7 Anime Like Vampire Knight

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The struggle to find a good reverse harem is well-known to any reverse harem fan.

Vampire Knight managed to catch my attention as one of the few with very well written plot and characters.

I remember that when I finished Vampire Knight I was very disappointed that I couldn’t find any reverse harem anime matching my previously set standards.

Fast forward a few years and we got blessed with some new reverse harem anime that are meeting my standards and are similar to Vampire Knight. I included some of these examples in the article but note that not all of the below-mentioned anime are reverse harem—they are always similar in some aspects though.

7. Hakushaku to Yousei

Genres: Adventure, Historical, Magic, Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo | Episodes: 12 Airdate: 2008


✔️ Both anime are shoujo with supernatural elements and similar drawing, 

✔️ Both series contain romantic scenes and a male lead who is trying to protect the female main character.

Plot Summary

Lydia Carlton is a fairy doctor in Scotland with a special ability to see and communicate with fairies. The only problem? No one believes her.

That is until she meets Edgar, a guy interested in her knowledge of fairy lore which is necessary for him if he wants to obtain a treasured sword that was supposed to be handed down to him by his family.

6. Special A 

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Shoujo | Episodes: 24 | Airdate: 2008


✔️ Both anime have similar art and setting – shoujo with a romance between the male lead x female lead;  set mainly in an elite high school.

Plot Summary

Hikari Hanazono had been unbeatable at everything until she met Kei Takishima, a boy in her age who beat her at everything – ranging from academics to athletics.

She has made up her mind – she is going to enroll at the same school as Kei and try to be on the top again. While Hikari is blinded by her goal she completely fails to notice that Kei has developed feelings for her. The two become a part of a club called Special A, consisting of only the top 7 students and deal with friendships, competition, and of course, love.

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5. Dance with Devils

Genres: Reverse harem, Romance, Supernatural, Demons, Vampire, Shoujo | Episodes: 12 Airdate: 2015


✔️ Both anime are bishounen shoujo with a reverse harem/romance and a supernatural aspect (vampires (Diabolik Lovers) x demons (Dance with Devils),

✔️ The female main character is a naive and delicate girl, 

✔️ The male lead is trying to protect the girl. 

Plot Summary

Ritsuka Tachibana, the main heroine could be considered a perfect student so she is naturally shocked when she gets summoned by the student council which depictures her as a troublemaker.

The events take a quick turn afterward, dragging unsuspecting Ritsuka into a dangerous world of vampires and devils who compete with each other, searching for a forbidden item with tremendous power, granting them to rule the world.

As the title might have already revealed, Ritsuka is the center of attention for the handsome student council members.

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4. Diabolik Lovers

Genres: Reverse harem, Romance, Supernatural, School, Vampire, Shoujo | Episodes: 12 Airdate: 2013


✔️ Both anime are bishounen shoujo + reverse harem with a supernatural aspect (vampires) with a naive, innocent girl as the main character who is surrounded by attractive vampires thirsting for her delicate blood,

✔️ The setting mostly takes place at school. 

Plot Summary

The story is set in a secluded mansion where Yui Komori moves in with six Sakamaki brothers- Shuu, Reiji, Ayato, Kanato, Laito, and Subaru—a family of vampires.

Even though they seem to be confused at first why has Yui appeared there in the first place, they soon conclude that she is their new sacrificial bride. Apart from that, they all seem to have twisted intentions for her.

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3. Karin (Chibi Vampire Karin)

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Vampire, School, Shounen | Episodes: 24 Airdate: 2005-2006


✔️ Both series have vampires with a similar theme and setting– the goal is to break down the wall between vampires and humans and is set mostly in the school,

✔️ The characters in both anime have secrets and the female lead is similar to Yuki personality-wise. 

Plot Summary

Karin, the protagonist of the series is an unusual vampire girl who instead of drinking blood injects blood into others because she produces too much of it.

She is able to remain hidden and safe thanks to her ability to alter memories of the affected people until she meets a newly transferred classmate, Kenta Usui, who becomes suspicious about her behavior.

2. Blood+

Genres: Action, Military, Mystery, Horror, Supernatural, Drama, Vampire | Episodes: 50 Airdate: 2005-2006


✔️ Both anime have a dark plot, love triangle and supernatural beings (vampires), 

✔️ The female lead is a young girl who lost her memories, eventually discovers her true nature and decides to battle the evil.

Plot Summary

Saya Otonashi had been living an ordinary life until she got attacked by a creature feeding on human blood called Chiropteran, learning that she is the only one who can defeat them because of her special, deadly blood. 

She embarks on a journey to eradicate Chiropterans along with her family, allies, and her chevalier Haji.

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1. Fruits Basket

Genres: Romance, Fantasy,  Shoujo, Drama, Slice of life, Comedy | Episodes: 26 Airdate: 2019


✔️ Both are shoujo anime set mainly in the school, featuring attractive supernatural beings – zodiacs (Fruits Basket) x vampires (Vampire Knight),

✔️ The same voice actor for the female heroine,

✔️ The three main characters in Vampire Knight and Fruits Basket are personality-wise almost identical:

✅ Zero (Vampire Knight) = Kyo (Fruits Basket) – the outcast with dark secrets

✅ Kuran (Vampire Knight) = Yuki Sohma (Fruits Basket) – the popular and handsome boy with a fandom,

✅ Yuki Kuran (Vampire Knight) = Tohru (Fruits Basket) – optimistic, naive and kind girl who is the center of the love triangle.

Plot Summary

The main character, Tohru, is a hard-working and sweet girl who had lost both of her parents and was forced to live in a tent until she moved with three seemingly normal guys (who happened to be also very attractive) but in reality, the boys are possessed by zodiac animals.

How will this turn out?

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