10 Anime Characters With Yellow or Golden Eyes

While there are no yellow or golden eyes in real life, anime characters with yellow or golden eyes are not that uncommon. After all, they have the advantage of having any eye color the creators find beautiful: blue, green, brown, red, purple, and I can continue forever. 🙂

Do you find yellow or golden eyes beautiful as well? If yes, then this list is for you!

Please note that I included amber eyes as well. Also, some characters that had red mixed in were included (Shiro, Kyojuro).

Let’s take a look at the top 10 anime characters who have astonishing yellow or golden eyes!

10. Nanachi (Made in Abyss)

Nanachi is the prime example of “Don’t judge the book by its cover”. She is my personal favorite among anime characters with yellow/ golden eyes.

They look so fluffy and adorable, all you want is to pet them. But they endured horrible things beyond imagination in the past, and the consequence of those wrongdoings haunt them to this day. Their looks are also part of inhumane experiments inflicted on them and their friend in the past (they had been formerly human).

While they can act a bit tsundere, Nanachi is a gentle and soft-hearted Narehate.

9. Kyojuro Rengoku (Demon Slayer)

Just by the color palette, it’s obvious that he is 🔥. And he is also the Flame Hashira!

Known for his optimism and positive energy, he has always been enthusiastic about his duties as a Hashira.

Kyojuro believes that those who are born strong should protect the weak, which is a beautiful principle to adhere to and it speaks volumes about his personality since he strictly follows this principle.

8. Kei Tsukishima (Haikyuu!)

One of the most popular characters born in September, Kei is a middle blocker on the Karasuno volleyball team.

He is the tallest player (190cm) & the only player wearing glasses on the Karasuno team.

Many people say that Kei is mean as hell. This is true but at least it has some reasons and we can see a great development later thanks to it. He is impassionate about many things at first, including volleyball, and the reasons behind this are neatly explained later in the story so I won’t spoil it.

7. Kenma Kozume (Haikyuu!)

Kenma is another character from the Karasuno volleyball team where he holds the position of a setter. And he is the most relatable character in Haikyuu!

He is that one shy, quiet guy who is—except for the volleyball matches—a hardcore gamer with a strong dislike for everything that causes exhaustion (sums me up, tbh).

6. Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats)

One of the most popular lolis, Kanade is a student council president responsible for ensuring that all of the students are able to cope with their personal problems.

And despite her endeavors, some students believe that she is a servant of God, which is a bad thing because some of them blame God for making their life miserable.

5. Shiro (No Game No Life)

Shiro is a young loli from the popular isekai called No Game no Life.

She is extremely adorable and also a genius, which makes you wish she was your little sister. Unfortunately, she is literally glued to her older brother, Sora, and they make an undefeatable gamer duo even in the new fantasy world.

4. Karma Akabane (Assassination Classroom)

Karma is the most notable character people simp in the AC Universe. Sure, he is cool, handsome, and a great fighter, but is there more?

Girls love his playful, teasing behavior and the bad boy vibes and boys might be drawn to his violent and slightly sadistic behavior.

However, he is capable of compassion too, like that time when he rescued a senior from Class E who had been bullied by students from the main building, which is also the reason why he was placed in Class E. Karma has been also shown to be protective of his friends from Class E because he cares deeply about them.

3. Rimuru Tempest (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)

This cute-looking being is actually a slime. While slimes are usually depicted as the weakest of the weak, he got isekai’d to a fantasy world as a slime with a special ability called Predator. This ability has multiple effects but the most important one is that it can mimic any ability, skill, or looks after analyzing it. This is how he came to this appearance as well. So basically, he is extremely OP.

While he could be doing literally anything with that power, he decides to build a safe place for multiple races by uniting them and making them cooperate. He is a respected leader and one of the most likable characters I have seen.

2. C.C. (Code Geass)

C.C. is a mysterious character with peculiar looks who is biologically 16 but in reality, she was born in the medieval ages. Betrayed by the only person she trusted, C.C. is now forced to live as an immortal human. Forget guns, fire, or even explosions, it simply won’t work.

She is one of the most prominent characters from Code Geass who can grant the ability called Geass. Geass manifests differently in each person, granting them unique powers beyond human imagination.

And as we later find out, she has granted this ability to multiple people throughout her lifetime, all in hopes that they can fulfill her wish.

C.C. is a girl shrouded in mystery, unpredictability, and stoicism, which makes her extremely attractive for many fans.

Also, can we appreciate how loyal she is? She literally supported Lelouch (the protagonist) through good and bad times and never gave up on him, always supporting him and showing a high level of understanding for his actions.

Pro tip: If you want C.C. to like you, just buy her some pizza. She loves it!

1. Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Edward might be a shortie but his heart is big. He goes out of his way to help others, even strangers.

He is determined to restore the body of his little brother and acts selfless and mature despite being really young.

His ideology is that “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. This is something that we should think about too because there is so much truth to this.

Edward always avoids doing anything that contradicts his philosophy and beliefs and one of his strongest beliefs is that “nothing equals a human life.” 

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