Top 10 Anime Characters Born in February

Welcome back, friends! This is our third article diving into the top ten anime characters’ birthdays, this time born in the month of February. I really have had a lot of fun researching and pulling together these articles for your reading enjoyment. This has been a wonderful experience… thanks!

With this soppiness out of the way, let us dive into our story and see what February has to offer. Within some Scandinavian cultures, folks refer to February as the “month of the pearl” This brings to mind the imagery of water freezing and thawing on tree branches. The outcome of these cyclical processes is the formation of ice into little pellets resembling pearls.

Along with ice and cold, February is the time of year when Aquarians and Pisceans converge. According to Western astrology, folks born to these aquatic symbols are compassionate, wise, and intuitive but they can also be temperamental and independent. We can see similar traits in anime characters whose births align with these two zodiac symbols. This is by design by the creators of Japanese manga and anime. If you do not believe me, judge for yourself as we explore anime’s favorite characters born within the month of the pearl.

As with the previous three articles, the process of defining ten iconic anime characters born in February ended up being a monumental undertaking. While conducting research for this article, I quickly realized that our list could feature a favorite character for each day of the month. Unwilling to write a 200,000-word article, I sifted through the thirty-odd choices to decipher ten characters fans would find universally acceptable.

After scanning online sources and polling friends, I whittled down the list to a manageable ten characters. The outcome is a list of top characters in anime (both male and female) with births in February. As you read this article, I would like to know if I overlooked one of your favorite anime or manga character born in February. Leave a comment below and let me know your picks.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this month’s selection of anime characters born in February.

10. Suì-Fēng (Bleach)

  • Birthday: February 11

Integrity, practical logic, and tireless dedication are the personality attributes we see in our first entry.

Born Fēng Shāolíng, Suì-Fēng’s family belongs to one of the lower noble houses aligned with the Shihōin noble house. These families serve as representatives within the Onmitsukidō, a military branch of the Soul Society, commonly referred to as the Secret Mobile Unit.  Suì-Fēng serves as the organization’s commander-in-chief. Her ascension to a leadership role is due in no small part to her personal values and grasp of close combat necessary to dispatch the Soul Society’s enemies.

Given Suì-Fēng’s lineage and Zanpakutō skills, one might expect that this character would be someone who looks down his or her nose at others but this is far from the case. However, she can fly into bouts of irrational fury as demonstrated in her battle with Yoruichi Shihōin. Her fighting ferocity serves as the reason why Bleach’s creator, Tite Kubo, chose Megadeth’s “She-Wolf” as the character’s theme song.

Suì-Fēng, one of the best female warriors in anime, deserves our Happy Birthday wishes as she’s one of the most popular anime characters born in February.

9. Zero Two (Darling in the Franxx)

  • Birthday: February 27

Anime and manga fans are not strangers to characters being an amalgamation of human-something hybrids. On rare occasions, these compound creatures gain a cult-like following within the community. We only have to look as far as our ninth entry to see this phenomenon in action.

Zero Two is an elite FRANXX pilot built upon a tragic back-story. Cloned by Dr. Werner Frank from blood taken from the Klaxosours’ race, our young heroine was the torturous scientific experimentation by scientists. This tragic upbringing manifests itself in Zero Two’s reckless fighting style and the lack of empathy she has toward human co-pilots. This earns her the nickname “Partner Killer.” The exception to this general rule is the romantic feelings she feels toward Hiro.

Overall, Zero Two’s hardened and reckless facade conceals an inner vulnerability that shines through in her creativity and childlike innocence when she is either alone or with Hiro. Generally, anime fans agree that Zero Two is a well-written and complex protagonist who is deserving of our recognition.

Honorable Mention: Kentaro Yabuki, DARLING in the FRANXX manga artist, was born on 4 February 1980.

8. Esdeath (Akame ga Kill!)

  • Birthday: February 29

Voted most popular by fans of the Akame ga Kill! series, our eighth entry is Esdeath. Born in the Northern Frontier Lands, she is the sole remaining survivor of the Partas Clan. Upon experiencing the annihilation of her tribe, Esdeath held true to her father’s credo… “The strong live and the weak die.” Events and upbringing would shape her stalwart battle philosophy as a servant and general of the Empire. She views the lives of the Empire’s enemies as lesser beings, unworthy of life, and thus takes sadistic brutality in dispatching them.

