What Makes Anime Characters so Attractive?

Have you ever wondered why people are attracted to anime girls and boys? I have asked myself this question many times. I mean, they are not real and they don’t even look like real humans. They are animated in a way that they resemble humans in their physical and personality characteristics, though.

Personally speaking, even I find them attractive but I have trouble formulating my thoughts when it comes to explaining why. That’s why I decided to ask in a Facebook anime group with more than 50k members!

So… what makes anime characters so attractive?

5. They aren’t real, they are fantasy

Invax says: “Most guys that are attracted to anime grills we’re people that we’re rejected a lot and when the world seemed grey for them here come the vibrant colors of the Waifus. The anime girls are basically representations of the attractive girls that rejected us but they’re not mean and if they are; we’ll never know since their fiction.”

Anime characters exist only in 2D. This makes them fantasy and maybe that’s also attractive about them—they don’t exist in reality. There is no rejection or any sort of reaction at all from their side, so you can have any fantasy related to your waifu/husbando without fear. They can’t say NO to your requests.

Since you know how they are personality-wise, you can create your own fantasy with them. Or you can identify with the protagonist in the story who’s getting romantic attention from your desired waifu/husbando.

4. Easy to understand

Adam states: “I always think it’s the expressions, with animation you can exaggerate the expressions a lot. This makes characters easier to understand and empathize with. Most men can struggle to understand women sometimes you don’t pick up exactly what they’re thinking, in anime, it’s obvious from their expressions and thus easy to understand”.

When they get shy or feel attracted to someone, they blush. When they are in the tsundere mode, their expression completely changes, they pout and ‘hmph’ you. It’s easy to say what’s going on because their expressions usually fit their mental state.

In reality, humans can be extremely passive-aggressive or not show any change in their expression even if they are mad. They might be in love with you but you can’t tell at all.

3. They are flawless physically

Anime characters don’t have the normal physical flaws we see in real humans. Most of the time, they have no acne, stretch marks, cellulite, or fat.

They are tailored to be perfect waifus and husbandos.

Whether this is bad or good is up for discussion, but they represent the unachievable ideal. They can be the embodiment of your dream girl/boy.

2. Endless possibilities with you in control

As Tyler stated, “On the surface, they’re all beautiful and it’s easy to find one that fits who you want your ideal wife to be. On a deeper level though, they exist in a universe where they can be anything you want them to be and where you can also be anything you want to be. This creates endless possibilities with you in total control; it all comes down to the perfect fantasy, the ultimate form of escapism realized through anime and manga.”

Do you want a kawaii loli who is also kind-hearted? Or a curvy tsundere girl who will also protect you at all costs when things get dangerous? Maybe a hot bishounen vampire with abs would be nice? It’s not that difficult to find whatever you are looking for. It’s most likely there already.

1. Fanservice

Fanservice, according to Wikipedia, is material in a work of fiction or in a fictional series which is intentionally added to please the audience, often sexual in nature, such as nudity.

Many anime contain tons of fanservice to attract an audience, both males and females. This sometimes creates the feeling that only sex sells and it does not add any value to the anime. But it’s kind of true, isn’t it? I feel like people—both genders—are strangely attracted to this kind of thing. Seeing the flesh of hot anime characters certainly sells.

One good example of annoying fanservice is Fairy Tail. Don’t get me wrong, I love Fairy Tail as a huge fan of shounen, but it makes no sense to make all of their chests so huge and wear always revealing tops and clothes. To the point of not even fitting them, they are so short that they show an underboob! And almost all of their female characters have this problem, and certainly the whole main cast. Except for Wendy. That one is a kawaii loli with a flat chest.

I don’t mind good fanservice and I actually like the fanservice in Date A Live, for example. It also makes sense since it’s an ecchi show. And the characters have some variety to their exposed bodies too.

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  1. I rather identified with Gray Fullbuster in Fairy Tail…

    I have read a couple of really good articles on why anime and manga are so popular among people with Asperger’s. All of your points were presented within.

    Personally, I’d be a lot happier if most bodies were more realistic. Save the rippling abs for the occasional strength based superhero and ditch the huge breasts altogether. All those curvaceous and super muscular bodies have to be contributing to “Body Dysmorphic Disorder,” where people compare themselves to an impossible ideal and find themselves so lacking they either hide themselves completely or become dangerously obsessed with dieting/exercise routines. And some people get judged and cruelly treated because they don’t live up to the commercial ideal.

    • I identify with some anime characters (usually females).

      But generally speaking, I love male characters more… I wonder why.

      It’s absolutely true that their bodies are setting unrealistic standards – it’s similar to Instagram photoshopped pictures which have already shown to be toxic for (mainly younger) people.

  2. I think the attractive thing about anime is seeing a 13-year old sounding highschool girl, have the body of a 30-year old woman, while acting like an 8-year old as she’s simultaneously moaning because her sEnPaI called her cute.

    This can only happen to anime.

    Long live Japan.

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