10 Anime Like Vampire Knight

The struggle to find a good reverse harem is well-known to any reverse harem fan. So it comes as no surprise to anyone that finding quality anime shows like Vampire Knight, which is fairly unique, is a challenging task.

Vampire Knight is my go-to reverse harem anime. I consider it of the very few with a solid plot and characters. I remember that when I finished it, I was very disappointed that I couldn’t find any reverse harem anime that would provoke the same feelings I had while watching it.

Fast forward a few years since Vampire Knight first aired, and we got blessed with some new anime series that are finally meeting my standards based on Vampire Knight.

With that being said, here is a list of the best anime like Vampire Knight!

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10. Rosario to Vampire

Tsukune Aono is a regular guy with no unique talents. Although he is accustomed to being mediocre, he never imagined that he would fail every high school entrance exam.

He had no choice but to enroll in the far-flung school his parents had picked, but he had no clue that this would mark the start of the strangest period of his life. He would be attending Youkai Academy, which is essentially a school for different types of monsters including vampires, witches, werewolves, etc. The school educates them on how to get along with people. And he turns out to be the only human there!

He chooses to blend in with these monsters, but soon, lots of attractive monster girls start showing an interest in the new student.

Like Vampire Knight, Rosario to Vampire is a vampire romance anime. But instead of being dramatic, it leans more on the comedic side for the change.

9. Special A

Special A might not have any vampires or supernatural in it but it shares Vampire Knight’s subtle romantic approach. Students are also divided and a special, elite class exists. Students in that class are adored by normal, regular students.

Hikari Hanazono had been unstoppable at everything until she met Kei Takishima, a boy her age who beat her at everything from academics to athletics. But even that can’t stop her. Hikari decides to attend the same school as Kei and attempts to rise to the top once more.

The two join Special A, a club for the top 7 students only, where they deal with friendships, rivalry, and of course, love!

8. Devils Line

Devils Line is a newer vampire romance anime that aired in 2018. But trust me when I say that it’s a must-watch for any fan of spicy vampire romance shows.

One day, a college student named Tsukasa Taira is attacked by a vampire; fortunately for her, Yuuki Anzai, a half-human, half-vampire, saves her just in time. Soon after, Tsukasa and Yuuki’s challenging relationship begins, and Yuuki must also solve a crucial dilemma: can he resist his vampire cravings to devour Tsukasa while trying to become closer to her?

7. Hakushaku to Yousei

Lydia Carlton is a fairy doctor in Scotland with a special ability to see and communicate with fairies. No one takes her seriously, though. That is until she meets Edgar, a handsome guy who is very interested in her knowledge of fairy lore. He claims that it’s necessary for him if he wants to successfully obtain a treasured sword that was supposed to be handed down to him by his family.

Both are romantic shoujo series with supernatural elements and similar art. The male protagonist in both shows is doing his utmost to protect the delicate female MC.

6. Ghost Hunt

If you’re a fan of shoujo anime and looking for a series that delves into darker themes and has an eerie vibe, Ghost Hunt is definitely worth checking out.

Mai Taniyamai is a badass high school girl who gets roped into working for a ghost-hunting company called Shibuya Psychic Research.

The team is led by a handsome and mysterious guy called Kazuya Shibuya (also known as Naru), who is deemed a genius when it comes to paranormal investigations. They also have a monk dude, a spirit medium, a psychic, and a couple of other folks on the team.

Basically, they go around investigating haunted places and trying to figure out what is causing all the spooky activity. The company deals with all sorts of ghosts and spirits, from vengeful spirits through poltergeists to creepy dolls that come to life (yikes!).

Along the way, Mai and Naru start to develop a love-hate relationship (cue the romantic tension!) and there are also some super intense moments where they have to fight off evil creatures. It’s like a horror series meets a detective show meets a romance drama.

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5. Dance with Devils

An unsuspecting high schooler’s life is completely changed after finding out that a mysterious “grimoire” resides in her.

Both series are reverse harem shows filled with bishies who are supernatural beings (vampires/devils).

There is a huge similarity in the heroines’ personalities, they are both naive and delicate, which makes the male MC want to protect her.

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4. Diabolik Lovers

A petite, innocent-looking girl ends up living in a mansion with 6 handsome vampires who all lust for her delicious blood.

Boiled down to its core elements, Diabolik Lovers is an anime like Vampire Knight or Dance with Devils. There is a naive girl who is surrounded by supernatural boys, they are all drawn to her for some reason, and the atmosphere is pretty gloomy.

3. Karin (Chibi Vampire Karin)

Karin is an unusual vampire girl who doesn’t drink blood from people but instead injects her blood into them. This is because she produces too much of it, which is making her sick. People injected with her blood are way happier and more energetic than before, so there is no downside to it. She keeps this part of her life secret thanks to her ability to alter memories of humans but her newly transferred classmate Kenta quickly grows suspicious about her behavior.

While Karin is a love-comedy show, it still involves human-vampire love, which is the main theme of Vampire Knight.

2. Blood+

Saya Otonashi had been living an ordinary life until she got attacked by a creature feeding on human blood called Chiropteran. She then learns that she is the only one who can defeat these creatures because of her special, deadly blood and joins an organization that battles these hellish monsters.

Both anime have a dark plot, love triangle, and vampires everywhere.

The female lead is a young girl who lost her memories but eventually discovers her true nature and battles the evil.

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1. Fruits Basket (2019)

Tohru is a hard-working and sweet girl who had lost both of her parents and had no other choice than to live in a tent. Fortunately, things took a turn for the better after she got invited to live in a house with three seemingly normal guys, but in reality, the boys are possessed by zodiac animals!

These shows are extremely similar. Both are set mainly in school, feature supernatural boys drawn to the female MC, and the heroine has even the same voice actress!

The main three characters are almost identical personality-wise, so if you enjoyed that dynamic you are going to love this show.

Just make sure to watch the 2019 version of this anime, it’s way better than the older adaptation.

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