Purr-fection: Top 10 Anime Cat Girls

The month of June sees the observation of Hug a Cat Day and National Garfield the Cat Day. Not really sure how one celebrates these days but it got me thinking about anime cat-girls. The nekomusume or cat girl has become a staple of Japanese anime and manga. The birth of the cat girl trope started with Mitsuyo Seo’s The King’s Tail, released in 1949. Since then, we cannot seem to escape an anime season without a cat cutie.

As fans of a lovable girl with cat ears, we felt it might be nice to pick the top ten cat girls in anime. Despite not being as hard as picking the best waifu overall, this was not an easy task. Anime and manga give us many types of cat girls, from girls that change into cats to adorable girls with cat traits. Undaunted, we set out to pick some of anime’s favorites by sampling all cat girls. After many hours of research and a heavy heart, we think we have come up with a decent list of anime cat girl favorites. As always, this means we surely missed someone’s favorite.

As you review the post, please feel free to let me know your favorite anime cat girl. I would love to hear from you.

10. Fran

Orphaned and sold into slavery, Fran is a beastman from the Black Cat tribe. Her weak stats make her the target of abuse. This all changes upon acquiring an enchanted sword. With skill share, the sword infuses the young cat girl with powerful magical fighting abilities. Free from the slavers and with the sword by her side, Fran joins a guild with the goal of becoming a great adventurer.

At twelve years old, Fran is a cute young girl with short black hair. Her cat ears and tail match her hair color. Despite four years in abusive captivity, Fran is kind and warmhearted. She cares deeply for others in spite of appearing indifferent. Her lack of attention means she gets bored quickly. However, her passion bubbles to the surface when fighting or engorging curry. Fran also has a low tolerance for anyone who insults Teacher.

With Teacher’s assistance, she would face the odds headlong to become the ‘Black Lightning Princess.’ Fran is a cute and loveable cat girl; whose grit earned the admiration of anime fans.

9. Eris

  • Birthday: October 14
  • First Anime Appearance: Cat Planet Cuties, Ep. 1 ‘The Cat Who Fell to Earth’ (2010)

Hailing from planet Catia, Eris is a cat girl sent to explore Earth. She came to this planet to study its culture and decide if we are ready to join the galactic community. Starving, her spaceship lands in Okinawa. A local cat lets Eris know where to get a meal. On her quest for food, she meets Kio Kakazu and the pair build a friendship.

Eris is average height, with red eyes and long light orange hair. Kawaii, she is quite the busty teen. A cheerful and outgoing girl, people find it hard to believe she is an alien. Outwardly, she appears naïve but Eris is a capable tactician and learned. She wears a power suit and wields special non-lethal weapons. Despite her abilities and looks, she is just a normal teenage girl.

With a host of lovely cat girls, Cat Planet Cuties is a series that delivers on what it promises. Coming in ninth place, Eris continues to be a staple of favorite top ten cat girl lists.

8. Ichigo Momomiya

  • Birthday: March 15
  • First Anime Appearance: Tokyo Mew Mew, Ep. 1 ‘Turning into a Cat, Justice Lies in a Girl in Love!’ (2002)

Ichigo Momomiya is a magical cat girl and the lead in Tokyo Mew Mew. She is a fearless 7th grader; whose focus is on friends and nabbing the popular high school boy. While on a date at the Red Data Animal Show, a group of scientists secretly fuse Ichigo’s DNA with a wildcat. Under the codename ‘μ Project,’ she and the Mew Mews protect the world from aliens and their leader, Deep Blue.

Ichigo is a petite girl, with red hair tied in pigtails. In her cat girl form, Ichigo’s eye and hair color change to bright bubblegum pink. Her companion is a cute alien sensor, named Misha. Armed with a Mew Pendant, she cites a magical phrase to transform from schoolgirl to cat girl. Ichigo is a kind and hardworking young girl, who wants to protect others from harm. A bit naive and innocent, she often misses glaring issues.

