7 Anime Like Fumetsu no Anata e

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Fumetsu no Anata e is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshitoki Ōima. An anime adaptation by Brain’s Base premiered in April 2021.

A mysterious shape-shifting immortal being gains consciousness and sets off on a never-ending journey, in search of new experiences, places, and people.

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Here are 7 anime similar to Fumetsu no Anata e (To Your Eternity).

7. Koe no Katachi

  • Genres: Drama, School, Shounen
  • Episodes: 1 (Movie)


Both of them are emotional rollercoasters by the same author.


Shouya Ishida used to be a wild child. As an elementary schooler he bullied his newly transferred classmate, a deaf girl called Shouko Nishimiya. What is worse, it wasn’t only Ishida who bullied her; in fact, almost the whole class either straight up bullied her or ignored her suffering.

After a sudden turn of events, Nishimiya transfers to another school, and Ishida tastes his own medicine when the whole class turns on him.

As the years pass, Ishida becomes a completely new person, hoping to redeem himself and connect to Nishimiya.

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6. Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

  • Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Horror, Psychological, Drama, Seinen
  • Episodes: 24


To Your Eternity & Kiseijuu both feature a mysterious being that arrives to Earth and starts learning about humanity (and humans).


A 17-year-old high schooler’s life is turned upside down after a worm-like alien creature tries to take over his brain but fails miserably.

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5. Houseki no Kuni

  • Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Seinen
  • Episodes: 12


Both series explore immortality.


In the distant future, immortal and genderless crystalline organisms called Gems populate the Earth. Each Gem is assigned a role, such as a fighter or a medic in order to fight off the Lunarians, a species who want to abduct them and turn them into decorations by shattering them.

Houseki no Kuni follows the youngest and brittle Gem called Phos, and their efforts to be useful and protect their fellow Gems.

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4. Golden Kamuy

  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Historical, Seinen
  • Episodes: 12


They give off similar feelings of action and adventure (the main protagonist is always on the run), as well as satisfaction.


A veteran who works as a miner in Hokkaido embarks on a journey to find the hidden trove of Ainu gold.

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3. Majo no Tabitabi

  • Genres: Adventure, Magic, Fantasy
  • Episodes: 12


Both are about traveling around the world in order to learn about all kinds of things and meet all kinds of people.

The main character is a wanderer who sets out on a long journey with no end.


A young and cheeky witch ventures out after being inspired by her favorite book. She will meet plenty of folks along the way, from the strange to the bizarre, including giants, townsfolk, and even other witches.

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2. Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou

  • Genres: Drama, Fantasy
  • Episodes: 1 (Movie)


Both of them deal with the struggles of living an extremely long life.


Escaping war, a young girl finds a lone surviving infant and decides to raise him as her son.

(Source: imdb)

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1. Mushishi

  • Genres: Adventure, Slice of Life, Mystery, Historical, Supernatural, Fantasy, Seinen
  • Episodes: 26


Both have a magical, relaxing, and heartwarming atmosphere with a wanderer as the main protagonist.

The world is filled with mysterious phenomena and the wanderer is always on the move.


“Mushi”: the most basic and mysterious forms of life in the world, yet not understood.  

Ginko is a “Mushi-shi”, and he travels from town to town in hopes of learning more about a phenomenon called “mushi” and their effects on humanity. In the process, he also helps people who face any “mushi” problems.

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  1. Instead of kiseichuu you should have added Kino no Tabi and also grimoire of zero is pretty much same type

    • they are both good recommendations but I wanted to look at it from the “mysterious being” aspect as well, not just from the “wanderer” / immortality aspect

  2. I’ve watched one or two episodes of Mushishi, yeah really nice. Parasyte is good. I’ve heard so much about land of the lustrous, yet never gotten around to seeing it. Fun cheeky comment, you remind me of Elaina for some reason xDD.

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