Top 10 Underrated Waifus to Fall in Love With

You might have come across many lists of popular waifus, but they mostly showcase the same characters. That’s why I’ve taken a unique approach and aimed to find underrated waifus instead.

For those who are not familiar with the term waifu, it refers to a fictional character, usually in anime, that someone considers a wife. The equivalent of waifu for girls is the term husbando.

Back to the topic, though! There are some less-known waifus out there who deserve your attention & love too. Some of them indeed come from less-known anime but nevertheless, they make perfect waifus. And the anime I included are all great, so you can maybe watch something new if you haven’t heard about it. I included some popular anime too, so don’t worry! 🙂

Here is a list of the top 10 underrated waifus you will fall in love with!

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10. Kouko Kaga

  • Anime: Golden Time

Kouko is waifu material as much on the outside as on the inside.

She is beautiful and elegant, always sporting fashionable clothes and having a neat, tidy, and attractive appearance at all times.

Kouko comes from a wealthy family which influenced the way she speaks and interacts with others—she speaks in a polite but formal manner but loses this ability and calmness when she is around her love interest. She is so infatuated with her love interest that she would resort to stalking if needed. Kouko has also shown us that she is jealous of other girls if they are around her crush/boyfriend.

Despite all that, she has the most important quality any waifu should have—loyalty. She not only cares but also constantly thinks about her darling.

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9. Nanami Momozono

Nanami is a typical shoujo protagonist who is extremely likable for boys and girls alike. She is cute, hard-working, caring, protective, and loyal.

She has shown many times that she will do anything to protect those who are dear to her and refuses to harm anyone, even those who hurt her. It’s thanks to her kindness and determination that she can influence and change others, even if they are not human.

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8. Tohru Honda

  • Anime: Fruits Basket

When thinking about underrated waifus, it’s impossible to not think of Tohru. I wish this girl was my best friend. She is a pure, gentle, and innocent soul filled with nothing but kindness. To the point that it’s annoying sometimes, but I still love her.

Tohru is not only soft-hearted but also thoughtful and supportive of those around her, which results in many people being drawn to her.

She is completely selfless to the point that even if someone harms her, she would still look for “excuses” for why that person did that and would continue to show extreme compassion towards them. This unconditional acceptance and kindness can reach even those who are currently in a dark place.

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7. Shuka Karino

I literally couldn’t find one list where Shuka was listed as a waifu. People, what the heck?

Shuka has it all. She is as pretty as a picture, powerful, smart, and loyal. While she is friendly and outgoing, she also doesn’t hesitate to fight or even kill if needed.

After she gets defeated by the protagonist of the series, she falls in love with him and does a lot of unnecessary things to impress him and prevent him from falling in love with other girls. But I mean, who in their right mind would fall for someone else if he can have this blonde-haired cutie who can control wire-like objects and cut anyone who stands in her way?

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6. Rit

Rit is a former B-rank adventurer who gave up the adventuring lifestyle and started working in an apothecary with her current “husbando” instead. This resulted in her living a slow life and finally doing something that she envisioned for herself rather than following society’s standards set for someone like her.

She is beautiful, good-natured, and playful, showing subtle and even not-so-subtle signs of how deeply in love she is. Rit also loves to accompany and help her husbando on every occasion she gets.

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5. Juvia Lockster

  • Anime: Fairy Tail

I am convinced that many waifus in Fairy Tail are worth mentioning but Juvia is not exactly a conventional beauty like Erza or Lucy, so it’s probably one of the reasons why she is not that popular, falling into the underrated Fairy Tail waifus category.

Juvia is the synonym for waifu—cute, loyal like a dog, and extremely protective of her love interest. She would even sacrifice herself if that would mean saving her loved one. She would literally DIE for him if needed.

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4. Vladilena Milizé

  • Anime: 86

I find it absolutely impossible to not love Lena. And yet, she is also one of the underrated waifus that doesn’t get enough recognition for her qualities.

She is beautiful, eloquent, compassionate, and has a great sense of justice. On top of that, she is brave—she is not afraid to speak up even in front of her superiors and will do anything in her power to save the lives of people that others in her country treat as livestock.

The greatest thing about Lena is the fact that she can form her own opinions because she is critically thinking about things—which causes her to not be judgmental towards those who others easily discriminate against.

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3. Mitsuri Kanroji

Everyone is like Nezuko, Nezuko, Nezuko, and I feel like they are all forgetting about Mitsuri. Indeed, she doesn’t receive that much screen time but after you realize how kawaii she is you will fall in love with her, trust me!

Despite her mellow looks and behavior, she is one of the most elite and powerful warriors in the Demon Slayer Universe.

She is the current Hashira of Love, a nickname that 100% matches her personality. Mitsuri is a shy, kind-hearted, and caring woman who is absolutely dedicated to the Demon Slayers’ cause.

And we often see her complimenting other people in her head, which is so cute!

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2. Kurousagi

Kuro Usagi is my nickname in World of Warcraft and it comes exactly from this character. Kuro Usagi means Black Rabbit and it’s related to her race—she is the last Moon Rabbit.

She is the one responsible for summoning the three main kids to Little Garden but in my opinion, it’s she who leaves the most lasting impression.

Kuro Usagi is not only beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside. Supportive, compassionate, and loyal, she is willing to go to extreme lengths to help her friends and community.

I just wonder why this kawaii demi-human bunny girl doesn’t receive more love—she is a perfect waifu!

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1. Misaki Shokuhou

Misaki Shokuhou is the queen of underrated waifus: she hardly gets any attention at all. But she caught my eye really early with her playful demeanor and unique design. I mean, she has literally stars in her beautiful golden eyes! Also, Misaki is so elegant and well-kept with her beautiful long blonde hair. I should also mention that she is the fifth-ranked Level 5 Esper, meaning that she is incredibly powerful, the best of the best. Her ability—Mental Out—is a psychic power that allows her to completely mind-control other people. Maybe she MC’d me too.

Misaki starts off as a mysterious character that loves to tease Misaka Mikoto—the heroine of the series—for any kind of reason. While some people thought that she is an arrogant character, there is more to her than meets the eye.

We find out that she actually cares about many stuff—and people—even though she doesn’t show those emotions much. And she will go to great lengths to ensure that justice is served.

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