12 Best Vampire Romance Anime Series

I love watching romance anime but there are too many themes and tropes in the romance genre, so, sometimes it gets difficult to choose which one to watch. But one of the best and my personal favorite romance trope is when a vampire falls in love with a human. Vampire romance anime shows have a certain unique charm in them.

In movies and shows, vampires are often portrayed as sexy and attractive beings who would steal your heart as well as your blood. And romance stories with a vampire lead have everything from supernatural elements to comedy and drama.

The anime world has made quite a lot of vampire anime and today, I’m going to share with you some of the Best Romance Anime with Vampires.

Let’s dive into it.

1. Bakemonogatari

Araragi seems like a normal high school boy but he holds a secret that he’s never told, anyone. In this world, monsters of all kinds exist but they disguise themselves as normal humans and live among them. Araragi has a supernatural secret that even allows him to heal his body from any wound in a matter of seconds.

But this secret often leads him to others like him. One such person is Senjougahara Hitagi. She is what you’d call a ‘fragile sheltered young lady’ who would break if you touch her but she too hides a secret.

 Follow Araragi as he helps people with their supernatural conundrums, with the help of Hitagi and many others including an eccentric homeless guy.

2. Call of the Night

Call of the Night is a fairly new vampire romance anime. Actually, It hasn’t even finished airing as I’m writing this but it’s already a hit among anime fans and it certainly has my approval.

Yamori, a 2nd-year middle school student, loves the night but since he has to go to school every morning, he never gets to go out at night and enjoy it. Recently, he’s been having trouble sleeping, so, one night, he snuck out of his house to go for a walk in the streets.

As he’s about to buy alcohol for himself, he meets Nanakusa, a flirtatious girl. She proposes to help him help with his sleeping issues. He starts to hang out with her and experiences a fun night but the next day, he wakes up with strange bite marks on his neck. What did she do to him?

Romance is a key point in this anime but it will also keep you entertained with the right amount of mystery and character development. Also, a tiny bit of fan service.

3. Is This a Zombie?  

Is This a Zombie? is more a zombie romance anime than a vampire romance anime but it does have a gorgeous vampire girl in it.

The protagonist is Aikawa Ayumu, just an ordinary living corpse. Yes! He’s a zombie. One day, he was killed by a serial killer but to his surprise, he got revived by a mysterious being called Eucliwood Hellscythe who now stays with him.

To make matters worse, one night, a girl falls on top of him from the sky. The girl is Haruno, a magical girl, and she was fighting a bear monster when she fell on him. So, Ayumu decides to use his zombie strength to help her but ends up stealing Haruno’s magical powers.

Now, he must work as a magical girl in her stead until she can find a way to get her powers back, and soon, a beautiful but hostile vampire joins his household as well.

4. Blood Lad

Staz is fascinated with manga, anime, video games, and the entire human culture altogether which is quite unusual because he’s a vampire and most vampires don’t like humans. Vampires only care about human blood and sucking them dry.

But even though he loves the human race, he’s never been to earth and doesn’t desire to either. He’s happy with the demon world and being a powerful gangster boss there.

Until one day, a human girl named Fuyumi accidentally and mysteriously comes to the demon world, somehow gets eaten, and becomes a ghost. Now that she’s dead, she can’t go back to the human world. So, Staz promises to help with her resurrection, even if it means going to the human world.  Will he be able to fulfill his promise?

5. Strike the Blood

Strike the Blood is a generic harem romance vampire anime show. Nevertheless, it’s still enjoyable, mainly if you love fanservice.

Kojou Akatsuki lives in a world where the existence of supernatural beings like spirits and vampires etc. is normal. The government even helps them by providing them with a place to live since they’ve almost gone extinct. One such place is Itogami Island. South of Tokyo, Itogami Island is a man-made island where supernatural creatures can live among humans.

Akatsuki lives on this island as well though he used to be a human not long ago. A couple of months ago, he, unfortunately, got involved in an incident that made him one of the four powerful vampires.

He just wanted a normal life but that life is far from his reach now, especially when a sword shaman girl named Yukino, comes with the order to keep an eye on him and terminate him if he is deemed dangerous.

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6. Devil’s Line

Tsukasa is a normal college student who lives in a world where vampires exist and even commits many murders. One day, she was attacked by a vampire and was about to become his victim when she was saved by a man named Anzai.

