

So, I know I might come across as a bit obsessed with Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx, but can you blame me? She’s been crowned as the best girl by so many people, I had to dig deeper. I used Google Trends (my go-to for finding out what’s hot) to see which countries have the biggest Zero Two fan base, what related topics people are searching for, and more. So, let’s check out 10 fascinating facts about our girl Zero Two and her devoted fans! ❤️✨

Updated on 5.02.2023 to include the freshest data.

1. Zero Two is the most popular in Mongolia

Alright, let’s dive into some lesser-known facts about Zero Two. I did some digging using Google Trends to find out which countries are her biggest fans. Looks like Mongolia, Myanmar, South Korea, the Philippines, and Cuba have a serious love for this anime character! Who would have thought?

Zero Two popularity in the past 12 months

Since Zero Two is the most popular in Mongolia, let’s talk about the country itself. Mongolia is a landlocked country in East and Central Asia with a rich nomadic culture. They’ve got the Gobi Desert, which is one of the harshest yet most beautiful deserts in the world, and it’s home to some rare species of animals like the Bactrian camel and the snow leopard. And if you’re into history, Mongolia is where Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire started, which at its peak, was the largest empire in the world. That’s pretty rad, right?

2. Her popularity peaked in late December 2020

Zero Two popularity in the past 5 years (2018-2023)

Fun fact about Zero Two: Her popularity and search volume is still just as high now in 2023 as it was back in January 2018 when the anime first came out.

3. Users searching for Zero Two also searched for Discord

Apart from Googling Zero Two, users searched for the following topics:

  • Wallpapers
  • Cosplay
  • GIFs
  • Dance
  • Manga
  • Internet bot
  • Discord
  • Waifu
  • Fan art
  • Naruto

This makes sense because there is even a ZeroTwo Discord bot. You can personalize your Discord with her and enjoy features like a card game, economy, roleplay, custom profiles, Klaxosaurs, welcome images, and even a role selection. And get this, the ZeroTwo Discord bot is used on over 1.3 million servers! That’s pretty impressive, huh?

4. Fans of Zero Two love other waifus too

Obviously, there are other waifus Zero Two fans adore.

Among them, a few stand out (the queries with the biggest increase in search frequency since the last time period).

The most popular waifus for Zero Two fans are:

5. Zero Two was born in February

She celebrates her birthday on February 27.

If someone was born on February 27, they are a Pisces in astrology. People born under the sign of Pisces are said to be imaginative, sensitive, and compassionate. They are often creative and have a strong intuition, but can also be easily influenced by the emotions of those around them. Pisces is a water sign, so they are known for their emotional depth and ability to connect with others on a deep level.

According to the Chinese zodiac, someone born on February 27 would be born in the year of the Dog. The Chinese zodiac consists of a twelve-year cycle, with each year being associated with a different animal sign. People born in the year of the Dog are said to be loyal, honest, and have a strong sense of responsibility. They are also believed to be good communicators and have a deep sense of friendship and community.

6. She is around 170 cm (5’7) tall

A 170 cm tall 16-year-old female in Japan is actually on the taller side compared to the average height of Japanese females at that age. So, she’s a bit of a height queen amongst her peers! But, hey, there’s nothing wrong with standing out, right?

7. Zero Two was reincarnated

One of the lesser-known facts about Zero Two is that she reincarnated thousand years after. After Zero Two and Hiro sacrificed themselves for the sake of others, their souls have been reincarnated as a pair of children who, fatefully, meet and fall in love once more. A beautiful story of love that transcends time and death, don’t you think?

8. She loves sweets

Zero Two is seriously into sweets. She’s got a major sweet tooth and always has something sugary in her hand, whether it’s candy, lollipops, cakes, or even just a spoonful of honey. She’s always satisfying that sweet tooth and never says no to a good dessert.

9. Zero Two is ambidextrous

Among other interesting facts about Zero Two, did you know that she is ambidextrous? This means that she’s equally comfortable using either her left or right hand, so you never know which one she’s gonna use next. She is also quite a talented artist and showed off her skills by perfectly recreating the images from her picture book.

10. Her horns don’t have nerve endings

Zero Two is a human-klaxo sapien hybrid, and those horns are a defining feature of her hybrid nature. But, here’s a fun fact: those horns don’t have any nerve endings like nails, so she can file them without feeling any pain!

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  1. Zero Two is a fabulous character! I fell in love with her the first time I saw her. She was still a wild thing, not at all like the domesticated creatures of the rest of the cast. Her fishing scene was perfect. I don’t even consider it fan service because it spoke volumes about her.

    I did not like how they slowly domesticated her over the series. Like Eliza in Shaw’s Pygmalion, in becoming civilized she lost who she was in order to conform to the popular notion of what she ought to be. And in exchange for what?

    I loved Zero Two when she was NOT typical waifu material. The later parts of the anime became a poor man’s version of The Taming of the Shrew.

    • Yeah, I hard agree with this. She had huge potential and was wild – that was the unique part about her, making her different from everyone else. Then she became an obedient pet… 🙁

      They were aiming to please the majority of people and the majority love the waifu type, willing to sacrifice herself and protect her husbando… at all cost. So they ruined her.

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