10 Anime Like Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Finding anime that captures the essence of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is no simple task. This is due to the never-ending wave of harem isekai series produced every single season over the past years and the lack of quality fantasy adaptations. Frieren, however, begs to differ, having both great premise and fantasy elements that fans can’t help but love.

The anime came to life on September 29, 2023. The studio behind it, Madhouse, has received praise for its beautiful visuals.

The story of Frieren centers around an elven mage called Frieren and her heroic friends, who, after defeating the Demon King, part ways as they age. But time moves differently for Frieren.

When she returns to the capital fifty years later, she learns that her companions aged significantly, and one of them even passed away.

She takes on a young apprentice, Fern, and together, they go on a journey to revisit old haunts, helping Frieren come to terms with her regrets.

For those who can’t get enough of the storytelling in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, here are 10 anime series that offer a similar narrative depth.

10. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is a shounen anime known for its fantastic world-building, impressive power system, and a world that’s equally beautiful and dangerous. Where the series differs from other typical shounen shows is the daring inclusion of mature and dark themes, which might resonate with Frieren’s fans.

The anime follows Gon Freecss as he sets out to become a Hunter, encountering diverse challenges and characters along the way.

9. Mushoku Tensei

Another character-driven and melancholic anime like Frieren is Mushoku Tensei. In this series, we follow Rudeus Greyrat, a man who gets a second chance at life after being reincarnated in a fantasy world.

Similar to Frieren, Mushoku Tensei focuses on overcoming massive obstacles, dealing with relationships, experiencing both sorrow and happiness, and embarking on personal journeys of change and self-discovery.

8. 86

An absolute favorite of the 2021 anime lineup, 86 is a dystopian anime set in a future where a nation fights an autonomous military force with a hidden twist. It follows the story of two central characters, Lena and Shin, as they deal with the harsh realities of war, discrimination, and the consequences of blind obedience.

Fans of Frieren may find 86 appealing due to their shared exploration of the humanity of their characters amidst difficult circumstances, offering touching and thought-provoking storytelling.

7. Made in Abyss

Finding meaning in one’s journey is a common theme in both Made in Abyss and Frieren. For those who liked the captivating world-building and rich character development of Frieren, Made in Abyss won’t disappoint.

Excelling at creating an immersive fantasy world, Made in Abyss is a dark fantasy anime that follows Riko, a young girl who descends into the enigmatic Abyss, a massive chasm filled with wonders and dangers, in search of her mother.

6. Grimgar

Grimgar is a dark isekai anime with a much more realistic approach to the genre. In fact, it’s so much more grounded that you will forget that it’s an isekai anime. Instead of being isekai’d with OP powers, the protagonists truly struggle after they awaken in a harsh fantasy world with no memories of their past lives.

Frieren, much like Grimgar, serves as a reminder that mortality looms ever near, infusing a sense of urgency into the narrative. Additionally, both anime share a poignant thematic connection, as they both explore the significance of remembering fallen comrades and the resilience needed to carry on for their sake.

5. Spice & Wolf

Appealing to adult audiences and fans of sophisticated storytelling, Spice & Wolf is a must-watch for any Frieren fan.

While Frieren explores immortality and the lasting memories of companions, Spice & Wolf follows the medieval adventure of a merchant and a wolf deity, delving into themes of trade and trust as their relationship deepens.

Both series offer a rich blend of fantasy elements and relationships, making them engaging reads for those who like character-centered fantasy storytelling.

4. Land of the Lustrous

Set in a distant future where gemstone creatures, known as Gems, fight against invaders called Lunarians, a fragile and inexperienced Phos is on a journey of self-discovery and survival in a beautiful yet dangerous post-apocalyptic world.

While differing in various aspects such as tone, art style, and execution, Frieren and Land of the Lustrous tackle similar themes of immortality, the search for purpose, and the essence of humanity.

3. Yokohama Shopping Log

Another bittersweet anime with an immortal protagonist like Frieren is Yokohama Shopping Log. Not only is it one of the most superb slice-of-life anime you can watch but it’s also relaxing and warm, making it a good choice for people getting into the genre.

The anime centers around Alpha Hatsuseno, an A7-M2 model robot, who lives in a post-apocalyptic world where she runs a café. The series captures the serene and contemplative moments of her daily life in a fading world, making it a tranquil and introspective anime.

2. The Faraway Paladin

In The Faraway Paladin, Will, a boy reborn in a world of magic and knights, embarks on a journey to become a mighty paladin while uncovering secrets from his past life.

Similar to Frieren, The Faraway Paladin is a modern and grounded fantasy tale. As both are slice-of-life oriented, you can expect a strong emphasis on character development and relationships. Moreover, the series also deals with the themes of immortality and legacy. 

1. To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity follows the adventures of an immortal being, taking on various forms as it explores humanity’s joys and sorrows. It’s a moving and thought-provoking story about identity and the human experience.

Much like Frieren, this anime revolves around an immortal being coexisting with humanity, shedding light on how the memories of their companions echo the timeless human experience. Both anime also delve into profound themes of memories, life, death, and, most importantly, self-discovery.

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