Spy x Family: 10 Facts About Anya Forger

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Anya Forger is the deuteragonist of the new popular anime series, Spy x Family.

It’s not an understatement to say that she is probably the most popular character from Spy X Family. This can be easily supported by MAL’s popularity ranking of SxF Characters. We have also covered the most engrossing facts about Yor Forger.

Fans simply adore her. I don’t really like kids but Anya is so adorable, witty, and sympathetic that it’s impossible to dislike her. She is precious and needs to be protected at all costs!

Without further ado, let’s look at the 10 facts about Anya Forger!

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#10 Anya’s faves

To understand her better, we need to take a look at what she loves.

Some of the things that she loves are her chimera doll, peanuts, spy cartoons, silenced pistols, bombs, castles, penguins, her uniform, Loid, Yor, and Becky.

#9 She is a picky eater

We quickly learn that Anya is picky when it comes to food. She loves PEANUTS above everything and eating them instantly cheers her up when she is feeling down. She also likes Hamburg steaks & cakes.

Anya stated that she hated carrots.

#8 Her ‘horns’

You might have wondered what’s the deal with Anya’s horns. It may be just a stylistic choice or something related to her psychic powers, but there is one more interesting thing about it. Ashe, a character from the mangaka’s previous one-shot Rengoku no Ashe has the same ‘horns’ as Anya, so it may be just a tribute to Ashe.

#7 Eclipsing

Anya’s telepathic abilities are temporarily disabled during the new moon.

#6 Anya’s not good at school

She barely passed the entrance exam and this trend continues despite her attempts to study. She performs poorly in school and scores very low on most of the tests, often over-relying on her telepathic abilities and cheating.

#5 She was returned 4 times

Before she became part of Forger’s family, she had been adopted and returned 4 times. While many people might wonder why, for me, it’s pretty obvious. Anya knows what everyone is thinking and her reactions probably creeped her adoptive parents out. She was not liked in any of the orphanages either for the same reason.

#4 Her background

It’s revealed that Anya had been kept in a research facility before she ran away and ended up in an orphanage. There, she was denied basic child needs, like playing with toys, and was treated like a guinea pig because of her telepathic powers.

While not much is clear about her past, we know that she was made by accident, as an unintended consequence of research experiments conducted by an unknown organization.

Her code name was Test Subject 007, a reference to the fictional character James Bond. 

#3 Anya’s Name Meaning

Anya is a Russian diminutive of the name “Anna”, meaning “grace”. The author originally romanized her name as “Ania” but later changed it to “Anya”.

#2 Her height is 99.5 cm

We can assume that her biological age is somewhere between 4-5 based on Loid’s assumptions, and her height matches that of a Japanese 4-year-old. However, she could be simply shorter than average Japanese 5 or 6-year-old children.

#1 Anya’s Age

Despite this being one of the most obvious Anya Forger facts, many people don’t know that Anya is probably around 4 to 5 years old. She only claims to be 6 years old. This happened because Loid wanted to pick a child who could enroll at Eden Academy, and Anya read his mind, so she said that she was 6 years old to ensure that he will pick her.

Her official birthday and age, however, remain unknown.

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