Why You Should Watch Steins;Gate

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Steins;Gate is a sci-fi anime featuring time leap. The protagonist Rintarou Okabe is a self-proclaimed mad scientist who talks about world conspiracies of sabotaging him. The anime follows his adventure with her childhood friend Mayuri Shiina and his other lab members.

It is no doubt a must-watch anime.

The soundtracks aren’t half bad. The suspense will keep you at the edge of your seat.

This isn’t just an intense serious anime with an intricate plot but contains some subtle comedic cues. The perverted jokes of Hashida are enough to give a break to your captivated mind. The slight comedy helps you recover from if any mental fatigue to make sure your brain keeps up with the plot, in case you are binge-watching.

Don’t make the genre trick you into thinking that this anime lacks romance. Although romance is kind of a subplot of the anime, the foundation & the reason for Okabe’s tenacity is based on his relationship with Kurisu Makise. So you will be sure to get some light and adorable heart-warming shy moments.

Intricate but Captivating Plot

You may have watched a lot of sci-fi dramas involving time travel but this doesn’t entirely go with the clichés. You know stuff like the past can’t be changed. No matter what you try to change, your actions will end up becoming the very reason for it to happen.

Slightly Perverted Comedy

Itaru Hashida plays an imperative part in giving you fits of uninhibited laughter. He subtly makes others repeat a certain part of their sentence only to point to ambiguous sexual results.

He is an otaku and a 2D girl worshipper, and you know they tend to be perverted.

Why are you blushing, did you imagine something?

Thought Provoking Monologues & Dialogues

Any sci-fi anime comes with its own set of thought-provoking monologues & dialogues. This anime wins high time in this category. They convey all sorts of messages and feelings—self-sacrifice, hope, despair, and even joy.

My favorite ones being:

“The speed at which the time passes depends on how we perceive it. Damn you Einstein, theory of relativity. This makes it both romantic as well as tragic.”

“The wisest are the greatest fool. History proves it. You can say it’s the final warning from the god to those who resist”. ~ Okabe


Once you clear the first 4 to 5 episodes you will start catching on with the plot. After which a series of similar but exhilarating events take place in the coming episodes which will without fail pique your curiosity.

Takes You Through the Brilliant Journey of Okabe’s Tenacity

After so many failed attempts, Okabe kept fighting only to robe himself off hope again. Devastated, being in despair, shriveled off with any hope, he even gives up. But you know the typical anime lead never gives up. Do they? Or rather gives up only to rise again. His predicament is sure to make you root for him from the bottom of your heart.

This anime takes you through different personalities. Some robbed off of their freedom willingly, some taken hostage by others willingly. You will know what it means once you watch it.

To summarize, it’s binge-worthy and definitely watch-worthy. With intricate and intriguing plots it will awaken your reasons tossing aside your emotion. Sometimes vice versa.

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