10 Best Isekai Anime Series to Fall in Love With

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Isekai is a genre that is infamous for its repeated tropes. But still, it’s one of the most loved genres since it gives us a chance to dive into a virtual world. It’s like an elixir to those of us who watch anime to escape from reality. It shows us a world full of new possibilities and if the plot is captivating you can’t ask for anything more.

So therefore I have brought you the top 10 isekai which I bet you are going to love. So take a chill pill, as you lounge on your sofa if you have decided to watch the given below animes which are sure to mellow you out.

*MC = main character

10. Combatants Will Be Dispatched

It’s a story about a scum, perverted, and arrogant main character who was given a mission to spy on the kingdom of grace by his organization that was set on conquering the entire universe.

He was accompanied by a high-spec android in the form of a young girl to successfully carry out his mission. He successfully infiltrates the kingdom, joins the honorary knight position, and gets closer to its inner circle. He was supposed to help the kingdom defeat the demon lord.

It’s good on gags, with crude humor and occasional funny faces, it will work out some giggles for you. Though, the plot is a little predictable. The comedy is basically the flustered faces and reactions of people to MC’s nasty comments and behavior.

9. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

A NEET boy who was an elite player with an unparalleled set of rare objects and insane level and experience in an MMORPG game Cross Reverie was summoned to a similar version of that game by two lovely maidens Rem and Shera who were performing an enslavement ritual to subjugate him but by the effect of his magic repelling ring the ritual backfired and instead made them slaves of him making the situation pretty awkward.

After which he embarks on a journey with them to find a way to undo the ritual and free them of their slave collar. In the process of which he learns a lot about them, it leads to forming a strong bond among them.

Although from the inside the main character is just a typical NEET inept at communicating, from the outside, he had to maintain the demeanor of a demon lord. He always has that almighty invincible aura around him.

It’s a fun story with a light plot and tons of ecchi scenes sprinkled over. His inner thoughts when he decides what to speak to maintain his aura are amusing.

8. Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They?

It follows the adventures of three extraordinary high schoolers gifted with psychic powers who get unexpectedly and forcefully transported into an alternate world known as Little Garden, where all sorts of beings participate in high-stakes games using their special abilities.

This anime deserves more attention than it gets.

The graphics are quite stunning, and the colors are vibrant and well put together.

When it comes to characters, you will probably fall in love with the overpowered male protagonist who is bored with his life. It’s always amusing to watch him fight and defeat opponents with little to no work.

There are also many beautiful and unique girls, so you might find your potential waifu here!

7. Sword Art Online

This anime showcases a futuristic version of Japan where the researchers have finally achieved the technology to fully dive into a virtual world.

SAO was the first-ever game to introduce a full dive experience that was realistic enough to make you feel like you got transported to another world. After the beta test, during the first official launch of the game, the players who excitingly logged in with a smile on their faces had to face their greatest nightmare when they found out there is no way out of the game now except by conquering it.

Looming despair and the fear of death awakened the dark side of all characters. They dropped their ethics and were ready to adopt any means no matter how nasty to conquer the game.

The psychological aspect is pretty good. The predicament of Kirito who though decided to play solo gets involved with people he blames himself for not being able to protect. He had to make tough choices in dire situations.

The Aincrad is a highly praised arc of this show where you will witness the beginning of a relationship of one of the most famous couples in anime history.

6. The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

It follows the story of Satan who endeavors to subjugate and conquer the land of Ente Isla but has to retreat through a portal when confronted by hero Emilia. Amusingly enough our demon lord ended up in our human world in Tokyo. Now starts a mundane yet exciting life of Sadao Maou, the name he adopts in Tokyo. He gets hired as a part-timer in MgRonald’s, a parody of McDonald’s.

Now the catch of this anime is how the characters interact with one another since it showcases the art of character building in a great way. Shirou Ashiya is so faithful and overprotective to Maou Sama that it gets extremely amusing when he tries to protect him from every little thing. The quick-to-react, hot-headed, ill-tempered Emilia is always stalking Maou Sama to keep a check on any evil scheming of his.

The Maou Sama’s carefree and diligent attitude as a mere part-timer, working his ass off just to pay his rent and putting up with daily chores is shown hilariously. These everyday mundane activities with a sprinkle of fun and sometimes stellar action make for a great slice of life isekai.

5. Mushoku Tensei

It’s about a 34-year-old Japanese NEET man who gets reincarnated in an alternate magic world with his conscience still 34 years old. Having steeled his resolve, he starts working diligently right from the start.

