12 Best Forced Marriage Stories in Manhwa & Manga

If you want to try out something new for your next read, then go ahead and read the following manhwa and manga with the forced marriage trope: from getting an arranged marriage to getting married to a complete stranger, we have covered it all.

Keep reading, you might just find your next favorite!

12. A Villainess No More

  • Alternative title: The Evil Lady Will Change
  • Author(s): Kiratsuki; Pressed Flower
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy Romance, Shoujo
  • Status: Complete
  • Where to read: Tappytoon

Elizabeth is considered a rich snob who takes advantage of her aristocratic life. However, all her charity work and contributions go unnoticed. Her work is overshadowed by that of her sister, who does everything in the favor of her colleagues.

The Archduke of North Africa understands her dilemma and relates to her to the core. Fed up with life, Elizabeth went to the north to meet the archduke of Winternight. What will happen when Elizabeth starts her new life?

With a mesmeric European ambiance, this manhwa has a plot of a political marriage. The artwork is beautiful and will capture your attention. The characters have calm personalities and use their minds before making decisions.

11. A Villainess For The Tyrant

  • Alternative title: A Villainess For The Tyrant (Spin-Off)
  • Author(s): Yoo Iran
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy Romance
  • Status: Complete
  • Where to read: Tapas

Princess Cecile is going to get married to the notorious emperor Estean. He is a heartless man who does evil. Learning about his wicked deeds, Cecile decides to be bold so she won’t appear soft. To face evil, she has to become more evil.

With a forced marriage arrangement, this manhwa has a good storyline. The comedy is excellent, and the story is written very well.

10. A Tender Love

  • Alternative title: A Tender Love Story
  • Author(s): HUH Sarin; Kiryang
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical Historical Romance Shoujo
  • Status: Complete
  • Where to read: Pocket Comics

If you like the love triangle trope along with forced arrangement marriage, then you should give this manhwa a read. The girl becomes the princess of a strange country. She is looking out for love in the prince, even though many problems stand between them.

This historical romance has a good storyline where the male lead is cold towards everyone. Despite his coldness, the fl looks out for ways to win his love.

9. A Royal Princess With Black Hair

  • Author(s): Ellian Yang; Pang-E
  • Genre: Comedy Fantasy Romance Shoujo
  • Status: Complete
  • Where to read: Pocket Comics

This forced marriage manhwa is about Caruel and Euricienne and how they will be married to each other for political reasons. Born into religious families, they don’t want to marry and despise the idea of marriage even more.

However, enemies are also developing plans to separate them. To save their lives, they have to act together. This will eventually bring them closer.

With colorful art, this forced marriage manhwa has strong main leads. The bittersweet love between them is beautiful. With lots of love and banter, this forced marriage manhwa will capture your attention.

8. How To Make My Calm And Collected Husband Fall In Love With Me

  • Alternative title: Cool Na Otto Wo Koi Ni Otosu Houhou
  • Authors: Tachibana Yuzuha; Aoi Itoshi
  • Status: Complete
  • Genre: Comedy, Josei, Romance, A Slice Of Life
  • Where to read: Pocket Comics

For so long, Takatsuki Honoka has had a crush on her father’s assistant. He is Nagakura Kousuke, and he has a good nature. He is, however, much older than she is. But all of a sudden, they started dating and got married.

Because of the arranged marriage cliche, they must live in a sham marriage in this endearing age gap manga. Must live in a sham marriage in this endearing age gap manga because of the arranged marriage cliche. The ML is a good man who protects his partner. The two main leads’ relationship is great, and the artwork is gorgeous.

7. Circumstances Of A (Temporary) Bride

  • Alternative Title: (Kari) Hanayome No Yango To Naki Jijou: Rikon Dekitara Ikkaku Senkin
  • Author(s): Yuusagi Kanou; USAGI Routo
  • Genre: Comedy Drama, Fantasy, Romance Romance Shoujo
  • Status: Complete
  • Where to read: Enterbrain

Ferdia is orphaned and poor, and she works 29 jobs! Surely this is a lot more than normal. One day, she was asked to marry the prince of an enemy country. And after the marriage, she was supposed to divorce him.

