10 Anime Where the MC Is an Overpowered Villain

Today we will be talking about anime where the MC is rather an overpowered villain than your typical main character.

This is gonna be an interesting article, so bear with me till the end!

Well then, shall we begin?

1. Black Jack

The first one on our list is Black Jack.

This story actually has a 12-episode-long prequel, you might want to check that out before watching. But I suggest that you watch this one first.

It came out in the early 90s, so it’s kind of like a classic. As for that prequel series, it came like 5 years ago. So it’s clear which one of them came first.

The story goes like this, there’s a guy named Kurō Hazama, who also goes by the name blackjack and he’s a prominent figure in the medical world.

Together with his assistant Pinoko, this doctor saved several lives that licensed doctors couldn’t. Even though he himself is not a licensed doctor, his services come at a price. So people have started to label him as greedy and heartless. Even so, there’s no one who can deny his skill set and the lengths he can go to, just so he can save the patients.

This anime is about the world of underground medicine where there are diseases never heard of or seen before, yet blackjack somehow always finds the cure.

2. Gangsta

If it isn’t obvious already, this anime is about gangsters and the story takes place in the underworld.

There are two mercenaries, named Nicolas Brown and Worick Arcangelo. They take up jobs that no one else can handle and that’s why they’ve made a name for themselves. They’re strong and even mob syndicates where the police are willing to hire them, they’re willing to do anything and they’ll get it done.

But after they literally destroy a local pimp, they add a prostitute in their ranks just so they can protect her from the people who want her dead. But because of their actions, the balance of power in the underground world might start to crumble.

Guys if you’re into drama and gangs, this is what you should be checking out!

3. Togainu no Chi

The third world war takes place and things are no longer the same.

A group called Vicio captures Tokyo and renames it Toshima. And in the back alley, a new kind of battle game starts taking place. It’s called Igura. It’s like a street brawl but the intensity is several folds higher, blood is as natural as sweat. And it isn’t just Igura either, there’s another sport named Blaster and it’s even more Intense. This game allows the use of weapons and also gives you the green light to kill.

There’s a young man named Akira. He’s all alone and he’s also undefeated at Blaster. However, suddenly he gets accused of murder and things start going south for him. Then a young woman approaches him and even promises him another shot at freedom. All he has to do is to defeat the king of Igura. But can he?

4. Planet With

Dreaming about dragons is some sort of psychological theory, which represents the fact that one is losing oneself to one’s own anger.

And for our main character Sōya Kuroi it wasn’t a good experience to dream about a dragon who’s running amok while destroying everything around him with rainbow-colored light. Sōya has also lost his parents and memory in an accident. So apparently this dream is the only thing he retains, as he now lives with a cat named Sensei and a maid named Ginko.

But this story isn’t a slice-of-life drama, it’s a sci-fi action and that’s exactly what happens next. A teddy bear-shaped UFO pops up and even the military unit is ineffective against it.

But in the end, the people are saved by seven people who use the same kind of light that the dragon from Sōya’s dream used. And then coincidentally or not, these seven people declare Sōya as their enemy and decide to bring him down. Unfortunately, Sōya was not the impostor.

5. Isekai Maou to Shoukan

How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord is an anime that has many fans and the MC Is an overpowered “villain”.

The story goes like this: There’s an introverted hardcore gamer whose username is Diablo. He is also known as the true Demon King in the MMORPG game called Cross Reverie. There is literally no one who is better than him. You can probably guess what happens next. He gets sucked into that game and ends up in a fantasy world of that game. His name and appearance are the same as his avatar and username from the game. And he’s also told that he ended up in this world because of a summoning spell.

The two girls who summoned him try to cast an enslavement spell on him so that they can get him under their control but the spell backfires and they end up as his slaves instead.

That’s right, in this new world the one who stands at the top is a summoned demon lord Diablo.

If you’re into overpowered protagonists as well as ecchi stuff, this is something you’ll love!

