7 Anime to Watch If You Love Sword Art Online

In the last article, I had introduced the list of top 7 anime like Overlord, and this time I decided to take a look at the top 7 most similar anime to nothing else than our lovely Sword Art Online, so let’s get started! ★~(◠‿◕✿)

 7. Mirai Nikki (2011)

Genres: Action, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen, Supernatural, Thriller | Episodes: 26

You might think that Mirai Nikki isn’t that similar to SAO because it’s not about an MMORPG game, but you would be wrong.

✔️ Mirai Nikki includes a real-life game of surviving and ultimately becoming the new God of the world, no matter how absurd that might sound, so both anime are centered around playing some sort of game,

✔️ The characters in both series are forced to participate because they were chosen and are putting their lives on the line,

✔️ There is also a romance between the main characters in both anime, but Mirai Nikki has a dominant female lead meanwhile Asuna in SAO is more of a sweetheart than yandere overpowered bitch like Yuno from Mirai Nikki. 

6. Accel World (2012)

Genres: Action, Game, Sci-Fi, Romance, School | Episodes: 24

Yeah I know, the main character should be a bit.. older and better looking instead of overweighted 12 years old kid, but let’s overlook the appearance and focus on the story more.

Still worth watching if you don’t mind the lack of romance and stupidity of the main character.

✔️ Both anime are set in an MMORPG game – the main duo consists of a boy and a girl,

✖️ The main difference is that they are trying to achieve real-life goals + they have an option to log out from the game.  

5. Btooom! (2012)

Genres: Action, Psychological, Sci-fi, Seinen | Episodes: 12

✔️ The main protagonist of Btooom!, Ryota is very similar to Kirito – a very skilled player even before getting stuck in the real-life game,

✔️ Both SAO and Btooom! are about escaping the twisted game where you can lose your life or your dearest friends/comrades – Btooom! is a survival game though (they are also trapped on the island, not in virtual reality),

✔️ There is also a romance between main characters which you might find really cute if you liked the whole Kirito/Asuna story.

4. Overlord (2015)

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Game, Supernatural, Magic | Episodes: 13

✔️ Both anime series center around being trapped in an alternate, fantasy world/ game without a route out,

✖️ However, the main goal of Sword Art Online players is to return into the real world without dying or losing comrades, while Overlord MC’s main goal is to focus solely on conquering the world without even thinking about coming back into reality,

✖️ Overlord does not have any real players besides MC, only NPCs who came to life.

3. No Game No Life (2014)

Genres: Ecchi, Fantasy, Game, Supernatural, Comedy, Adventure | Episodes: 13

NGNL is one of the anime which you either like or hate (choose one).

✔️ SAO and NGNL both center around gamers/hardcore gamers who are trapped somewhere – NGNL characters are transported into a fantasy world where are games the central aspect of life, while SAO characters fight desperately to escape the virtual world,

✖️ The major difference is that the duo of NGNL are siblings, a girl named Shiro and a boy called Sora (big NEETS btw) who are trying to conquer a virtual, absurd world without any desire to return into a real one.

2. Guilty Crown (2011)

Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Superpowers, Drama, Romance, Mecha | Episodes: 22

The setting is kinda different, but I still included Guilty Crown in the list.

✔️ The male lead in both anime live a boring school life before being dragged into an unknown world with their lives at stake,

✔️ Shu (Guilty Crown) and also Kirito have a female partner (in a romantic way as well) and other companions that help them achieve their goals.

If you love fantasy worlds full of action with a strong storyline, Guilty Crown is exactly what you want to watch!

1. Log Horizon (2013)

Genres: Action, Game, Adventure, Magic, Fantasy | Episodes: 25

My number #1 is Log Horizon because the main goal and setting are the same as in SAO.

✔️ Both include players who are trapped in an online MMORPG game without a way out to the real world while forced to fight to survive and protect their comrades without casualties,

✔️ Both male main characters are also pretty strong compared to other players in the game.


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