The Best Anime Characters From Date A Live (Ranked)

In the anime Date a Live, the characters are divided into two groups: spirits and humans. The spirits are powerful beings with special abilities who cause disasters wherever they appear. On the other hand, humans are trying to protect their world by sealing spirits and preventing further destruction.

The protagonist of the series is tasked with sealing the spirits and he meets various spirits throughout the series, each with unique personalities and abilities. He must navigate through his mission while also dealing with his developing feelings for the spirits.

Additionally, there are several supporting characters who play important roles in the story, such as those in the organization tasked with sealing the spirits and friends of the protagonist. The series is filled with action, romance, and drama, making it an engaging and entertaining watch for fans of the genre.

The ranks are decided based on MAL’s popularity ranking.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best anime characters from Date A Live!

10. Mayuri

Mayuri is a Spirit from Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgement.

She was born from Spirit energy that other Spirits emitted due to their stress and desire to have Shido all to themselves. Since her existence is dependent on the Spirit’s energy, her existence is doomed from the start and she is destined to disappear no matter what.

When it comes to her personality, she is a calm girl that rarely shows her emotions. She usually follows Shido around to observe his dates with the Spirits.

After her Angel goes berserk, it starts launching numerous blasts of energy from every direction indiscriminately. Mayuri soon realizes that her Angel is responding to her feelings of jealousy and decides to stop her Angel by sealing her powers.

9. Yuzuru Yamai

Yamai was originally one Spirit but she split into two bodies and minds later. Both twin sisters can manipulate wind.

Yuzuru often speaks in a robot-like speech pattern and loves to tease Kaguya about her smaller breast size.

8. Kaguya Yamai

Yamai was originally one Spirit but she split into two bodies and minds later. Both twin sisters can manipulate wind.

Kaguya is an outgoing and candid girl who is sometimes acting immaturely. She feels like she has to act a certain way because she is a Spirit and this makes her an easy victim for teasing.

7. Miku Izayoi

Miku is the sixth Spirit to appear. Before she became a Spirit, she had used to be a human.

She is an idol who hates men and treats girls as servants. The deep hatred towards males springs from traumatizing experiences with them that happened in the past. While males are off-limits, Miku is very flirty toward girls (and Spirits).

Her Spirit powers include manipulations and brainwashing people.

After her powers get sealed, she no longer hates men and encourages Shido to have a harem.

6. Shidou Itsuka

Here he is, the protagonist of the series!

Shidou is a second-year high school student with a unique power to seal the Spirits into his body.

After Kotori recruits him into her organization for saving the Spirits, he proves to be a 100% match. Not only he has the sealing ability, but he is also extremely kind and sympathetic, which makes the Spirits trust him and fall in love with him easily.

5. Kotori Itsuka

Kotori is Shido’s foster sister and also the current commander of Ratatoskr, an organization created for the purpose of saving Spirits through peaceful means.

She had used to be human before she got tricked into becoming a Spirit by a mysterious being. Luckily, her Spirit Powers are safely sealed by Shido (twice).

Her Spirit powers are impressive, she can manipulate flames that erupt from her body, which makes her a dangerous enemy since she can attack both close and ranged targets with no issue.

4. Origami Tobiichi

Origami is a total babe and the most popular girl in Shido’s school. She’s smart and athletic, but not many people know she’s part of the Anti-Spirit Team (AST) which takes down spirits.

She may seem shy, but don’t let that fool you. She’s a straight-up badass when it comes to getting what she wants.

And oh boy, does she have a beef with spirits. Her parents were killed by one, so she goes all-out when she encounters one. Talk about intense.

But here’s the twist: she ends up becoming a spirit with long-range attacks. Crazy, right? That’s just the kind of irony you get with the Date A Live characters.

3. Yoshino Himekawa

This little adorable girl is the second Spirit saved by our protagonist. You can see her always carrying a hand pupped called Yoshinon. Yoshinon sometimes speaks for her and she used to rely heavily on her.

Yoshino is a very innocent and kind-hearted girl who is never attacking back despite the AST always trying to kill her. With that being said, she is capable of creating a large blizzard dome that extends to 10 meters at her full power.

2. Tohka Yatogami

Tohka is the first Spirit to be saved by Shido.

Before Shido had a chance to talk with her, she had a cold and emotionless demeanor. She saw humans as a threat because she was attacked by the AST.

Unlike the majority of Spirits, she is a Pure Spirit, which means that she can resurrect herself if killed as long as her Sephira Crystal is intact.

She is incredibly powerful and uses a sword as her primary weapon. Tohka is capable of putting up a powerful barrier around herself, utilizing energy blasts with her hands or fingertips, as well as creating shockwaves with a mere arm swipe.

After she had been sealed by Shido, her feelings started emerging and she became a very bubbly and trusting person.

1. Kurumi Tokisaki

There can only be one queen among the Date A Live characters, and it’s none other than Kurumi, who is undoubtedly the most popular character in the series.

Kurumi is a Spirit, and a powerful one. Her powers are related to time and she is even able to transport herself (or anyone) into the future or the past. Each time she uses these powers, her life force (time) decreases.

The depth of her character goes way beyond “I’m a beautiful psychopathic girl because hehe”. She had a truly dark past and was tricked into murdering innocent incompatible Spirits, referred to as monsters. When she found the truth, it was already too late.

The most interesting thing is that her end goals are pure despite her psychopathic behavior towards humans, whom she sees as mere disposable food for restoring her life force. Her ultimate goal is to go to the past and prevent the first Spirit from creating Spirits by killing her.

Do you agree with this list? Is your favorite Date A Live character featured? Let me know!

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