6. Satsuriku no Tenshi

The three genres that describe this anime include horror, psychological, and thriller. Now if these three were the only genre, the series would have been something very dark and mind-blowing. But there’s also the fourth genre. And it’s an adventure. Which makes this anime a bit unique.

Rachel Gardner’s lifelong wish is to die.

One day, she wakes up in somebody’s basement and she doesn’t have the slightest clue as to how or why she’s there. Then she comes across another person, a young boy named Zack, who is a murderer. They both decide to help each other out until they escape this basement. But Rachel makes him promise that he’ll kill her as soon as they get out.

Now what’s interesting is that this building has floors and on each, there is a boss. To ascend, one must defend themselves against those bosses!

7. Banana Fish

This is another interesting anime that left quite an impression when its first episode came out almost 3 years ago.

There’s a guy named Aslan Jade who’s also known as Ash Lynx. He was a runaway, but a mafia godfather found him off the streets of New York and raised him. And now that he’s 17 years old as well as a boss of his own gang, he starts investigating the banana fish. But his godfather is also after him for some reason.

So when he’s having a talk with two Japanese photographers Shunichi Ibe and Edgy Okumura, fortunately, one of Ash’s friends warns him in advance about the mafia folks, who then storm the hideout. But it doesn’t go well and two of them get kidnapped by those mafia folks. Now Ash has to rescue them so that he can continue his search for the banana fish.

Still, this anime isn’t that black and white, there are many sensitive themes like pedo*hilia, PTSD, ra*e, and gay stuff.

It’s a good anime though, very good if I must say.

8. Youjo Senki

From what we’ve seen in recent years, it has become blatantly obvious that there are no limitations to what an isekai anime can be.

This anime came out back in 2017 and it left a very strong impression on all of us. Fans loved it!

There is a loli named Tanya, but she is a ruthless soldier who enforces uncanny ways. Her attitude even won her nickname, Devil of the Rhine. It’s not every day that you see an anime show with an MC who is a loli and at the same time an overpowered villain, right?

But behind that loli-like appearance is the existence of a man who challenged a self-proclaimed god in a battle of wits, which didn’t go as smoothly as he thought it would. And he ends up getting isekai’d and becoming a cute little girl who is anything but cute.

She resolves to ascend the military ranks of her country and in turn, makes her presence known to the world.

Seeing this girl act can sometimes even send shivers running down your spine!

9. Youkoso Jitsuryoku

One of the anime that totally deserved a second season but never received it. I present to you the anime called Classroom of the Elite.

The main character Ayanokouji sees humans as tools and nothing more.

There’s a school for elites, and even in that school, the students are classified into four distinct classes. And there’s some serious discrimination between the students of class D compared to class A, which receives favorable treatment.

Ayanokouji also gets enrolled in this school and he still somehow manages to stay out of the spotlight. He makes sure not to score too much on the entrance exam and even after that he decides to act like a side character. He gradually manages the strings from behind the scenes and almost nobody knows anything about it.

There are some other interesting characters too, but they are nothing compared to Ayanokouji.

It looks like he had a very grave and unusual past which made him what he is. Still, the saddest thing about this anime is the fact that we never know about it, unless we stop waiting for the anime and go read the light novel.

10. Arifureta

The last anime on our list is Arifureta.

The story follows a high school student named Hajime. He gets summoned to an isekai world together with his classmates, but it looks like he doesn’t get along so well with them all.

Now, the reason they’re all in this new world is that they have the task of saving the world, and to do that they are also given some supernatural abilities. Everyone gets a cool one, but what Hajime gets is just a transmutation skill and for that, the other students laugh at him.

But it wasn’t the worst-case scenario.

The worst-case scenario was when one of his classmates betrays him and he then falls to the bottom of the abyss!

As you might have guessed it, it quickly turns from your typical isekai into an anime where the MC becomes an overpowered villain.

That’s all for this top 10 anime Where The Mc Is An Overpowered Villain/Antagonist That Deserves Respect.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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Thanks for reading till the end.


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