10 Best Anime Girls With Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair

Anime Girls With Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair are one of the most beautiful “color combinations”.

Did you know that only 2% of people in the world are natural blondes?

While it’s pretty rare to be blonde in real life, anime is a completely different thing. Many popular anime girls like Sailor Moon, Saber, Shinobu Oshino, or Mashiro Shiina have beautiful blonde hair.

This article will be even more specific—we will take a look at the top 10 anime girls who have blue eyes and blonde hair!

10. Olivier Mira Armstrong

  • Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

The Ice Queen, Olivier is the primary heir to the illustrious and noble Armstrong family.

Many people compare her personality to that of Esdeath from Akame ga Kill. She also believes in the survival of the fittest which results in a harsh treatment of her subordinates and a coldly merciless behavior towards her enemies. One could say that she lives up to her nickname, huh?

9. Alice Zuberg

  • Anime: Sword Art Online

Alice first appears in the third season of the famous SAO series.

She got turned into an Integrity knight after she broke one of the laws of the Taboo Index. Since then, she has gone under a different name—Alice Synthesis Thirty. Being an Integrity Knight means that she doesn’t have any previous memories and is completely loyal to the antagonist of the Alicization Arc—Quinella.

Without spoiling much, she is a serious but adventurous girl who does her best to protect her friends.

8. Usagi Tsukino

  • Anime: Sailor Moon

Show me one anime fan who doesn’t recognize Usagi. She is literally the most iconic magical girl there has ever been and is the protagonist of the famous magical shoujo called Sailor Moon.

She is the Sailor Guardian of love and justice—Sailor Moon. This also reflects on her personality since she sees good even in her enemies and believes that there is hope and love for everyone. Usagi stands up for what is right even if she is standing alone.

7. Annie Leonhart

Annie was a highly intelligent and extremely skilled member of the Military Police Brigade.

Talented in both swordsmanship and unarmed combat, she shined throughout the first season of AoT.

While she is skilled in combat, she also tends to keep to herself. You could say that it’s rather hard to become her friend but you certainly don’t want her to be your enemy.

6. Lalatina Dustiness Ford

  • Anime: KonoSuba

Lalatina Dustiness Ford, also known as Darkness, is a very quirky character from one of the best comedic isekai out there.

Coming from a noble family of immense physical strength, finding herself in fights, let alone getting hurt, was rare for her while growing up. As a result, it grew into such a luxury for her that she became the extreme masochist we all know. As they say in Darkness’s favorite anime, Goblin Slayer, “You get used to it.”

5. Ai Hayasaka

  • Anime: Kaguya-sama: Love is War

A valet of the main character of the series, Ai is a girl with four different personalities. She uses them according to her needs.

Her real self is absolutely devoted to her mistress, willing to do anything to make her happy, even sneaking her out when it’s not allowed by the Shinomiya house. What a rule-breaker!

4. Tsumugi Kotobuki

  • Anime: K-ON!

Imagine being rich, cute, and bubbly. That sounds like a good friend, girlfriend, and even sister. Or waifu. And these are all traits of our beloved Mugi!

She is a high school student and a keyboardist in the band called Ho-kago Tea Time.

Even though she is wealthy, she tried to work part-time at a fast-food restaurant. She also appreciates little ordinary things like ordering fast food or eating yakisoba at a festival and gets very excited about them because she doesn’t have many chances to experience them since she is a girl of high status.

3. Chitoge Kirisaki

  • Anime: Nisekoi

While all girls in Nisekoi are praised for their character development, Chitoge’s change is the most remarkable one.

She is beautiful, athletic, smart, rich, and frank. And she starts off as a solid tsundere.

When I talked about the change, she mellows out quite a bit as the story progresses.

Her chemistry with the male protagonist is great and everyone loves tsundere girls, so it only makes sense that she is incredibly popular among fans.

2. Kaori Miyazono

  • Anime: Your Lie in April

Before someone comments that she doesn’t have blue eyes, she actually does. Her eye color is indigo and indigo is three-quarters blue and one-quarter purple.

Kaori is a gifted violinist and a high school student. While she is a technically sloppy violinist, her playing style is remarkable thanks to her free-spirited approach that emphasizes emotions and artistry over the pure mechanics of music.

She is iron-willed, independent, and sometimes temperamental. It’s only understandable since she has been battling a chronic serious disease for years. While she can be sometimes moody, she is also compassionate and kind-hearted, which is shown in her interactions with Kousei (the male protagonist of the series).

1. Violet Evergarden

  • Anime: Violet Evergarden

Everyone loves good character development, and that’s exactly what happens with Violet Evergarden. No wonder she is among the most popular anime girls…

She used to be a soldier treated like a mere weapon but after the war is over, everything changes. And she has to find a new purpose in the ‘new world’.

While she first appears emotionless, her new life goal is to understand what means the phrase ‘I love you’. She is just too candid and doesn’t know any better. Her emotions seem to be bottled up inside her.

It seems like she is missing some parts of emotional and social intelligence, which causes all sorts of issues because of her job. This is because Violet is an Auto Memories Doll, which means that she assists others by writing for them. The irony is that she looks and acts like an actual doll.

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