How to Watch Hunter x Hunter in Order

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Hunter x Hunter is a Japanese manga series by Yoshihiro Togashi.

HxH is one of the most well-known manga series of all time. It’s absolutely worth reading, so if you haven’t already, I recommend picking up a paperback or Kindle version on Amazon (since it’s Amazon, it should be accessible in your country as well).

The series follows Gon and his friends, particularly his best friend, Killua, who was a childhood assassin before taking the hunter exam. Killua and Gon both become licensed Hunters in the end. Being licensed as an official Hunter grants the licensee several desirable benefits, ranging from free use of public facilities to reduced legal liability for the murder. They begin training to become stronger and set out to fulfill Gon’s goal of finding his father.

You could have a hard time picking how to watch Hunter x Hunter because there are two versions and several OVAs accessible.

That’s why I did the research and here’s everything you need to know about streaming Hunter x Hunter in order in one place.

How to watch Hunter x Hunter in order

There are three ways how to watch Hunter x Hunter in order:

  1. Watch only the 2011 version,
  2. Watch the 1999 version and continue watching the 2011 version after the Yorknew City Arc/ Phantom Troupe Arc,
  3. Watch the 1999 version + all OVAs and then pick up the 2011 version.

To be honest, I like Madhouse’s 2011 Hunter x Hunter version. It’s lengthier (148 episodes), more faithful to the manga, and animated beautifully. It’s sufficient to watch it on its own, and you don’t have to see any OVAs or movies if you don’t want to. You get the entire package with no hassles!

In comparison to the 1999 HxH TV series, the 2011 HxH has three more Arcs: Greed Island Arc, Chimera Ant Arc, and Election Arc.

The 1999 HxH anime TV series ends in the middle of the Yorknew City Arc and you need to watch the first 8-episode OVA to finish this Arc.

If you prefer the 1999 version for some reason, watch the HxH (1999) anime TV series first, then the first OVA (HxH: Spider), and then start watching the 2011 version from episode 59 onwards. That is the start of the Greed Island Arc.

As previously indicated, the manga is adapted up to the Yorknew City Arc/ Phantom Troupe Arc in the 1999 version. After the series finished, three OVAs were produced (8+8+14 episodes). They end the Yorknew City Arc and also cover the Greed Island Arc, and are essentially part of the 1999 series. Unfortunately, the OVAs are of terrible quality in my opinion, so this is the least recommended sequence. If you insist on following this order for some strange reason, I’ve placed it at the end of the article.

The 2011 version catches up to the 1999 version at episode 75 and continues the story with two more Arcs.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Watch Order

Hunter x Hunter (2011) till episode 752011–2014
Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge (movie)2013
Finish Hunter x Hunter (2011)2011–2014
Hunter × Hunter: The Last Mission (movie)2013

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

HxH 2011 does an excellent job of adapting the manga. The movies, with the exception of Kurapika’s flashbacks, are stand-alone installments and non-canon. It doesn’t matter if you watch them after the anime or in the order I listed above, but for the best flow, I recommend going in the order I listed.

Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge (2013)

This is the first movie you should watch, even though it’s mostly non-canon (except for Kurapika’s past).

It revolves around Kurapika, who is still out for vengeance on Phantom Troupe, a world-renowned gang of thieves who massacred his clan in order to obtain their unique Scarlet eyes, which are considered valuable treasures.

It’s up to Gon, Killua, and Leorio to save Kurapika after someone snatches his Scarlet eyes as well.

Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission (2013)

It appears to be completely non-canon, so if you’re not a die-hard HxH fan like myself, skip it. Many people say it’s crap, but I still enjoyed it because I’m a huge fan of Hunter x Hunter. I don’t think it’s poorly made, but my opinion could be skewed. 😀

The dark side Hunters in HxH: The Last Mission are on a mission to slaughter all Hunters. With Killua hurt and Kurapika on the verge of death, it’s up to Gon to save his companions in any way he can.

Hunter x Hunter (1999) Watch Order

Hunter x Hunter (1999)1999–2001
Hunter x Hunter: Spider (OVA)2002
Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island (OVA)2003
Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island Final (OVA)2004
Hunter x Hunter (2011) episode 752011–2014
HxH: Phantom Rouge & HxH: The Last Mission (movies)2013

This is my least preferred watch order because watching low-quality OVAs makes no sense. If you like the 1999 version’s slower pacing and character design, simply finish the anime series, watch HxH: Spider (OVA), and jump to Hunter x Hunter Episode 59 (2011).

Have fun! 🙂

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