Top 13 Romance Anime Where the Couple Lives Together

Finding quality romance anime with “a more mature” couple that lives together can be challenging.

Given that high school romance anime is one of the most popular genres, this hardly comes as surprise. In fact, it makes perfect sense when you consider that they are teenagers and live with their parents.

Nevertheless, I’ve compiled a list of 13 exceptional romance anime where the couple actually lives together!

13. Chillin’ in My 30s After Getting Fired from the Demon King’s Army

Among the Winter 2023 anime lineup, Chillin’ in My 30s After Getting Fired from the Demon King’s Army stands out with its lighthearted and lovely romance tale. While nothing groundbreaking happens, that is not the point of this anime.

Instead, it focuses on the slow life in the countryside, featuring a 30-something male protagonist who gets fired from the demon king’s army. The story progresses when he bumps into a gorgeous human girl in the woods and saves her from a monster. As a gesture of gratitude, she invites him to her village, where he moves in with her and her parents. And so, their story begins.

12. Banished From the Hero’s Party

A 2021 slow-life isekai anime, Banished From the Hero’s Party doesn’t waste any time on building a foundation for moving in together. It happens quite early in the story, even before any kind of serious romance is established.

In episode 3, Rit straight-up said she wants to move in with Red and help him out with his biz. Unsurprisingly, their cute romance continues to develop as they live together, running the apothecary and adventuring.

11. Rec

Rec is an older anime that has also a pretty sweet living arrangement for the main couple. Aka and Fumihiko end up living together in a tiny apartment after a slew of unexpected events. They start to develop feelings for each other as they help each other out with the challenges that come with their careers.

Overall, it’s a cute and witty show that gives a realistic look at relationships and the challenges of trying to make it in the entertainment industry. So if you’re in the mood for a good romance anime with a little bit of comedy, give Rec a shot!

10. I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

Another wholesome romance anime with a couple that lives together is I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying. The show offers a light-hearted and relatable take on love and marriage, making it a good choice for any adult otaku.

All in all, this anime is a quirky one where a working-class wife struggles to comprehend her otaku husband. It lets us look into the daily life and humorous moments of Hajime and Kaoru, a newly married couple living together.

With Hajime’s obsession with all things anime and Kaoru’s practical approach to life, they couldn’t be more different. However, as they discover new things about each other, they grow even closer as a couple.

9. Itazura na Kiss

Two high schoolers, Kotoko and Naoki, end up living together due to a series of unexpected events. Not only they are familiar with each other, but Kotoko is in love with Naoki, making everything 100 times more awkward. And that’s when the real fun begins!

As they share a roof together, they start getting to know each other better. Subsequently, their relationship grows into a heartwarming and hilarious romance.

8. Chivalry of a Failed Knight

The main couple of the series, Ikki and Stella, start living together as part of a school program that requires students to share rooms.

As they get to know each other better, their relationship starts to blossom into a sweet romance. From awkward moments to endearing scenes, you get to see it all as they live together and become closer as a couple.

7. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

The main characters, Yuta and Rikka, start living together as a couple early in the series.

The show basically follows these two lovebirds as they go about their daily lives and try to make their relationship work, all while dealing with Rikka’s crazy “chunibyo” delusions.

6. The Duke of Death and His Maid

If CGI isn’t something that puts you off, then The Duke of Death and His Maid might be exactly what you are looking for.

Imagine permanently living with a beautiful maid who serves you, pleases you, and wants to be with you at all times. The only problem? You can’t touch her. That’s the fate of Bocchan, a nobleman cursed with the ability that kills anything he touches.

It almost sounds appalling, but that’s the premise of The Duke of Death and His Maid, an original romance story filled with humor, drama, and a touch of tragedy.

5. The World is Still Beautiful

My personal favorite romance anime where the couple lives together is The World is Still Beautiful. What starts as a forced marriage for political reasons, changes into a wholesome and cute romance, and I’m totally here for it!

4. The Ancient Magus’ Bride

When reality and run-of-mill romance get boring, how about mixing some supernatural and dark elements in?

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Chise and Elias eventually start living together. Although they have a teacher-student relationship at the beginning of the series, they develop romantic feelings for each other as the story progresses.

After some ups and downs, they officially become a couple and share a home together. The anime follows their magical adventures and the challenges they face as a couple in a world of fairies and mythical creatures.

3. Spice and Wolf

Everyone’s favorite gorgeous wolf waifu Holo travels with Lawrence, a merchant, and they spend a lot of time together. They also often share living quarters in inns or campsites.

However, they do not live together permanently in the traditional sense, as they are constantly on the move and their living arrangements are temporary.

2. Taisho Otome Fairy Tale

Taisho Otome Fairy Tale starts with Yuzuki, a petite girl, knocking on the door of Tamahiko, a lone wolf, with a marriage proposal.

From episode 1, this angel in human disguise lives with our sad male protagonist and tends to all of his needs, ranging from emotional support to household chores. As a result, he starts to slowly heal and cherish his new, colorful life with Yuzuki.

1. Tonikaku Kawaii

Nasa and Tsukasa, the likable pair from Tonikaku Kawaii, get married and start living together right after tying the knot. Needless to say, this happens in the early episodes of the series.

They have a cute living arrangement as newlyweds, and the show follows their daily lives as they navigate their new relationship and adjust to living together.

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