Nakano Sisters Ranked by Popularity

Nakano Quintuplets are without a doubt really popular. I have often seen their faces on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram too, even before I knew about The Quintessential Quintuplets anime. You know, it makes only sense that all of the harem beauties who are also identical quintuplets as the main cast would be famous, right?

As someone who is not a fan of the harem genre, I was a bit skeptical when I approached this anime. However, my fears were unwarranted. I did not find it too annoying or cliché, which basically means that even people who normally hate harem could watch this ‘lite’ harem show. I had a good laugh many times & I grew to like some of the characters too.

Since the winner can be only one Nakano sister, I made this popularity ranking with the help of the MAL’s database.

These are the Nakano sisters ranked by popularity on MAL.

Editor’s Note: As of 12/8/2023, I’ve revisited the Nakano sisters’ rankings in this article, adjusting them to reflect the latest popularity standings based on MAL favorites.

5. Ichika Nakano

Interestingly, it appears that Ichika holds the title of the least popular sister. It’s almost like a recurring trope in anime that short-haired girls tend to not get as much love, and unfortunately, Ichika seems to follow suit in the popularity department.

She is the oldest sister who works as a model & actress. Consequently, she has shown the ability to impersonate other sisters quite well.

Ichika’s aura is one of composed calmness, a quality that often paints her as the steady presence amidst the chaos of quintuplet life. Yet, beneath that composed exterior, a shy side emerges when she tiptoes into the realm of romantic thoughts.

Her strongest subject is Mathematics.

4. Yotsuba Nakano

Yotsuba is the fourth Quintuplet (meaning that she is the second youngest).

Brimming with an infectious, carefree spirit, Yotsuba is an absolute dynamo of energy, radiating happiness wherever she goes. Her unwavering determination to lend a hand and assist those around her is nothing short of heartwarming. A true ray of sunshine, Yotsuba’s enthusiasm is like a beacon, drawing people into her orbit.

But Yotsuba isn’t just a bundle of cheerfulness—she’s got a powerhouse physique to match. A natural athlete, her physical prowess shines through in every stride.

Her school forte is Japanese.

3. Nino Nakano

Nino is the second sister who acts as the mother of the Nakano family, taking care of her sisters, often doing household chores and cooking for them.

While she is considered a social butterfly, she is also a prime example of a tsundere, often acting rude and hostile to Fuutarou for no apparent reason.

Tsunderes like Nino have a special place in the hearts of fans for a multitude of reasons. Their intriguing blend of contrasting emotions—switching between coldness and affection—adds layers of complexity that keep viewers hooked.

Her strongest subject is English.

2. Miku Nakano

Miku, the third sister among the Nakano Quintuplets, recently lost her popularity crown to Itsuki, who now boasts over 25k MAL votes compared to Miku’s 21k.

She appears to be emotionless, often having no expression. She is a quiet and reserved individual with low self-esteem. That does not mean that she is not sweet, though! Miku is incredibly shy and introverted which results in kawaii blushing moments for us to enjoy. It’s impossible to not love her!

Even though Ichika is the one who works an actress, Miku is even more excellent at imitating her sisters’ traits, looks, and behavior.

Her strongest subject is Social Studies.

1. Itsuki Nakano

The youngest sister has arrived! As of 12/8/2023, she has gracefully claimed the throne as the most popular Nakano quintuplet, garnering the highest number of favorites on MAL.

Itsuki embodies a serious and diligent nature, yet she possesses an insatiable appetite that knows no bounds—pretty much anything is fair game for her munching adventures. Her love for devouring food is truly boundless, and while her voracious appetite might raise eyebrows, it miraculously doesn’t leave a mark on her weight. It’s as if she has a magical metabolism that keeps up with her gastronomic escapades!

On exams, she scores high compared to other sisters, and her strongest subject is Science.

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