Why is Zero Two So Popular?

Have you ever wondered why Zero Two is such a beloved character?

I’m here to shed light on why Zero Two became an instant sensation, capturing the hearts of many when Darling in the Franxx first aired in 2018.

Five years have passed, and she remains one of the most sought-after waifus in Discord’s Waifubot, while her presence continues to grace platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

To put it plainly, Zero Two’s popularity can be attributed to her status as the ultimate ‘waifu bait’ character, designed to be irresistible waifu material from the start. To delve deeper into this, waifu bait characters are typically at least moderately attractive and possess traits that appeal to a broad range of people.

Zero Two was crafted to elicit a romantic and sexual allure among anime viewers. Her character underwent a transformation, evolving from a wild and untamed girl into a more docile persona relatively quickly.

Let’s analyze the factors that contribute to her immense popularity, providing a more comprehensive understanding of this intriguing subject.


Darling in the Franxx holds the 61st position in popularity and boasts a membership of over 1,6 million fans on MyAnimeList (MAL). It’s only natural for the main female character of this anime to be destined for popularity.

As of 2023, approximately 36,000 individuals have selected Zero Two as their favorite character on MAL. While this number might not appear substantial at first glance, it positions her as the 8th most popular female character in the database!


Zero Two’s distinct features include pink hair, prominent horns, pale skin, and adorable makeup, setting her apart from other characters. She can be likened to a hot dino girl with undeniable allure.


Now, this is where it gets particularly intriguing. She was intentionally crafted to stand out as the superior main character of Darling in the Franxx. Consequently, when compared to her, all the other female characters in the anime come across as, at best, average.

Beyond her endearing habit of saying ‘darling’ in an affectionate manner, Zero Two possesses a substantial backstory that evokes sympathy. However, I believe that this alone isn’t the primary factor behind her immense popularity.

She exhibits numerous traits that strongly resonate with shut-in otakus and gamers, who constitute a significant portion of the anime’s primary audience. Anime enthusiasts tend to lean towards introverted and reserved personalities, making her an ideal match for their preferences.

Some other reasons why Zero 002 is a perfect match for the majority of anime lovers

Zero Two’s compatibility with the majority of anime lovers can be attributed to several key reasons.

She maintains an air of inaccessibility to everyone except the main male character, displaying an assertive and proactive nature rather than waiting for the boy to make the first move.

Additionally, the anime’s narrative progression initially portrays Zero Two as wild and playful, especially in her interactions with Hiro. This dynamic undergoes a significant transformation as she begins to develop feelings for Hiro and ultimately falls in love with him. As a result, she shares her most intimate emotions and fosters a profound and powerful bond.

By the way, is Zero Two your favorite anime girl as well? 🙂

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  1. It is the wild girl I like. When they domesticate her, I lose interest..That scene where she’s swimming/fishing in the pond defines everything good about her. She is dangerous. She is magnificent!

    A lot of people thought the anime started out great and lost its way, only to turn out to be a mediocre mishmash of ideas from other anime. I think the domestication of Zero 2 contributed to it. She needed to stay a wild thing, perhaps with just her sharper corners filed down a bit so she could coexist with humans without destroying them.The rest of the team needed to learn a bit of wildness from her.

    It didn’t happen that way. “The Taming of the Shrew” is dated and inappropriate to the character. They took a brilliant wolf and turned her into a compliant Labrador retriever. That’s simply wrong on so many levels.

  2. I’M IN LOVE OF ZERO TWO! she is so cute when she is little and i like the darling in the franxx show plus I’ve been thinking about zero two. She is my favorite character and i pretty sure she is a popular girl who ever made zero two I LOVE THEM!

    • sorry my name not zero two at all i’m yetnam look on the other comment i sent and you’ll see

  3. I’M IN LOVE OF ZERO TWO!!! she is the best girl in my life! I’ve been thinking about her ever since i discovered anime and darling in the franxx. i have gifs plus some are very funny! it’s the kicking out the towel of her darling’s hips (a boy i don’t know the name) and when she catch a fish with her mouth (my brother thought it was funny but i think it’s funny and discusting) yeah and also i love the way she shows off her hair (not sure if it was show of or just being pretty) plus i’m going to use one of the zero two gif or pictures tomorrow on the coner profile. i will also learn how to draw zero two during spring break! i love you zero two! whoever made zero two i will love him/her!

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