10 Badass One Piece Characters

One Piece has an insane cast of characters. It ALWAYS has to be said when making a character list. Some are cute, funny, and quirky while others are ugly, mean-spirited, and annoying.

Today, I wanted to focus on just the pure badassery of the One Piece cast, so here are 10 badass One Piece characters.

10. Roronoa Zoro

Since this isn’t a ranking, I thought starting the list with the most iconic badass character would be the best. You know it. I know it. We all know it.

Zoro is just a COMPLETE beastly badass when it comes down to it. His finishers are always so cold. The two that come to mind are his fights against Mr. 1 in Alabasta and Killer in Wano. Almost every attack he goes for is to end his opponent’s life.

Also, let’s not forget one of the most epic moments in One Piece. Nothing Happened. There are tons of reasons why, but I will leave it at that for now.

9. Killer

Speaking of Killer, I think he surely deserves a spot on this list. Other than Zoro, he is the only other Supernova member that isn’t a captain.

That alone is badass considering how high caliber the Supernovas are. Killer just gives off “don’t mess with me” vibes. I mean look at the guy.

He literally wears a mask that blocks a lot of visual input, AND he can still mess you up with his swords.

8. Trafalgar Law

Some of you may not remember, but Law delivered 100 pirate hearts to the Marines to become a Warlord of the seas. This feat alone is enough for me to call him one of the most badass characters in One Piece.

On top of that, his whole demeanor just gives off badass vibes. Every time he says “Room” I ascend to the clouds. It’s just one word, but it’s so dope.

Also, he is probably the only one on his crew that can actually fight, and he’s made it incredibly far in the New World practically alone. Law is no doubt a badass.

7. Whitebeard

Imagine an army that conquers the whole world and is feared by all. Now, imagine a dude just strolling up into their HEADQUARTERS TO PICK A FIGHT.

Whitebeard does not care at all about the Marines. He is going to fight for his crew even if it kills him. In the end, Whitebeard did die trying to save Ace.

But, wasn’t it cool how he just took so many hits and STILL went toe-to-toe with Akainu? Hell yeah, it was. In such a short amount of chapters, Whitebeard quickly became one of the most badass characters ever.

6. The Minks

I think every Mink deserves this slot because of the events on Zou. Jack literally poisons the whole village in search of Raizo, but the Minks kept saying they don’t have a clue who that is. Day after day, the Minks fought off the Beast Pirates and were successful in the end.

 Then, the reveal is shown to us. Every. Single. Goddamn. Mink. Kept their mouths closed to protect Raizo. I mean can an ENTIRE village get more badass?

5. Shanks

As much as I think Shanks is overrated (I still like him, he just needs more screen time), he is definitely a badass.

The only things he’s done in the story, which isn’t a lot, are somehow all badass. I can see why people love this guy. He stared down a sea monster after losing an arm.

Then, he stopped a war between the biggest army in the world and the strongest pirate crew in the world. Finally, this dude has some connections with the Gorosei AKA the five elders. I don’t know what he’s doing there, but it’s badass just being there.

4. Sanji

You know I gotta put my boy on this list. Pre-time skip, Sanji was pretty much the MVP of One Piece. Let’s go down the line, shall we?

In Little Garden, Sanji fooled Crocodile with his Mr. Prince tactic. Then, in Alabasta, we saw the continuation of Mr. Prince saving the crew. Following that, in Skypeia he saved Usopp from Enel and took the most badass hit of his cigarette ever.


3. Boa Hancock

I have to put some respect on my girl Hancock. She is the best female in all of One Piece AND the most badass one too.

A normal person does not sneak their crush into an inescapable prison, but Hancock is not a normal person. Hancock has an aggressive personality, and she knows how to use that to her advantage.

Her fighting capabilities are insanely strong. Honestly, she is one of the strongest characters in all of One Piece. Badass.

2. Monkey D. Luffy

I didn’t think of putting Luffy on this list, but then I started using my brain at 5%. Luffy may be the goofiest character of all time, but let’s not forget, this man started a war with the World Government.

Absolutely zero hesitations doing so. Also, you have to be a complete lunatic to invade one of the 4 Emperor’s territories and manage to escape with a victory.

I think it’s the straw hat making him this badass, and that brings me to my next character.

1. Chou-Chou

Rounding off this list is Chou-Chou. God bless this dog’s heart. During Orange Town waaaay in the beginning, Chou-Chou guarded his master’s store for years even after Chou-Chou’s master passed away.

Then, Buggy came along and tried to ruin his day. Richie, the lion, attempted to scare Chou-Chou off, but Chou-Chou said F U. I mean, he didn’t win the battle, but he won my heart. And that is probably the most badass thing one can do.

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That’s my list of 10 Badass One Piece Characters. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to comment with your thoughts below, and I will stick around to reply.

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