With a very peculiar storyline, this forced marriage manhwa has a female lead who impersonates another character. With lots of fun scenes, romance, and drama, this forced marriage manhwa is a refreshing read.

6. Craving Beauty

  • Alternative Title: Ikoku No Bara
  • Authors: Nalini Singh; Hamaguchi Natsuko
  • Status: Complete
  • Genre: Josei Romance
  • Where to read: Softbank Cretuve

Hira is a member of the elite in the desert-based kingdom of Zulheil. She urged Marc to assist her in escaping, as her father was coercing her into an arranged marriage. Marc, who has a good-looking face and shady manners, is the president of an American trading company. Hira is in love with Marc, and she wants to flee the country with him.

The fl in this manga about an arranged marriage first develops feelings for the ML. We’ll watch the story develop as the plot revolves around a marriage of convenience. Will Hira be able to escape her unhappy marriage, and will Marc share her emotions with her?

5. Maybe I Don’t Love You.

  • Alternative title: Aishite Nai, Kamo
  • Author(s): HANANO Risa
  • Genre: Romance, School Life, Shoujo
  • Status: Complete
  • Where to read: Margaret

Ems‘s parents are setting her up with her childhood friend Tiwa. They want her to marry him because he is rich and handsome. But Ema doesn’t like him at all and hates his guts. She also thinks that he hates her as well. But does Ema really hate him? What does Towa really think about her?

This forced-arranged manga is about childhood friends, where the ML is rich and popular. With appealing artwork and cute characters, this forced manga is worth a read.

4. Til Debt Do Us Part

  • Alternative Title: A Bittersweet Couple; A Sweet And Bitter Couple; A Sweet And Bitter Love; A Sweet And Bloody Couple
  • Author(s): Flowbee; Jang Green
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance
  • Status: Complete

Subim is fed up with her mom. Her mom constantly sets up blind dates for her, and Subom is not interested in them at all.

After having a sudden meeting with her childhood friend, this certain childhood friend asks her to marry her. Because of some past situations, Subim will have to marry her friend.

If you prefer enemies to lovers, then this forced marriage manhwa is for you. This manhwa even has a good slow-burn romance.

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3. A Doting Marriage Dropped From The Clouds

  • Author(s): Ake; Dou Bao Gu
  • Genre: Comedy, Josei, Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Where to read: Webcomics

The FL is forced by her parents to marry the ML. The ML forces her to put a halt on their wedding by saying no to her parents. He often gets angry at her, yet he showers her with kindness to give her comfort.

This manhwa explores the complexities of a forced marriage with plenty of drama and twists.

2. 5-Ji Kara 9-Ji Made

  • Alternative title: From 5 To 9, From Five To Nine
  • Author(s): AIHARA Miki
  • Genre: Comedy, Mature, Psychological, Romance, Shoujo, Slice Of Life, Smut
  • Status: Complete

Sakubara is set up with a Buddhist monk. Even though she is single, that doesn’t mean she will accept anyone’s proposal. She rejected the monk and continued her life as an English teacher.

But things started going haywire when he was admitted to her school to take private lessons from Sakubara.

This story deals with human nature and the things we do. It also has live-action, which you can watch and enjoy.

1. 16 Years Old And A New Start To A Lovely Married Life

  • Alternative title: 16-Sai, Shinkon Hajimemashita
  • Author(s): Kayoru
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Shoujo
  • Status: Complete
  • Where to read: Sho Comix

This manga is about four different short stories.

The first story is about one of the main leads, where the ML promised the FL in childhood that he would marry her. Even after many years have passed, he still remembers his promise. What will happen when he puts the marriage proposal in front of the family?

This arranged manga is about a childhood friend and their childhood promise. How their friendship and lives will take a turn is yet to be seen.


We have tried to cover some of the unique forced marriage methods. Do let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below. If you have any other suggestions, then don’t act shy and comment!

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