Interestingly, Esdeath is a play on the Japanese phrase “S desu!” or “I am an S(sadist).” With that understanding, Akame ga Kill! demonstrates that she is not without feelings for others. Specifically, Esdeath desires the affection of Tatsumi but he refuses to reciprocate her advances. No spoilers… the anime’s final act solidifies that the protagonist does not love her.

Overall, Esdeath is a well-developed antagonist who deserves a spot on our list of favorite anime characters born in the month of February.

7. Rem (Re:Zero – Starting Life Over in Another World)

  • Birthday: February 2

When it comes to isekai, being a petite neko-girl or cute maid is a surefire way to become an instant anime fan favorite. Our eighth entry is no exception to this rule. Rem, the twin sister of Ram, fits this distinction by being a cute magical maiden who wields a flail in combat. Fiercely loyal to her sister and lord Roswaal Mathers, she is distrustful of perceived interlopers. This manifests itself in the cursorily way Rem interacts with Re:Zero’s protagonist.

Her perspective of Subaru would evolve into love after he saved her life during the second arc. Within Tappei Nagatsuki’s Re:Zero IF web novel, Rem marries Natsuki Subaru and they have a daughter and son. She has the capability to smell Witch’s Scent, something only those in close contact with Witches of Sin, Sin Archbishops, and similar folk can achieve. Rem probably gained as a child when the Witch Cult attacked her village and killed everyone except Ram, Ram.

Her origin story, warrior prowess, and cuteness factor combine to present us with a perfect waifu. Therefore, I think it is difficult for this writer not to include Rem as a favorite anime character born in February.

Honorable Mention: Ram (Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World) – Birthday: February 2

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6. Ban (Nanatsu no Taizai)

  • Birthday: February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day! Behind Meliodas and Escanor, our next birthday entry is the most valued member of the Seven Deadly Sins. Raised in an abusive family, young Ban set out to distance himself from this caustic environment and turned to stealing in order to live. This lifestyle would eventually lead to the young lad’s incarceration where he would meet Zhivago, who would become Ban’s surrogate father and mentor in the art of thievery.

The teaching of Zhivago blended with the boy’s natural talent would earn Ban the title of Fox’s Sin of Greed. Bandit Ban and the other Sins quest to uncover a way to lift the curse placed on Meliodas and Elizabeth. Besides being the group’s brigand, he also enjoys the finer points of cooking and collecting ale labels.

During a quest for immortality, he would fall in love with and eventually marry the fairy warrior Elaine. Ban and Elaine have an unwavering affinity towards one another, which is perfect for World’s Day of Romance and our sixth anime birthday entry this month.

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5. Nico Robin (One Piece)

  • Birthday: February 6

With more design iterations than a Hasbro Transformer, One Piece’s Nico Robin comes in as our fourth favorite anime character born this month. Born on the island of Ohara, Nico rarely associated with her childhood peers but instead elected to associate with scholars. Her mother’s passion for education spawned Nico’s hunger to study civilizations and become an archeologist. She is able to regenerate body parts at will after having eaten the Hana Hana no Mi.

Heartbroken at the loss of family and the destruction of her home island, Monkey D. Luffy convinces Nico to join the Straw Hat pirates. Her tall, slender physique is a definite asset when it comes to fighting. When it comes to maturity, Nico approaches problem-solving and conflict resolution with measured thoughtfulness. In contrast, the crew of the Straw Hat embraces the stereotypical shōnen personality types. Given this maturity divide, Nico has become their surrogate parental figure.

Anime fans agree… Nico Robin is a significant character in the One Piece universe and shōnen genre. Happy Birthday!

4. Black☆Star (Soul Eater)

  • Birthday: February 22

When identifying the top badass characters in anime, I think folks would find it difficult to exclude our third entry from that registry.

