7 Anime Like Tong Ling Fei (Psychic Princess)

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When the anime community discovered that there are romance Chinese anime landing we were all shook—in a good way!

No one knew how are they going to compare to Japanese anime but I can tell you that right now Chinese anime hit the right spot—they used the opportunity to fill the shortage of traditional romantic, ancient-like anime and set a clear goal to attract the female audience. It worked wonders.

Tong Ling Fei is very unique and easy to follow—except names, damn I can’t remember them—so it wasn’t easy to create the top 7 list of similar anime but I managed to pick the goodies for you anyway!

Let’s take a look, shall we?

These are the best anime like Tong Ling Fei!


7. Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (2010)

  • Genres: Romance, Comedy, Schoo, Shoujo
  • Episodes: 26

Why it’s similar

Both series are shoujo with a female lead who is a strong-willed, hard-working, independent girl who acts disinterested/borderline tsundere towards the male lead.

The male lead is strong, smart, dominant, but at the same time relaxed and gentle to the female lead.

Plot Summary

Misaki Ayuzawa doesn’t have it easy – she is the first female student council president after her school just transitioned from an all-boys high school to a co-ed one. She might appeal ambitious and well-disciplined at school but also has another side – Misaki works part-time as a maid at a maid café to help her family financially.

Everything seems to be well hidden until one day her whole life turns upside down when some of the school’s students visit the maid café where she works.

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6. Sheng Shi Zhuang Niang (2018)

  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Drama, Game, Shoujo
  • Episodes: 20

Why it’s similar

Both anime are set in ancient China with a plot around princes with unique personalities + they have romance/comedy elements.

The main male lead is the prince who is seemingly acting like a jerk but ends up being gentle and reliable.

Plot Summary

After suffering a car accident and becoming “a vegetable” in real life, the consciousness of a  beauty blogger is trapped in a VR game where she has to complete tasks related to make up.

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5. Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi (2018)

  • Genres: Romance, Demons, Supernatural
  • Episodes: 26

Why it’s similar

Both anime have a similar setting with a female lead who is powerful, independent, hard-working and forced to marry someone she doesn’t even know.

Plot Summary

The main character of the story, Aoi has the inherited ability to see ayakashi (youkai). One fateful day Aoi feeds some ayakashi and a demon suddenly appears, claiming that Aoi’s deceased grandfather owed him a huge debt, and Aoi, as his granddaughter has to repay it by marrying him.

Aoi refuses the offer and decides to pay the debt off by working.

4. Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii (2014)

  • Genres: Romance, Adventure, Fantasy, Shoujo
  • Episodes: 12

Why it’s similar

Both series are set in ancient times and center around princes/ princesses with a bold + strong girl who is forced into marriage.

The male main characters are acting reserved/borderline hostile but gradually shows the gentle side and starts to care deeply about the girl.

Plot Summary

The story revolves around Nike Remercier, a princess from the Rain Dukedom with the power to create rain with her voice. Nike’s future is decided without her – she is forced to marry Livius, the king of Sun Kingdom, and fears the worst – there are rumors that Livius is a tyrannical and cruel ruler.

After she finally meets Livius, she finds out that Livius is nothing like she imagined.

3. Saiunkoku Monogatari (2006-2007)

  • Genres: Romance, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Historical, Drama
  • Episodes: 39

Why it’s similar

They have a similar setting: ancient times, the concept of arrange marriage and similar comedy, paired with a strong and smart female main character.

Plot Summary

Despite being born to a noble family, Shuurei Kou is barely managing to get enough money to support her family due to the generally low income of her father.

One day, she gets an offer to become a concubine for a lazy emperor and teach him how to become a great ruler. Shuurei accepts immediately, thinking that her virtue will be safe because the emperor prefers only males.

As Shuurei spends a lot of time in a palace, her dream to become a court official awakens again. But how can she become one if women are not allowed to hold that position?

2. Xie Wang Zhui Qi (2019)

  • Genres: Romance, Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Martial Arts, Drama
  • Episodes: 13

Why it’s similar

Both anime are Chinese historical romance with a female heroine who is a skilled fighter with a loyal handmaid.

The male protagonists are powerful and skilled bishies.

Plot Summary

Su Luo’s story is everything but ordinary – she gets reincarnated in the right moment into medieval China.

The good old useless Su Luo of medieval China becomes a powerful fighter with amazing magic whilst the demonic king accompanies her.

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1. Meng Qi Shi Shen (2018-2019)

  • Genres: Romance, Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Drama, Shoujo
  • Episodes: 12

Why it’s similar

Both anime are Chinese historical romance with a concept of forced marriage.

The female protagonists are skilled in what they do + independent and the male lead is considered extremely powerful.

Plot Summary

Ye Jiayao has been dreaming of opening the best restaurant in Huai Song for quite some time – only to find herself back in time in the body of Ye Jinxuan in medieval China.

What is worse – the bad luck follows and she ends up in the imperial era with zero skill in fighting.

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