10 Wholesome Anime Like The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again

Anime fans seeking wholesome and healing anime like The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again will be surely satisfied after they’ve finished reading.

Without question, it feels good to have someone take care of you. This anime took this premise to the next level by having an oversized, fluffy cat taking care of its owner, providing both household and emotional support.

After capturing the hearts of people worldwide, the sweet Season 1 journey of Saku and Yukichi is about to come to an end on 30th September 2023.

While we eagerly wait for the next season, these 10 anime titles capture the same essence.

10. Okashi na Sabaku no Suna to Manu

Okashi na Sabaku no Suna to Manu follows the everyday life of two cute cats, Suna and Manu, but there’s a twist: they live in a desert. But not just any desert, it’s a sugar desert!

In a similar vein to The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today, Okashi na Sabaku no Suna to Manu lets us in on the sugary escapades of Suna and Manu, offering a double dose of delightful animal-centric narratives.

9. Usagi Drop

Usagi Drop is a soul-stirring anime where Daikichi, a single dude, ends up becoming the guardian of Rin, an adorable little girl.

It’s similar to The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today because it’s all about forming beautiful bonds, only instead of a cat and its owner, it’s about a grown-up taking care of a kid. You’ll see them tackle the ups and downs of parenthood and family life, and the series is full of warm fuzzies that make your heart melt.

8. The Helpful Fox Senko-san

Another comforting anime like The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again is The Helpful Fox Senko-san. Filled with heartwarming moments and cute fox antics, it’s a perfect pick for anyone who loves endearing shows.

In this series, we follow the life of a weary salaryman named Kuroto who finds himself in need of some serious relaxation and care. Enter Senko, a fox spirit with a heart of gold. Senko’s mission is to provide Kuroto with comfort and alleviate his stress, and she does it with a touch of magic and a whole lot of cuteness.

7. Bananya

Bananya is a charming and whimsical anime that brings to life the delightful and absurd concept of a half-banana, half-cat creature. The show offers a lighthearted and imaginative journey into the daily life of this unique character and his interactions with other fruit-inspired feline friends.

Although Bananya and The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today have different premises, they share commonalities in terms of quirky characters, slice-of-life comedy, light-hearted tones, and the celebration of uniqueness. If you enjoyed one for its eccentric charm, you might find similar enjoyment in the other.

6. Sweetness and Lightning

Sweetness and Lightning and The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today share touching themes of caregiving and family bonds.

In Sweetness and Lightning, single father Kohei takes care of his daughter, Tsumugi, reflecting the cat’s care for its owner in the other anime.

Both series explore growth through caregiving, whether it’s Kohei learning to cook nutritious meals or the cat’s intelligent and caring nature. Ultimately, they offer wholesome and comforting experiences that celebrate love, companionship, and taking care of one another in a soothing way.

5. My Roommate is a Cat

My Roommate is a Cat is about a novelist who unexpectedly gains a furry, four-legged roommate when a stray cat enters his life. As they deal with their daily routines and form an unlikely bond, this uplifting anime explores the healing power of companionship and the joy of sharing life with a cat.

The cat in My Roommate is a Cat brings healing and comfort to the novelist’s life, mirroring the caregiving aspect of the cat in The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today.

4. The Cat Returns

This is a Ghibli film and has some thematic overlap with The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again. It’s about a girl who saves a cat and gets involved in a world of cats who repay her kindness.

While it’s not exactly the same, the cat-human relationship is at the core of the story. They share a heartwarming quality and showcase the charm of the unique relationships that can form between people and their animal companions.

3. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is an unavoidable recommendation for anyone seeking a chill, wholesome anime series with a twist. The anime offers a delightful blend of comedy and joyful moments, making it an enjoyable watch for a wide range of viewers.

Although it’s not about cats, this anime revolves around a dragon who transforms into a maid to serve a programmer.

All in all, it’s a comedic and heartfelt story about unconventional family dynamics.

2. Gal & Dino

Gal & Dino is an anime series that combines two seemingly unrelated genres: the daily life of a fashionable young woman (“Gal”) and the presence of a pet dinosaur (“Dino”).

Like The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today, this anime also features unconventional and comedic relationships between their main characters and unique companions – a pet dinosaur and an intelligent cat, respectively. Despite their distinct premises, both series incorporate slice-of-life elements, humor, and feel-good moments.

1. The Way of the Househusband

The Way of the Househusband centers around a former yakuza guy trying to handle house chores and cooking while keeping his tough image intact. Super funny stuff.

What ties it to The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today is that it has a knack for slice-of-life comedy. These shows both find humor in everyday situations, and they have that warm vibe with unique bonds between characters and their one-of-a-kind companions. It’s all about fun and feel-good moments.

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