Top 10 Best Manga Like Solo Leveling with an OP MC

In this article, I’ll share with you the 10 Best Manga Like Solo Leveling with an overpowered main character (OP MC) that you shouldn’t miss reading in 2022.

Solo Leveling is one of the most trending Manhwa with millions of readers worldwide and it is ranked in the Top 20 on sites like Anime-Planet.

The main attraction of this manhwa is its art. Some fans may argue on this topic that its story isn’t that great and it’s just running on hype. But it still doesn’t change the fact that it is one of the highest-read manhwas and you are also here to look for Manga like Solo Leveling.

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Now Let’s Get into our List of Manga Like Solo Leveling. You can also watch this video if you want.

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10. Resurrection of The Catastrophic Hero

The story is about the strongest Hunter that was betrayed by his teammate in the dungeon raid.

What happened was a few days back. His friend told him a prophecy that he will die if he goes to the dungeon. It was also one of the highest-ranked dungeons so he thought that could be a possibility but he still decided to go to the dungeon and managed to defeat the boss monster.

But what happened later was that one of his raid members pushed him off the cliff and later it was announced that he had died while clearing the dungeon.

After 20 years, the protagonist climbed up back to the cliff and decided to exact revenge.

This is a good manga like Solo Leveling with an OP MC, but honestly, it’s much better.

9. OriginS

The first impression that you will get by just checking the cover is that the protagonist looks like old Jung Woo from Solo Leveling.

In this manhwa, the world is ruled by Kings when monsters started to appear in the world. The king made strong thick and long walls to barricade his kingdom—like it was done in Attack on Titan. He kept all the strong people that could help him survive inside the walls and kicked out all the weak people.

The protagonist’s village was massacred by monsters and he was the sole survivor of his village. At the present moment, his abilities haven’t been revealed, but it does have some kind of special power.

It’s a great manga like Solo Leveling with an op MC, do check it out.

8. Hero of His Own Opinion

The protagonist in this manhwa was The Demon King in his previous life. And in his second life, he was born as a human in modern society.

If I remember correctly, this is his third life. He is being used as a test subject when Heroes appear and save his life. However, it turns out that they aren’t there to save his life, but they are on a mission to kill these people, and they decide to kill him as well to not leave any witnesses behind.

But later, he gets recognized as a hero and they spare his life and bring him to the king.

His character is similar to that of the FFF Class Trash hero’s protagonist, and the system he got is also full of errors.

This is a brilliant manga like Solo Leveling, consider checking it out.

7. The King of Bugs

The protagonist in this manhwa was always ridiculed by his boss and colleagues in the company he used to work in. The main reason for that was the games he used to make were always full of bugs.

One day, what happened was that everyone was teleported to a game world full of monsters, but it was one of the games that the main character was developing. He remembered all of the cheats that he implanted in this game. Now, he has decided to change himself and get powerful with the help of the cheats and rise in this world.

6. Take The Crown I Want to Be a King

The protagonist and his family got in an accident in which all his family members died, and he was badly injured. But after that accident, the world started to change. People started getting superpowers and the sudden appearance of monsters changed everyone’s life.

The main character was weak and when he was just about to die he awakened a mysterious power but in exchange for that power, he will have to defeat nine kings that have the power to wipe out everyone on Earth. He got the power of the tenth King.

The overall plot of this manga is similar to Solo Leveling, do check it out.

5. My Path To Killing Gods in Another World

The main character was one of the smartest people in his class.

One day, he was invited to play a game. But when he logged in, he got struck by lightning and got teleported to a place that was not part of the game. He wasn’t even able to log out. And that time a mission triggered to survive in this harsh climate filled with monsters and this had no time limit. So he kept killing to survive while continuing to level up.

This is been released recently, so it doesn’t have that many chapters at the moment I am writing this, but I highly recommend you try it.

4. Limitless Abyss

This is one of the manga like Solo Leveling where the protagonist is an orphan and has always been alone since childhood. He has a disease that makes him feel hungry all the time.

After the appearance of superpowers and monsters, he awakened as one of the weakest Hunters.

During a raid, he was used as a sacrifice, but just on the verge of death, he decided not to give up on his life and a mission triggered him to survive. So he started killing monsters.

The art of this manhwa totally resembled Solo Leveling. So I will highly recommend you add this to your list if you haven’t yet.

3. Hero has Returned

This manga is as wholesome as it gets.

The protagonist was teleported to another world to be a hero and he saved the world. But when he saved the world and returned to Earth, his parents were no longer alive. He became socially excluded by everyone and became completely alone. No one wanted to see him again.

Out of despair, he decided to destroy the world so that everyone could feel the same despair that he felt after returning to Earth.

Do try it out.

2. 990K EX Life Hunter

The protagonist was one of the weakest hunters with no talent whatsoever but his past nine hundred ninety thousand lives were really awesome.

When he was in despair his past nine hundred ninety thousand lives assisted him to get stronger. They started watching over him. So that he doesn’t disgrace them and whenever he needs assistance, they always appear to save him.

Well, overall I really like the story as it has introduced something very unique and it has not been copied from other manga.

1. Seoul Station Druid

When the world started to change, people started getting teleported to other worlds. The protagonist was transported to a world full of monsters with no humans. Many strong monsters resided in that jungle. At first, he used to run away but slowly he got used to living there.

One day, he was accepted into a wolf tribe. He had spent thousand years in that world until he got teleported back to Earth and was told only 10 years have passed by on Earth. His system is full of errors and because of that, he was recognized as an F-rank Hunter, which is not even qualified to be called a Hunter.

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