Black☆Star is a dark assassin and the sole survivor of the infamous Star Clan. The Death Weapon Meister Academy eradicated the Clan when they determined that they were too volatile and a threat to the greater society. Sid Barrett would raise the child until Black☆Star was old enough to attend Academy to learn the art of becoming a meister.

His upbeat temperament and personal commitment to being the best meister earned him the moniker of “warrior god.”

Atsushi Ōkubo, Soul Eater creator, would confirm to fans that Black☆Star is the second strongest character in the series landing between Asura and Death the Kid.

The reason for his success is due in no small part to his demon weapon partner, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. By connecting to her abilities, Black☆Star able to call upon one of her five weapons variants (i.e., shuriken, chain scythe, smoke bomb, ninja sword, and uncanny sword) to dispatch foes.

Hair aside… fans agree that Black☆Star is a great anime character and deservedly earns a spot on our February birthday list.

3. Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuki (Ouran High School Host Club)

  • Birthday: February 29

Our next ingression features Ouran Academy’s favorite diminutive rent boyfriend… Mitsukuni Haninozuki. The Academy’s girls find him alluring and adore his charmingly resplendent, child-like qualities. His behavioral quirks do nothing to dissuade these public perceptions as he is fond of sweets, and juvenile hobbies and keeps a plush bunny. He is also easily angered if suddenly awaken and this contradiction in behaviors has led his friends to believe there is a Dark and Nice Honey persona.

Beneath his infantile exterior, Honey is the astutely aptitudinal, eldest member of the Ouran Host Club. The anime employs the use of rose colors to signify the characteristics of each Club member’s personality traits. Honey’s color is pink which signifies joy and trustworthiness within Japanese culture. Absent from the anime series, Honey is the first to leave the host club in order to marry Reiko Kanazuki in the manga.

Voiced by Ayaka Saitō, Mitsukuni Haninozuki is our third fan-favorite anime character born in February.

2. Mikasa Ackerman (Shingeki no Kyojin)

  • Birthday: February 10

Born into the Ackerman clan, the Yeager family would adopt Mikasa following the death of her parents at the hands of human traffickers. Eren Yeager, her adoptive brother, would revenge on the Ackerman family by killing a couple of the perpetrators. This act of retribution would solidify the brother-sister bond between Mikasa and Eren.

During the Fall of Shiganshina arc, Titan’s destructive actions provide a catalyst for her to join the military. Her athletic physique and mental discipline would catapult Mikasa to the rank of an officer with the Special Operations Squad within the Survey Corps. She has twelve Titan kills under her belt with eleven of those dispatched without an assist. Her combat prowess has not diminished the affinity she feels towards humanity and fellow soldiers.

With all this character’s highs and lows, anime fans were throat punched when Eren quickly dismissed the notion of having feelings for Mikasa. This interaction definitely left an emotional bruise. Mikasa Ackerman is not only one of anime’s Best Girls but she is one of February’s pearls who deserves an entry on our list.

Factoid: The metalcore band Veil of Maya wrote the song “Mikasa” based on the Attack on Titan character.

1. Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist

  • Birthday: February 3, 1899

With all the votes tabulated [drum roll – please!], February’s pride of place goes to Full Metal Alchemist’s nominal protagonist… Edward Elric. As a child, he and his younger brother attempted to conduct a Human Transmutation. The resulting accident left Edward without an arm and leg while Alphonse Elric’s corporeal form vanished, resulting in him becoming disembodied.

The spell’s detrimental impact on Al serves as Ed’s motivation to become a State Alchemist and acquire the Philosopher’s Stone. Close Elric’s family friends, Winry and Pinako Rockbell expertly designed the prosthetics he wears. Under Izumi Curtis’ tutelage, Edward is able to enhance his fighting abilities and master the science of alchemy earning him the moniker of the Fullmetal Alchemist.

Having overcome adversity and pursuing the restoration of a family member, you would think this would be enough to humble someone. This is far from the case for Edward as he has a bit of a Napoleon Complex throughout anime and manga. In spite of his stunted emotional maturity, anime fans enjoy Edward Elric’s life journey, and for this reason, he is our favorite anime character born in February.

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