10 Best Anime Characters With Orange Eyes

People often describe the color orange as bright, happy, and uplifting. On the other hand, some people consider orange too bright and overwhelming. But based on my research, anime characters with orange eyes are extremely rare. There are way more anime characters who have less common eye colors like purple, pink, red, or golden and are easily found anyways.

Either way, I did my best to find popular and stunning anime characters with orange eyes, so enjoy! 🙂

10. Olga Marie Animusphere (Fate/Grand Order)

Olga Marie is the leader of the Chaldea Security Organization, monitoring the future and trying to prevent the extinction of humanity in 2016.

Born to a reputable family of Animusphere, great things have always been expected from Olga Marie. She takes her job very seriously and believes that it’s Animusphere’s pride to serve the very best under any given circumstances. After all, she is always conscientious and dependable, no matter what happens.

9. Tori Meadows (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Tori, known as Kotori Mizuki, is one of the main supporting characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL.

She is Yuma Tsukumo’s (the protagonist) best friend who always accompanies him on his journeys. While she teases Yuma playfully, she is completely loyal and devoted to him. It also seems that she is deeply in love with him, often spotted blushing around him and showing signs of jealousy when he talks about other girls.

Tori is a very forgiving, supportive, and unyielding girl who always shouts “YUUUMAAAA”.

8. Jo Jojima (RE-MAIN)

Jo is the captain of the water polo club at Yamanami High School. He tried to recruit the protagonist of the series to join the club, successfully.

He is a handsome, outgoing, and social guy. It also appears that the philosophy of “Think First, Act Later” doesn’t really apply to him.

7. Kyousuke Yaguchi (Yarichin ☆ Bitch Club)

Yaguchi is a popular, upbeat, and charming high schooler. He is also bisexual and blushes a lot.

Yaguchi is skilled at tongue twisters, loves Japanese BBQ and ramen, and is scared of dark & ghosts.

6. Nishiki Nishio

A lone wolf, Nishiki has his reason for not trusting humans or ghouls. He is a bikaku ghoul and a second-year student in the Pharmaceutical Department of Kamii University.

While he appears to be heartless, arrogant, and brash to both humans and ghouls, he is at least caring and protective of his girlfriend. Later, he even becomes an ally of the protagonist!

5. Saya Takagi

Saya is a genius girl from the popular ecchi series called Highschool of the Dead.

Her intelligence has another effect on her personality, though—she is often shown to be disdainful and stubborn. Despite those traits, she still cares and looks out for the rest of the group (there is a zombie apocalypse happening in the anime).

4. Papi (Daily Life With A Monster)

A drop-dead gorgeous demi-human Harpy, Papi is the second girl to move in with the protagonist.

She is a childish, scatterbrained, and bubbly girl who is very good with children. Too bad that some of them abuse this kindness just so they can feel her breasts while she hugs them!

3. Saki Nikaido (Zombieland Saga)

Saki is the current leader of Franchouchou, an idol group consisting of seven legendary zombie girls that were revived. She is titled The Legendary Chief Biker because she used to be a motorcyclist before.

Saki was and still is a rebellious, brash, and blunt girl. Despite that, she takes being an idol very seriously and realizes that a violent and crude attitude won’t get them far. She has also shown her kinder side to the idol members & children, so there is more to her than meets the eye.

2. Momiji Binboda (Good Luck Girl!)

Momiji might look like an ordinary woman but she is actually a God of Misfortune whose duty is to restore the energy balance on Earth by stealing the overwhelming Fortune Energy from the heroine of the series who is extremely lucky.

While she is annoyed with her at first, this modest God becomes her “frenemy” later, helping her to choose to do the right things.

1. Konan (Naruto)

The only woman in the dangerous organization called Akatsuki, Konan is an unforgettable character for many Naruto fans.

She is strong, selfless, protective, and loyal to her ideals and friends. While she looks delicate as a flower, she can kill you easily with her origami paper abilities. After all, she is an S-rank kunoichi!

One of her most interesting & impressive Jutsus is 600 Billion Paper Bomb Jutsu. It’s so powerful that the chances of survival are very low. This Jutsu will set off all the paper bombs, causing them to explode for a full 10 minutes.

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