7 Anime Like Xie Wang Zhui Qi (The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife)

Xie Wang Zhui Qi is one of the most popular historical romance Chinese anime not thanks to the rating on MAL (which is kind of low), but thanks to a good strategy when it comes to targetting the female audience.

Are you asking how come that this strategy works so well?

I have an answer for you – they managed to use the romance genre, somewhat tsundere strong female character, and hot bishounen guys in historical/fantasy settings and the results are speaking for themselves!

So without further delay, I’m going to introduce the top 7 anime like Xie Wang Zhui Qi.

7. Akatsuki No Yona

Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Action,  Shoujo, Adventure, Comedy | Episodes: 24 | Airdate: 2014

Both anime contain

  • a shoujo genre,
  • a medieval setting,
  • a male MC protecting the female MC,
  • a romantic development between the main male MC and female MC,
  • comedy elements.


The story revolves around princess Yona facing the harsh realities of the kingdom Kouka. After the sudden murder of her father and the king preceded by the betrayal of her beloved cousin, she is forced to escape with her childhood friend Son Hak. The reality is rough – if Yona wants to get her kingdom back, she has to learn to fight and outsmart the forces of the new King of Kouka.

6.  Fushigi Yuugi

Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Magic, Historical, Drama, Shoujo, Adventure, Comedy | Episodes: 52 | Airdate: 1995-1996

Both anime contain

  • a shoujo genre,
  • a modern girl transported to an alternate feudal Chinese world,
  • an alternate world with fantasy elements,
  • a romantic development which is gradually built,
  • entertaining and amusing elements.


Miaka Yuki used to be an ordinary middle schooler until she discovered a mysterious book called The Universe of the Four Gods at the library. While she read the book she got transported into the novel’s universe in ancient China along with her friend Yui. The two later become priestesses of different nations and hence best friends turn into foes, both trying to achieve the summon of a god that would grant them three wishes.

5. Kamisama Kiss

Genres: Romance, Comedy, School, Shoujo | Episodes: 26 | Airdate: 2010

Both anime contain

  • a powerful female lead figure,
  • a disinterested/ borderline tsundere female MC who works hard to achieve what she wants,
  • comedy elements
  • a relationship that builds up gradually as they get to better know each other – that’s when the romance comes to save the day!


The main heroine, Nanami becomes a land god after getting kissed on the forehead by a stranger she had saved. To show his gratitude for saving him, he offers her to live in his abandoned home in his place. Since Nanami is homeless due to her father’s debt, she hesitantly accepts. 

After Nanami arrives at the address, she finds out that the so-called home is, in fact, a shrine – filled with shrine spirits and a pretty familiar, a fox yokai named Tomoe.

Can Nanami fulfill her tasks as a god?

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4. Sheng Shi Zhuang Niang

Genres: Romance, Historical, Drama, Game, Shoujo | Episodes: 20 | Airdate: 2018

Both anime contain

  • shoujo,
  • a similar setting – ancient China,
  • a male MC who looks and acts similar – long-haired dazzling boy who can seem like a jerk sometimes,
  • a delicate looking female MC,
  •  romantic involvement with the main male MC.


After suffering a car accident and becoming “a vegetable” in real life, the consciousness of a  beauty blogger is trapped in a VR game where she has to complete tasks related to make up.

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3. Kaichou wa Maid Sama!

Genres: Romance, Comedy, School, Shoujo | Episodes: 26 | Airdate: 2010

Both anime contain

  •  shoujo,
  •  a hard-working, independent girl as a female lead with a disinterested attitude despite the obvious attraction towards the male MC,
  •  a male MC skilled in fighting and figuring things out,
  •  comedy and romance elements.


Misaki Ayuzawa doesn’t have it easy – she is the first female student council president after her school just transitioned from an all-boys high school to a co-ed one. She might appeal ambitious and well-disciplined at school but also has another side – Misaki works part-time as a maid at a maid café to help her family financially.  Everything seems to be well hidden until one day her whole life turns upside down when some of the school’s students visit the maid café where she works.

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2. Tong Ling Fei

Genres: Comedy, Historical, Drama, Romance | Episodes: 16 | Airdate: 2019

Both anime contain

  • a Chinese animation,
  • female MCs who are skilled fighters and independent, mistreated by their families,
  • a story set in ancient times,
  • a loyal handmaid,
  • a powerful bishie who is into the female heroine,
  • a relationship between the female MC and male MC which develops gradually over time as they build connection and trust.


Qian Yunxi, the main heroine of the story has always been considered abnormal due to her special powers. After turning 16, she took her younger’s sister place to marry into the royal family of Ye. If the forced marriage wasn’t bad enough, rumors say that Ye Youming is a cruel and cold man. How will this turn out for Qian Yunxi?

1. Meng Qi Shi Shen

Genres: Romance, Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Drama, Shoujo | Episodes: 12 | Airdate: 2018-2019

Both anime contain

  • a Chinese animation,
  • a female MC who is a pretty, young girl with long brown hair and a slim figure who ends up reincarnated in medieval times with the high status,
  • a male MC with typical bishounen long-haired traits who falls in love with the female lead.


Ye Jiayao has been dreaming of opening the best restaurant in Huai Song for quite some time – only to find herself back in time in the body of Ye Jinxuan in medieval China. What is worse – bad luck follows and she ends up in the imperial era with zero skill in fighting.


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