10 Interesting Facts About Nino Nakano

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Nino Nakano is the second sister of the Nakano Quintuplets from anime called The Quintessential Quintuplets.

Nino starts off as a tsundere who is extremely rude, but her character development and the fact that she is hot as hell makes her later one of my favorite characters in this anime.

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Here are 10 facts about Nino Nakano!

#10 She is a social butterfly

Nino is an easygoing and charismatic girl who makes friends easily. She has excellecent social skills.

#9 Nino is the first sister to confess her love

We eventually get to see Nino confessing her love to Fuutarou, quite bluntly, which surprises Ichika.

She has no problems talking about her feelings in front of Fuutarou or her sisters. Nino is a straight to the point character, no bullshit.

#8 She is a tsundere

While this cold-looking beauty is definitely a proper tsundere, she has a truly sweet & caring side under this layer. At her core, she is a sympathetic individual, even to Fuutarou. For example, she showed compassion towards him when he talked about his past despite being normally unfriendly towards him.

#7 Nino acts as the mother of the family

Nino is very protective of her sisters. She also takes care of them—for example of their medical needs and chores.

She is also quite a skilled cook since she is the main cook for the whole family.

#6 She has poor vision

Nino needs to wear contact lenses for daily activities. She is so short-sighted that she can’t even recognize Fuutarou in a blonde wig.

#5 Her height is 165 cm

This has been revealed in Manga Volume 9 – Extra Bonus Comic.

The average height for a Japanese woman is 158.8 cm, so she is quite tall for a Japanese girl.

#4 She is a third-year student at Asahiyama High School

This is the senior high school that Nino and all other Quintuplets attend, along with the male protagonist of the series.

Note: from Chapter 69

#3 Nino Nakano’s name’s meaning

Nino means “two” and “from”. Pretty accurate since she is the second sister, right?

# 2 Her blood type is A

People with blood type A are described as well-organized. They are stubborn & get stressed out easily. They are usually kind, diligent, and sometimes tense.

Nino has shown that she likes to file her papers neatly, so there must be some true to this!

#1 Nino is 17 years old

Nino was born on May 5, which makes her zodiac sign Taurus. Taureans prioritize consistency and reliability in all areas of their lives.

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