On the surface, she embodies the tropes of a magical girl. Despite this fact, anime fans find her endearing. This is why we include Ichigo Momomiya as one of our top ten anime cat girls.

7. Himari Noihara

  • Birthday: December 21
  • First Anime Appearance: Omamori Himari, Ep.1 ‘Cat, Girls and Allergies’ (2010)

Himari Noihara is a powerful yōkai, known as a bakeneko or ‘changed cat.’ Basically, she can transform from a cat into a human. In the past, a human protected a bakeneko from harm. The act resulted in the yōkai vowing to shield the person’s ancestors. Jump to the present, Himari upholds the ancient promise to guard Yuuto Amakawa. Alongside her ward, the teenage vixen strikes fear in evil ayakashi.

In her human form, Himari appears as an ample Japanese teen. She has long, straight black hair pinned back into a ponytail. As a cat, she appears white with violet-colored eyes. Despite her appearance, Himari is a powerful yōkai and skilled swordsman. Her blade skills earn her the moniker ‘Crimson Blade of Noihara.’ A fierce warrior, she is loving and seductive toward Yuuta.

A kind and loyal protector, she is someone you would not want on your bad side. Himari Noihara is the complete cat girl package and why she is our seventh entry.

6. Shizuka Nekonome

Birthday: March 21
First Anime Appearance: Rosario + Vampire, Ep. 1 ‘New Life and a Vampire’ (2008)

Halfway through our list, the sixth entry is Shizuka Nekonome. She is a teacher at Yōkai Academy and advisor to the student newspaper. Unlike her fellow educators, Shizuka does not fear or bear ill will toward humans. Her attitudes toward people lead to several class field trips to the human world. She also owns a house in their realm. Her only issue is maintaining a human form while thinking about yummy fish dishes.

A nekomusume, she is a yōkai with human and cat features. Shizuka has blond hair and blue eyes, with blond ears and tail color. Whether out on the town or teaching, she wears a tank top and skirt. The manga states she does not wear a bra. Shizuka is pleasant and often inserts meow into conversations. Her claws come out whenever defending the students in her care. She also has a superhero alter ego called Cat-woman.

She has the carefree and sometimes clueless nature of a teen trapped in an adult body. These traits combined with a sexy allure make Shizuka Nekonome purr-fection.

5. Rem Galleu

  • Birthday: Unknown
  • First Anime Appearance: How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord, Ep. 1 ‘The Demon Lord Act’ (2018)

14-year-old girl, Rem Galleu is a Pantherian from Caliture City. She leaves her family to find a way to extract Demon King Krebskulm’s soul from her body. If unchecked, the curse could lead to Rem’s death should the Demon King revive. A mage, she summons Takuma Sakamoto or Demon Lord Diablo into her world. Conflicting spells cause Rem and an elf-girl to become slaves to the Demon Lord. The trio set out on adventures, while also seeking a means to end the Demon King’s curse.

Rem is a short cat girl with long black hair, which flows down past her waist. Her green eyes show little emotion, almost doll-like. She is an able summoner and agile fighter. Rem can manifest light from her hand to smash opponents with a single blow. Her nimble frame and fighting ability combine with magical powers to make Rem a tour-de-force. She falls in love with Lord Diablo, sharing him with Shera L. Greenwood.

Like a panther girl, she is a small and cute but powerful young woman. Less endowed than the other entries, Rem Galleu retains a faithful fan following. 

4. Leone

  • Birthday: Unknown
  • First Anime Appearance: Akame Ga Kill!, Ep. 1 ‘Kill the Darkness’ (2014)

Akame Ga Kill! is a great anime, with some memorable characters. None of them are as exciting as Leone. A lioness in disguise, she is a member of the assassin group, Night Raid. Her role is to recon and confirm the group’s targets. She picked up her keen eye as a scout for the Revolutionary Army. Leone fights against the Empire and their neglect of the people. She is one of the older members of Night Raid.

