7 Anime Like Ganbare, Douki-chan

Ganbare, Douki-chan is a collection of illustrations by Japanese artist Yomu that started serialization online via Yomu’s Twitter account in September 2019. It was later adapted into a 12-episode ONA series by AtelierPontdarc in 2021. Relatable themes, lighthearted humor, and quirky yet unique characters make it a well-rounded and enjoyable anime, which is why many fans are looking for more anime like Ganbare, Douki-chan.

The anime follows the story of Douki-chan, a beautiful office worker who is secretly in love with her coworker. She faces competition from her rivals, both younger and older colleagues, as she tries to confess her feelings to him.

Here are 7 anime like Ganbare Douki-chan that offer a similar blend of romance, comedy, and drama that will leave you entertained and invested in the story.

7. I Tried Asking In Dogeza

I Tried Asking In Dogeza is a show about a guy begging random beautiful girls at the school he attends to show him their naked bodies. Surprisingly, it usually works well!

I assume that you enjoyed the fanservice in Douki-chan and in this anime, it’s all about fanservice!

6. Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

Uzaki-chan is the type of girl who enjoys having fun and loves to tease the protagonist to the point he is extremely flustered. With her curvy body and beautiful eyes, that’s not a big problem, is it?

If you want a quality anime filled with mild ecchi content and a solid plot, give it a go.

5. Kyou no Asuka Show

Kyou no Asuka Show is full of awkward ecchi situations due to the heroine’s cluelessness.

Both Kyou no Asuka Show and Ganbare Douki-chan are short ONAs with little to no plot that are quick and easy to consume.

4. One Room

One Room is a POV anime where the viewer basically dates the anime girls. It’s basically like a role-play anime filled with some soft ecchi scenes.

3. Ojisan and Marshmallow

In Ojisan and Marshmallow, an older office worker is constantly teased by his younger coworker who found out that he is an avid fan of Tabekko Marshmallows. Will he one day realize that her playful attempts are, in fact, supposed to be seductive?

Could these two be similar plot-wise? A cute office worker is playfully teasing and ‘seducing’ her coworker in hopes to start a relationship with him. Unfortunately, her crush is too dense and can’t read the situation well.

2. Miru Tights

Miru Tights is a show for anyone who loves female thighs. The plot is kinda irrelevant, but it’s about the daily activities of three high school girls who wear dazzling, silky nylon tights.

Made by Yumu, you know what kind of scenery you can expect beforehand!

1. Tawawa on Monday

An ample-breasted high school girl and a tired salaryman become friends as they ride the same train every Monday.

Tons of fanservice scenes filled with beautiful anime girls who are somehow all surrounding the salaryman. Short and straight to the point!

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