This is an anime that I call a few of its kind since it’s a mature isekai. It gets dark when it shows the life of the main character in the real world which was extremely pathetic, he was sexually harassed, and mocked, so much that he developed an inferiority complex and came to hate his own body. Even the fan service part is kind of mature not like the usual isekai fantasy setting where a clumsy girl trips over to show you a rainbow pattern on top of triangle-shaped muscles (if you know what I mean).

You will witness Rudeus’s journey of how, though born as a genius, still adopts a diligent work routine to be a success at least this time is disclosed beautifully at a great pace.

It’s both plot-driven and character-driven anime where no character is perfect, everyone’s flaw is highlighted giving an authentic feel to the show. This imperfection in traits and swift flow of the story with alternating dark and fun tone provides for an isekai befitting of the title “few of its kind”.

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4. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

It’s about an honest, hardworking salaryman who got mysteriously stabbed and was reincarnated as a slime in a magical world.

To be blunt, the idea of the main character being a slime seems a little uncool. But believe me, what this anime successfully achieves is character development, how the slime befriends different species of monsters, and how he interacts and tries to understand the need and desires of each species. The way he successfully forms a co-dependent society where every species has a role to play.

Rimuru Tempest is a very lovable character for his honesty, diligence, and of course friendliness. There’s also an arc where he acts as a teacher and helps students grow and overcome their differences in a very fun manner which gave me vibes of an assassination classroom.

Overall, this anime is a fun roller coaster ride all about friendship, leadership, and cooperation.

The animation and art style are awesome. The characters are amusing and dynamic. Character development is at its peak and it won’t hurt to say it’s one of the best character-driven anime.

3. Re:Zero

It’s about Subaru, a teen boy out shopping in a convenience store when comes out of the shop, shockingly finds himself in a magical world. He becomes highly delighted to witness such an exciting phenomenon which is a matter of time turned into his greatest nightmare that he couldn’t even imagine. The fleeting sense of joy he felt turned into dismay.

In an unknown world, unaware of what to do he decides to join Emilia an elf (who he initially unreasonably got a crush on) in her mission to find her insignia which leads to starting a phenomenon that enabled him to return to a certain point in his life after he has already died. At first, this ability seems pretty much of a lifesaver but to Subaru who didn’t really know what was right to do, he always ended up dead in last no matter what choices he made. This ability made him shake hands with the dead so many times that at one time he totally broke.

But just like every coin has two sides, what one seems to us depends on how we see it. Later, Subaru with his strong resolve to protect what’s important to him uses this ability as a chance to redo his life to make better choices to lead to a better ending. Seems like a dark version of a dating sim, right?

And of course, the characters are lovable. Rem is considered the best waifu ever by most of us due to her charm and loyalty.

I love the psychological aspect of this anime, how the pain of death makes Subaru so weak and so unreasonable a lot of time.

2. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

This is about a 20-year-old boy who got summoned as a hero in a fantasy world along with three other boys. All four of them were from a different parallel version of japan and each of them was assigned a weapon namely- a spear, bow, sword, and a shield you know our main character is the shield hero. It’s the tale of the infamous hero shunned by the world who though starting as a weak character rose to the top.

It starts with a mind-blowing first episode, you are going to love it. The tragic opening will mess up your head and fully exploit your emotions. You will feel the predicament of Naofumi, you will agonize with him and root for him from the bottom of your heart.

This show will introduce you to lovable characters as well as to characters you will want to badmouth to your heart’s content.

The change in the MC’s persona is noteworthy, you can say it’s the best part of the anime.

With superb animation and art style, it boasts some flashy fighting scenes.

Moreover, the relationship between the cold-hearted Naofumi and cute Raphtalia is sure to make your heart feel warm. The respect Raphtalia holds for the MC is unparalleled, she is indeed a potential waifu.

1. Konosuba

It’s about a teen boy who died a shameful death and was brought before the goddess Aqua who offers him a new life with his memory intact but in a magical world to defeat the demon lord who had wreaked havoc there.

You are going to love this anime for its characters. Kazuma is not your everyday dense male lead, he is totally savage or rather a scum who treats females the same way he does males. The useless, quick-to-give-up, cry-baby goddess Aqua is yet another lovable character, and the flat-chested yet adorable Megumin will make you fall in love with explosion magic.

The big-breasted masochistic girl, Darkness, is the most savage one, her masochism level is off the mark, and with every word that leaves her mouth, her ahegao is a total treat. She makes her enemy feel like they are indulging in lewd activities by defiling her making her the victim by rephrasing the sentence said by them in a lewd manner while she thoroughly enjoys the situation.

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