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Every year, a new series of anime rock our screens and keep us glued there desiring for more. The anime scriptwriters and producers seem to understand the magic too well. With every new release, more colors, greater ambiance, and amazing graphics are added to the ever captivating series. 

Sometimes it’s hard to decide which anime to watch because of the vast numbers of releases and you could find yourself watching the same series again and again.

Below, we have compiled a list of the top anime series with great graphics. 

7. Knights of Sidonia 

If you are preparing your list of best anime movies in 2021, Knights of Sidonia should top your list.

Knights of Sidonia is a sci-fi anime that focuses on 1000 years into the future following the annihilation of the Gauna tribe from the face of the earth. 

Those who managed to flee had by now made great progress in adapting to the new life predominately in space crafts. The most pronounced adaptation is their ability to prepare their food using photosynthesis and even change to a 3rd gender. 

Humans now have evolved and can use natural defense tactics. At the height of Guana’s return after a century, Nagate becomes the captain to certain of the guardians.

The 3D animation is intriguing and the producer, Polygon Studio, did everything right. 

6. Death Note

It is a great power if you can just write the name of the person you want dead on a special notebook and it happens exactly as you wish! That’s the main theme of Death Note. 

The teenager named Yagami accidentally found the mystical death note that previously was owned by Ryuk. Once you process the notebook, the superpowers that take away the life of those written therein automatically transfer to you.

It will be thrilling to see how Yagami tries to eliminate any deliquescent characters across the earth. The action-filled anime is worth watching all the 37 graphical episodes. 

5. Your Name

As per movie essay papers, if you are a romance and fantasy lover, the anime Your Name can be number one on your list.

A mystical natural calamity creates the chance for two characters to like each other even though they are strangers. Fate keeps them distant away, separated yet connected strangely. They find ways to reconnect.

The anime has won different recognitions like the 4th most rated anime in Japan, the ninth most gross non-English movie globally, and has sold more than 360 million dollars. 

4. Mushishi

Mushishi revolves around Ginko, who has special abilities to wrangle spirits and possesses special abilities to see Mushi, some mysterious organisms that fall between animals and plants kingdom. 

Mushishi has rebounded after going into silence for eight years and Ginko is not letting his quest of assisting people who are haunted by spirits. It is good to note that the minis are not spirits per se, they have human-like forms.

The melancholic anime fills your eyes with the super world and the natural world.

3. Guilty Crown

Shu Ouma is a heroic kid and carries the remedy for a viral ailment affecting people around Tokyo city. A group of evil men has overcome the Japanese administration and Shu decides to join a guerilla movement that is fighting to silence this oppressive group. 

The anime, produced by Aniplex, is high in quality and very attractive to the eye and it will make a great watch. 

 2.  One week friends

One Week Friends revolve around a girl named Kaori, who’s ever lonely and has no friends. A concerned boy Yuki seeks to help his classmate by befriending her. She accepts the friendship and reveals the strong secret before the week is over.

The girl’s memory erases off everything on Mondays and she forgets all her friends. It is shocking to Yuki, but he also sees an opportunity of getting renewed friendship every week. He cannot wait to see how it will turn out. 

1. Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke’s main theme is about preserving nature and the environment. Ashitaka is on a mission to get healing against a curse and while in the forest, he encounters spirits who keep the forests. 

The anime is bloody, with San’s body full of blood as he fights hard. The anime has won number three as the best-watched anime. If you are a nature lover or an environmentalist, Princess Mononoke is a great choice. 


The anime genre continues to grow as producers rush to satisfy an exceptionally growing demand for anime movies.

As more people find themselves staying in their homes, the demand for watching anime is increasing daily. For anime lovers, the field is wide and the choices are many and you can classify them according to your taste. The scriptwriters and producers have done commendable work, but they must not give up keeping the consumers entertained. 

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  1. These anime all were beautiful (of the ones I watched), they used their art styles to their full potential, which is always a great experience. I loved “Your Name” particularly because the night scenes brought out the character of the film, as the landscape would seem to come alive, while the scenes with the mountains were incredible and gave a sense of scale that made the protagonist seem so small.

    A tier article

  2. Princess Mononoke is definitely beautiful. I love the hand drawn more classic looks. I can’t agree on Number 7 though. As much as I enjoyed Knights of Sidonia, I couldn’t stand the CGI. I feel like it’s a cheap substitute/knock off of real anime graphics. Not only for that show, but for most other anime with CGI. The only 2 I could give a pass (barely skating by) would be Ajin and Inuyashiki. I guess I’m just a fan of seeing hand drawn(Wacom Tablet drawn) art work. The CGI stuff breaks immersion for me.

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