Anzai is a half-vampire but instead of becoming a monster like other vampires, he decided to join a secret police force that deals with vampire-related cases. He uses his supernatural abilities to fight other vampires and prevent them from harming innocent people.

One day, on his job, he saves Tsukasa from a vampire, and soon, they started to cross paths often. As he protects her from the dangers that lurk in the shadows, he starts to develop feelings for her but he can’t be with her due to his vampire impulses. His feelings for her will test his rule of never getting involved with a human.  

7. Karin: Chibi Vampire

Karin looks like an ordinary high school girl but she’s actually a vampire. Though she’s a bit different from others of her kind. She doesn’t need to drink human blood like other vampires but instead once a month, for one day, she has to take some of the extra blood out of her body and inject it into someone else’s for her body to work properly.

If she doesn’t do that, then the extra blood would automatically gush out of her as a nose bleed of massive amount. But it is difficult to find victims into whom she can inject her blood.

But, maybe she finally found the solution to her problems when a new student, Usui Kenta, transfers to her class.

8. Rosario + Vampire

You won’t find a better harem vampire romance anime than Rosario+Vampire. It’s one of the classics, after all.

Tsukune Aono is an average guy with no special skills. Even though he’s used to being average, he never thought he would flunk all his high school entrance exams.

With no other option, he enrolled in a school his parents found, way out in the country, but he had no idea that this would be the beginning of the weirdest time of his life.

Youkai Academy, the school he would be attending, is actually a school for various kinds of monsters like vampires, witches, werewolves, etc. and the school teaches them how to co-exist among humans. And he ends up being the only human there.

He decides to live among these monsters without bringing any attention to himself, but soon, many beautiful monster girls get interested in the new student.

9. Trinity Blood

The world has ended. Now, only a small portion of humanity is alive and they still have to fight the evil vampires who wish to destroy what little is left of humanity.

Abel is a vampire hunter who works for a group called “AX”. He often kills vampires for the Vatican, his loyal master. Now, the leader of AX, Catherine, plans to seek his help in preventing a full-out war between humans and vampires.

Now, he must fight to save the world and humanity while also dealing with the regrettable past that has suddenly caught up to him and threatens to destroy everything he’s been working for.

10. Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut

The story is set in a world that is divided into two—the Republic and the United Kingdom. The two are determined to be the first ones to send humans to space, starting a race between them.

Secretly, the Republic is planning to use vampires as test subjects to send to space even though there’s a high chance that they would die. People consider vampires to be inferior to them and thus their lives don’t matter.

Liev is a cadet training to become a Cosmonaut but one day, he’s suddenly promoted to First Lieutenant and is tasked to train a vampire girl named Irina, a guinea pig who will be sent to space.

Probably one of the most wholesome vampire romance series you can come across. You will enjoy this story about space, vampires, politics, and a desire to touch the cosmos.

11. Vampire Knight

At first glance, Vampire Knight may seem like a generic shoujo anime with handsome male leads and not to mention their relentless desire to sink their teeth in the soft flesh of the female characters. But deep down, it is more than that and presents a great unique plotline both male and female audiences would enjoy.

The story is set in Cross Academy which people believe is a normal high school but in truth, it holds a dark secret. The school consists of day classes that normal students attend but it also has night classes that are taken by vampires.

Yuki and her friend Zero are tasked with making sure that the switching of classes is done without any accidents. She is highly interested in the leader of vampires, Kaname, because her life was once saved by him.

Soon, Yuki truly enters the world hidden in the darkness of night filled with dangerous vampires. Will vampires and humans ever be able to co-exist?

12. Owari no Seraph   

Seraph of the End is a great anime but the reason I’ve put it at the very last in this list is that it doesn’t have as much romance element as you would want. It’s more about vampires, demons, war, human experiments, and killing vampires.

One day, an unknown virus brought the world to a sudden end. Only children survived. Those children were enslaved by the creatures that arose from the darkest corners of Earth—Vampires. Vampires took this chance to take over the world and the remaining humans became nothing more than just food for those vampires.

Yuichiro is one of the remaining humans but he is kept in an orphanage as food stock. His dream to kill the vampires may come true when everyone at the orphanage plans an escape.

Follow Yuichiro as he joins the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, a resistance force that fights to kill vampires. Along with his new friends, he hopes to one day rid the world of vampires.

Guest post by Aditya.

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