7 Awesome Anime Like Nanatsu no Taizai

Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) is the new cherished gem I have discovered yesterday. I have always wanted to watch this anime but I had never tried to watch it until yesterday when I finally decided to click on Nanatsu no Taizai… and I’m already on episode 15.

The Seven Deadly Sins were once an active group of knights in the region of Britannia, who disbanded after they had supposedly plotted to overthrow the Liones Kingdom. Their supposed defeat came at the hands of the Holy Knights, but rumors continued to persist that they were still alive. Ten years later, the Holy Knights became cruel and tyrannical rulers of the kingdom.

The third princess, Elizabeth Liones embarks on the journey to find the Seven Deadly Sins in the hope to get them to help her to overthrow the current rulers of the kingdom.

The following list contains 7 anime Nanatsu no Taizai. 


Elaine and Ban… so cute !

7. D. Gray-Man

  • Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Superpower, Demons, Action, Shounen
  • Episodes: 103


While it might not look so similar at first glance, D. Gray-Man and Nanatsu no Taizai are both shounen with the main character who is directly connected to the demon realm. The fight later becomes a battle versus demons.


The story is set in the 19th century and centers around a young boy called Allen Walker, who joins an organization of exorcists named the Black Order. The exorcists use an ancient substance, Innocence to combat a very powerful man known as the Millenium Earl and his army of demons (Akumas) who wants to wipe out humanity for good. Allen Walker might be the prodigy compatible with Innocence on 100%, and thus, making him an ultimate weapon.

6. Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?

  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural
  • Episodes: 10


The biggest similarity can be found in the main male character – a blonde guy who is extremely powerful and agile. You can expect a lot of action and fights.


Three extraordinary high schoolers gifted with psychic powers get unexpectedly and forcefully transported into an alternate world known as Little Garden, a world where all sorts of beings participate in high-stakes games using their special abilities.

5. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

  • Genres: Action, Military, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Magic, Fantasy, Shounen
  • Episodes: 64


Both have a similar feel to them – the main characters look alike (blonde hair, young, short) and fight against a corrupted military organization and protect and fight for what is dear to them. There is an adventurous atmosphere and a lot of comedic moments blended with some dark and sad moments.


The story centers around an alchemist prodigy, Edward Elric, who is trying to find a way how to restore his brother’s physical body which disappeared after a failed transmutation.

4. Hunter x Hunter

  • Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Parody, Super Power, Supernatural, Seinen
  • Episodes: 14


If you love the adventurous aspect paired with shounen and a lot of action, Hunter x Hunter is exactly what you should watch next. You can expect a colorful animation, raw feelings, and an enthralling atmosphere.


The story centers around Gon and his friends, particularly his best friend, Killua, who had used to be a childhood assassin before he took the hunter exam. Both Killua and Gon eventually become licensed Hunters – a title that has its own perks which can help you track beasts, individuals or treasures easily.

The two of them are trying to get stronger and fulfill Gon’s goal to find his father while encountering dangerous enemies and problematic situations.

3. Akatsuki no Yona

  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
  • Episodes: 24


Both shows are about a princess who embarks on a journey to save her kingdom after being betrayed.


The story revolves around princess Yona facing the harsh realities of the kingdom Kouka.

After the sudden murder of her father and the king preceded by the betrayal of her beloved cousin, she is forced to escape with her childhood friend Son Hak. The reality is rough – if Yona wants to get her kingdom back, she has to learn to fight and outsmart the forces of the new King of Kouka.

2. Fairy Tail

  • Genres: Magic, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen, Fantasy, Action
  • Episodes: 175


Fairy Tail and Nanatsu no Taizai share an adventurous atmosphere, a lot of traveling, and the unique magical abilities of characters. The center of attention in both anime is a group of wizards (Fairy Tail guild) / Nanatsu no Taizai (a group of the most powerful knights) who face off evil and protect what is dear to them.


The anime is set in the mystical land of Fiore, where magic exists as an essential part of everyday life. Many magical guilds are disposing of magic from dark guilds to warm-hearted guilds like Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail is well-known for its unity, strength, and high spirit. Members of the guilds take on job requests and fulfill missions together for the money.

Lucy Heartfilia is a young mage searching for celestial gate keys, and her dream is to become a proper wizard by joining Fairy Tail, a famous guild. In the twist of events, she runs into Natsu and gets saved by him after being kidnapped, and shortly after she finds out that he is a member of Fairy Tail. Lucy’s dream becomes the truth: she joins Fairy Tail and develops a friendship with many members of the guild, becoming a true family which fights the evil in the world with their magical abilities.

1. Akame ga Kill

  • Genres: Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Drama, Shounen
  • Episodes: 24


Both anime have a character that sets off for an adventure + a group of highly likable powerful assassins/ knights who are portrayed as villains but in reality are the only ones who defend the weak and fight for justice.


Tatsumi, a young boy, and his two childhood friends embark on a journey to the Capital to find a way how to make money for their poor village.

Instead of making money Tatsumi gets separated from his companions and tries to enroll at the Capital army unsuccessfully and on top of that, he gets scammed and loses all his money in the process. Tatsumi gets taken in by a seemingly nice noble family but discovers the horrific truth about the family and what they have been doing when the assassin group called Night Raid attacks and ends up joining them.


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