7 Anime Like Attack On Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin)

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Every fan of Attack On Titan can for sure say one thing – the last season left us all mesmerized by how amazing it was. It has been one of the anime series that I have always recommended to everyone.

It’s suitable even for people who are not into anime thanks to its dark, mysterious, gory, action-oriented, and captivating story.

I have a good idea though – the void which the last season of AoT left in our hearts can be temporarily filled with some similar anime like Attack on Titan whilst we are impatiently waiting for the final season to air!

7. D.Gray-man

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  • Genres: action, adventure, comedy, superpower, demons, shounen
  • Episodes: 103

D. Gray-Man is one of the most underrated anime in my opinion but is among the most similar ones to AOT.

In both series, humans live in a fear of supernatural beings: demons in DGM and Titans in AOT.

Both main characters are young men who are trying to exterminate these evil creatures and wield certain unique power while having a background of losing their dearest ones (and a family).

6. Black Bullet

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  • Genres: action, sci-fi, mystery, seinen
  • Episodes: 13

Black Bullet is set in a futuristic world where humans are living on the brink of extinction because of the Gastrea (parasitic virus), which is turning humans into a Gastrea, altering their DNA and form.

Remaining humans are forced similarly to humans in AOT barricade themselves behind a wall/barrier which is about to collapse and eventually fight.

Both series are dark in tone with the main character whose parents died (voiced by the same voice actor).

5. Owari no Seraph

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  • Genres: action, military, vampire, supernatural, drama, shounen
  • Episodes: 12

In both anime, the world of MCs’ is turned upside down by horrendous, terrifying creatures (AOT has Titans, ONS has vampires).

The main protagonist in ONS, Yuu will certainly strike you with a resemblance to Eren with his strong will to kill all the vampires and avenging his family which got killed by them.

Humanity is about to go extinct and fighting is the only option if they want to survive.

4. Tokyo Ghoul

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  • Genres: action, mystery, drama, horror, psychological, supernatural, drama, seinen
  • Episodes: 12

The theme is very similar in both anime; dark, action-oriented fight for the survival of humanity.

The main characters, Eren from AOT and Kaneki from TG start off as seemingly average humans but end up having unique powers.

There are monsters in both anime – Titans in AOT and Ghouls in TG and they are eating humans, leading to gore scenes.

If you happened to be looking for anime like Tokyo Ghoul, visit this link.

3. Sidonia no Kishi

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  • Genres: action, mecha, sci-fi, seinen, space
  • Episodes: 12

The main and major similarity is that both anime include humans who live in seclusion and fear because of more powerful species that they managed to evade for a long time but are forced into combat with these creatures.

2.  God Eater

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  • Genres: action, fantasy, military, sci-fi
  • Episodes: 13

The setting is post-apocalyptic in both anime including a stereotypical reckless main character who is trying to eradicate the monsters threatening humanity (Aragami, creatures who only crave to consume in this particular anime).

Humans in both anime live behind walls and form squads to fight off enemies.

1. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

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  • Genres: action, horror, fantasy, drama, supernatural
  • Episodes: 12

If you love Attack On Titan and want something that is EXTREMELY similar to it I recommend this anime as a first thing to look for.

The main character is a hot-headed half-human with a “kill them all” mentality and a certain unique power that helps them fight.

In AOT, the main goal is to kill the Titans and protect the people behind the walls, while in KNK, the goal is to annihilate the undead creatures called Kabane.

The main female protagonists, Misaka from AOT and Mumei from KNK are strong as hell.

The setting in both is post-apocalyptic with humans on the brink of extinction trying to survive.


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