In her human form, Leone is a buxom lady with short blonde hair featuring two faux cat-ear tufts. In her beast form, she acquires lionlike features. Leone’s hair grows longer and she gains lion-like ears, a tail, and claws. She wears a belt that boosts her speed, agility, and power. Leone is impish, often teasing Tatsumi. This is an easy undertaking, as her clothing enhances her curvy body.  

A fun-loving character, she provides a nice contrast to the story’s main figures. This is why Leone is one of our favorite cat girls.

3. Koneko Toujou

  • Birthday: November 23
  • First Anime Appearance: High School DxD, Ep. 1 ‘I Got a Girlfriend!’ (2012)

Born Shirone, Koneko Toujou is one of the series’ teenage leads. Growing up, her father experimented on the ‘Devil Cat Girl.’ These experiments would go wrong leading to the deaths of her father and mother. A devil would take custody of Koneko and her older sister. Abusive, the older sister killed the fiend. Stoic, she harbors feelings for her fellow classmates and friends.

A rare Nekoshou, Koneko is a petite high schooler with white hair and gold-colored eyes. She wears hairclips that resemble a cat’s face. These clips have information for creating Super Devils. In her cat form, Koneko’s ears and tail appear white while her eyes become cat-like. She can invoke demonic powers, which boost her physical strength and ability to cast spells. Distant in nature, she comes to grips with her past and opens herself to friends.

The ‘Devil Cat Girl’ has one of the series’ most transformative arcs. It does not hurt that she is also cute.  These qualities and much more land Koneko Toujou as one of our favorite cat girls.

2. Blair

  • Birthday: Unknown
  • First Anime Appearance: Soul Eater, Ep. 1 ‘Resonance of the Soul – Will Soul Eater Become a Death Scythe’ (2008)

Coming in at number 2 is Blair from the popular anime Soul Eater. A cat witch, she can transform from being a cat and human. Her home in Death City resembled a pumpkin but its destruction forced her to move in with Maka. Mistaken for a true witch, Blair was initially a target for the Soul Eaters. A minx, her flirtatious nature and curvaceous figure seduce Soul. Through her assistance and charm, the Soul Eaters come to understand that Blair is not an evil witch. Rather than plotting the destruction of the world, she works as a waitress at Chupa♡Cabra’s cafe.

Sensual, Blair is a charming woman with violet-colored hair capped by a witch’s hat. Her wanton nature means that she often parades around in the buff.  She has yellow-colored eyes, whether in her human or cat form. Her two fangs telegraph Blair’s mischievous nature. Whether in her human or cat forms, she is a capable and cunning fighter. However, Blair’s skills are not so overpowered that she is without fear of defeat.

The cat witch’s namesake is a homage to the movie, The Blair Witch Project. Smart and sexy, Blair gives levity to this anime’s motley cast of striking characters.

1. Yoruichi Shihoin

  • Birthday: January 1
  • First Anime Appearance: Bleach, Ep. 15 ‘Kon’s Great Plan’ (2005)

Our number one pick for favorite anime cat girl is Yoruichi Shihoin. A former princess of the House of Godly Gears, she is the prior captain of the Gotei 13’s 2nd Division. After her commander was set up for a crime and fled the Soul Society, she chose to follow him to the Human World. In the form of a cat, she goes about her daily life observing the world around her. This changes when she chooses to aid Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends save the Human World and Soul Society.

Athletic, Yoruichi is a dark-skinned woman of average height. This buxom beauty has long black hair, tied back in a ponytail. She has the ability to change into a small black cat. While a cat, Yoruichi speaks in a masculine voice.

A highly capable and nimble warrior, she is a Shunpo Master. This style of fighting is known to wipe out an entire Onmitsukidō squadron in seconds. Her combat prowess means she rarely has to use her Zanpakutō. She also has enhanced strength and stamina, despite her feeling out of shape. 

Not really a cat girl but a cat girl, the ‘Flash Goddess’ is a warrior who is much more than a curvy figure and pretty face. The sum of all her parts, Yoruichi Shihoin is our pick for the favorite cat girl character.

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