Why Rem Is Considered Best Girl in Re:Zero (According to Reddit)

I’ve previously delved into a similar topic, examining the reasons behind Zero Two’s popularity.

In my quest to maintain objectivity, despite neither Zero Two nor Rem being my personal ‘waifus,’ I sought opinions where better than Reddit?

I scoured every Reddit post I could find to unearth intriguing perspectives and provide my own unbiased analysis of Rem’s status as ‘Best Girl’ in Re:Zero. So, why is Rem considered the best girl in Re:Zero?

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Re:Zero: Starting Life in Another World is a psychological fantasy anime that aired in 2016.

It follows the story of Subaru Natsuki, a young man summoned to a new world, only to be killed alongside his newfound female companion. Shortly after, he awakens to find himself in the exact same situation as before his murder, and the day starts to repeat itself

It holds the rank of #21 in popularity on MyAnimeList, boasting over 2 million members.

What does this ranking mean? Well, according to MyAnimeList users, it surpasses the popularity of titles like Ao no Exorcist, Nanatsu no Taizai, Fairy Tail, and even Bleach. This alone speaks volumes about its immense popularity.

When there’s a popular anime, you can expect beloved characters to emerge, and we all know how that unfolds, especially in the case of ‘waifus’.


Rem is one of the twin maids in the service of Roswaal L Mathers. She often communicates with a superficially polite tone and occasionally acts on impulse. Rem carries a dual sentiment of profound respect bordering on reverence and guilt related to her sister, stemming from a past incident. This admiration and guilt once led her to perceive herself as inferior. However, her encounter with Subaru changes her, igniting a deep affection for him.

According to MAL, she ranks as the 24th most popular character in the database and the #4 most popular anime girl. More than 44k people chose Rem as their favorite character. She even won a Reddit contest about the best girl. Rem is more popular than Sasuke Uchiha, Yato, Megumin, Hisoka Morow, and even Gasai Yuno.

Reddit user RePluggedIn shares a distinct perspective. They note that Rem stands out as the sole character in the anime with a well-developed background and character progression. Additionally, they observe her unconditional love for a protagonist with no apparent redeeming personality traits, a dynamic that resonates with a significant portion of male anime enthusiasts, as they may identify with the desire for a strikingly attractive character to love them without specific reasons.


She adorns hair clips on the left side of her hair, a flower-shaped ribbon on the same side, and a traditional maid’s hairband. Her attire consists of a maid uniform, giving her a youthful and kawaii appearance. Interestingly, in contrast to her twin, who shares a nearly identical appearance, she is known for her notably larger bust.

Let’s get some real examples of what people think!

One Reddit user, whose account has since been deleted, offered this explanation for Rem’s popularity:

  • Cute face.
  • Well-endowed.
  • Unconditionally in love with a seemingly useless NEET protagonist.

In essence, he’s not far off the mark. Rem seems to be crafted as the epitome of the ‘perfect waifu.’

Another Reddit user, MetaThPr4h, made the observation that she serves as ‘waifu bait’ in a highly acclaimed anime. Once again, his assessment is accurate.

Emilia vs Rem

Reddit user Faust91x made an amusing comparison between Emilia, the main female character, and Rem.

Adorable French MaidPolitician
Comes from a line of powerful demons, has a twin, cares for people she loves, wields a kick-ass weaponMay, or may not be evil reincarnated
Babyface and large breastsPointy ears
Light teasing and a bit of pervert, has a twinDoesn’t know anything about kissing or making love
Loyal like HachikoBounces at the first sight of your mild insanity and/ or witch-possession issues
She will destroy your enemies and literally die for you no matter whatLet you sleep on her lap that one time
Her greatest weakness is loving you too muchHer greatest weakness is getting stabbed


Rem is meticulously crafted to embody the ideal waifu. She exemplifies all the qualities that make a great waifu.

What most otaku prefer is to have, at the very least, an appealing girl who exhibits unwavering loyalty exclusively to them. She will adore and shield the main character, regardless of his behavior, even in moments of disappointment, or if he comes across as less than impressive.

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  1. Good post Mia!!. Even though re:zero and I have fallen out, not to give another shot. I still think something of the things mentioned are valid!!. Rem will be the perfect waifu for many.

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