Top 10 Anime Girls With Brown Hair & Brown Eyes

Anime girls who have brown hair and brown eyes are one of my favorite color combinations. It looks natural and clean and I can’t help but like it. What helps is that many fan-favorite characters sport this combo. Some of them are my all-time favorite anime characters like Mikoto Misaka or Haruhi Suzumiya.

When I was making this list, I decided to draw some inspiration by checking MAL’s most popular characters, and as a result, it’s loosely based on their popularity.

So who are the most charming & popular anime girls with brown hair & brown eyes?

Let’s find out!

10. Sasha Blouse (Attack on Titan)

Sasha is a young lady working for the Survey Corps. She is an odd yet courteous person who goes by the moniker “Potato Girl” because of her obsession with hoarding food and eating potatoes.

Sasha, a small-town girl, was highly self-conscious and unable to function properly in demanding situations when she first joined the military. However, she develops into a formidable warrior who is unable to ignore those in need.

Sasha is a talented archer, horseback rider, and tracker thanks to her early aptitude to live off the land. Due to these qualities, she would be appointed as a sharpshooter, which would ultimately lead to her death.

9. Hori Kyokou (Horimiya)

At school, Kyokou is regarded as a popular and carefree girl. She is not at all like her typical “home state,” though. She puts a lot of effort into taking care of her younger brother in the absence of her parents, who are constantly gone. Kyokou consequently lacks the time for the typical fun-filled social life that normal teenagers enjoy.

She also exhibits signs of masochism, but exclusively in relation to her partner.

8. Furukawa Nagisa (Clannad)

If Nagisa was a real person, she would be my best friend.

Despite her body being incredibly fragile, she is actually anything but bitter. Even though she can be a little shy, she always has a kind word for everyone.

Given that she has a low opinion of herself and prioritizes the happiness of others over her own, she is both selfless and self-deprecating.

7. Hirasawa Yui (K-On!)

The epitome of deredere is Yui. She is just so sweet!

Yui enjoys spending time with her girlfriends doing fun activities. She is an immensely friendly and bubbly person who enjoys physical contact with others.

She also likes sweets and never puts on weight even though she eats tons of them (give me your metabolism Yui, thank you).

6. Shouko Nishimiya (A Silent Voice)

One of my favorite anime girls with pinkish-brown hair & brown eyes is the beloved Shou-chan.

Shouko is a deaf girl who refuses to let her handicap define who she is. She tries her best despite dealing with bullying and not having any friends.

Despite the terrible abuse she endured in the past, she is a super nice person who is able to forgive anyone who has harmed her. She also doesn’t have any resentment.

I’m not going to lie; she brought tears to my eyes. I won’t give anything away, but her story is really moving and shows how she battled despair and suicidal thoughts.

5. Suzumiya Haruhi (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

The SOS Brigade, an unofficial group at North High made up of quirky students, is led by the unusual Haruhi Suzumiya. This club was started by her for her own entertainment.

She remarked, “I’m not interested in average people.” And then she added, “But I ask any aliens, time-travelers, or espers to see me.”

Haruhi aspires to lead an extraordinary life, so she has a great desire to investigate everything paranormal. Ironically, she is ignorant of the fact that her club is teeming with abnormal individuals.

4. Misaka Mikoto (the Toaru series)

Out of the seven Level 5 espers, Mikoto is the third-strongest Esper and the most potent Electromaster. But even though she is OP, she still needs to use her intelligence to outwit enemies and plan her moves, which makes for exciting battles for us to watch.

Mikoto is a compassionate, strong-willed, and intelligent girl who is always willing to provide a helping hand to those in need. Despite the power imbalance, she NEVER looks at others with contempt. Regardless of their social status or abilities, she makes friends with everyone who deserves it.

3. Hange Zoe (Attack on Titan)

Finally, we have a mature person for you if you’re weary of high school cuties.

Zoe is the leader of the Survey Corps and a titan-obsessed researcher. She behaves exactly like Anya Forger with her “Waku Waku” when she manages to get her paws on a titan.

Zoe is incredibly bright, bubbly, and able to quickly transition to a serious, composed mode when necessary, all of which are unquestionably beneficial.

If you are her friend, she will always be there for you and will make sure to be your emotional support when you need it.

2. Yuuki Asuna (SAO)

Before you ask whether Asuna’s hair is really brown: yes, it’s indeed brown. Reki himself refers to Asuna’s hair color as “chestnut-brown” in the Progressive Light Novel.

Asuna possesses all the traits that an ideal waifu ought to have. She is adorable, devoted, courteous, sophisticated, modest, and strong. Additionally, she can prepare delicious meals exclusively for you!

She is also an exceptional Sword Art Online player, which only serves to increase her appeal because you could spend the entire night playing some MMORPG with her.

1. Aisaka Taiga (Toradora!)

Did it surprise you that Taiga is rated more popular than Asuna, even in the overall waifu ranking?

She serves as an example of a tsundere done well. She is broken because of the circumstances of her life. Because of her dark past, Taiga unwittingly created a tsundere defense mechanism. Of course, this does not justify her harsh actions toward others. However, it at least explains it.

What makes Taiga unique is how she changes her personality over time, revealing the genuine, endearing Taiga underneath the protective tsundere shell.

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