Top 10 Anime Character Birthdays for October 1-15!

Guest Post by Louis Toms (owner of Carolina Comic Geek, a Pinterest board which catalogs birthdays of anime, cartoon, comic, and manga characters).

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This post marks the first of October’s two-part series identifying your favorite anime characters with a birthday this month.

There is no central reason why someone comes to appreciate anime and manga. Ask a million fans and get a million answers. Whatever the reason, most would agree that a story’s character or characters top their list for why they appreciate anime. The variety of anime genres and the complexity of their characters make a selection of ten standouts extremely difficult. After reviewing several sites and consulting with friends, I think I was able to assemble a pretty good list of fan favorites. I believe this post provides a diverse accounting of anime personalities who, according to their creators, have a birthday in October.

As you explore this post, please let me know if I overlooked your favorite character. I am interested in hearing from you about your picks.    

10. Asta

  • Birthday: October 4 – left at church
  • First Anime Appearance: Black Clover, Ep. 1 “Asta and Yuna” (2017)

A 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight, Asta is the magic-less mage who would become Wizard King. He is a kind-hearted young lad, who is optimistically dedicated to protecting all people of the Clover Kingdom.

Asta grew up in a church orphanage located in Hage under the care of Father Orsi Orfai and Sister Lily Aquaria. He would acquire a five-leaf clover grimoire containing an Anti-Magic Demon, which gave him the ability to neutralize others’ magic. His personality and abilities would make him the perfect recruit for the Kingdom’s misfit magical squad, the Black Bulls. The fight hard—play hard oddballs prove themselves to be worthy protectors of the people in the Clover Kingdom.

Asta is forever faithful to his core beliefs and his goal to protect others whether enemies or friends. Much like his desire to marry Sister Lily, Asta is unshakeable in his approach to life regardless of the adversity.  A great central hero, Asta is the first entry for best anime character with a birthday in October.  

9. Irina Jelavić

  • Birthday: October 10
  • First Anime Appearance: Assassination Classroom, Ep. 4 “Adult Time” (2015)

Irina Jelavić is an English teacher at Kunugigaoka Junior High School, who doubles as a professional assassin. The government placed her in Class 3-E to teach the students how to succeed at taking down Korosensei.

The murder of her parents by militants would serve as the catalyst for Irina becoming a career assassin. Her adoptive family would harness the young girl’s good looks and intelligence into a well-tuned hired gun. She came to Kunugigaoka Junior High School as a cold and calculated killer, with little regard for the students. Her personality or lack thereof causes some in Class 3-E to Irina as ‘Bitch-sensei” (original sub) or “Jelabitch” (Funimation dub), a play on Jelavić. Over the narrative, the students and Irina gain respect for one another’s collective burden.

Irina Jelavić is a popular supporting character. She grows beyond a singularly focus mindset for the mission to become a fun and caring individual. Her metamorphosis along with her interactions with the students of Class 3-E is one of many reasons anime fans like this character.

8. Euphemia li Britannia

  • Birthday: 11 October 2000
  • First Anime Appearance: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Ep. 5 “The Princess and the Witch” (2006)

Princess Euphemia li Britannia is a member of the Britannia Imperial Family. A kind-hearted young lady, she is the half-sister of the anime’s protagonist.

Growing up in the care of their mother, Euphy and her siblings learned to respect all people regardless of station. Their mother’s teachings would resonate with the young royals, with each taking a different path to righting the kingdom’s wrongs. Despising direct conflict, the Princess sought to change the system from within. Her house of cards would crumble upon itself during a conflict with the series’ antagonist. She would go down in Britannia’s history as ‘Princess Massacre.’

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is a critically claimed anime series. This is due in no small part to Ichirō Ōkouchi and Gorō Taniguchi creating characters with complex arcs. Their compelling storytelling is a reason why fans consider Euphemia li Britannia one of their favorite anime personalities.  

7. Madoka Kaname

  • Birthday: October 3
  • First Appearance: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, Ep. 1 “I First Met Her in a Dream… Or Something” (2011)

A gentle and shy teenage girl, Madoka Kaname is the series’ central character. The middle school girl’s life turns upside down upon meeting the Messenger of Magic, Kyubey.  

Madoka is the eldest daughter of Tomohisa and Junko Kaname. She has little confidence in her abilities, often viewing herself as talentless. After witnessing her schoolmate fighting witches, Madoka enters into a contract with Kyubey to bolster her self-worth by becoming a magical girl. Her talents grow expediential, leading to the creation of multiple timelines. With no favorable outcome in sight, Madoka is able to bring balance to the universe by erasing herself from it.

Since the series debut, anime fans consistently rate her as one of their best magical girls. A tragic character, Madoka Kaname selflessly sacrifices herself for the sake of her fellow magical girls. Her dedication to friends and family combined with moe cuteness make Madoka one of anime’s favorite characters with a birthday in October. 

6. Ayano Keiko

  • Birthday: 4 October 2010
  • First Anime Appearance: Sword Art Online, Ep. 1 “The World of Swords” (2012)

A student, Ayano Keiko (online persona: Silica) is one of the thousands of online players trapped within the Sword Art Online universe. She is kind-hearted, intelligent, and supportive of her comrades, both in real life and online.   

Ayano Keiko is a middle school girl and the only child of Ayano Tetsuhiko. Her introduction to VRMMORPGs comes when she bypassed age restrictions to log in and played Sword Art Online. Keiko’s online persona is a capable Beast Tamer, who was the first player to tame a Feathered Little Dragon. She becomes close friends with the story’s protagonist and joins his party’s quest to escape the system. Keiko goes on to join her Sword Art Online friends by logging into ALfheim Online.

Anime is full of cute girls and this series is no exception. She sets herself apart from her fantasy contemporaries in her ability to be a great single and team online game player. Bright, loveable, and skilled are just a couple of the traits that make Ayano Keiko one of October’s most popular characters.

5. Yū Nishinoya

  • Birthday: 10 October 1995
  • First Anime Appearance: Haikyū!! Ep. 7 “Versus the Great King” (2014)

Yū Nishinoya was the Karasuno High School boys’ volleyball team libero. Short in stature, his engaging personality and ability to play the sport earned him the nickname “Karasuno’s Guardian Deity.”

Before entering Karasuno, Yū earned recognition for volleyball at Chidoriyama Junior High. His choice of high school did not come down to the sport but rather Karasuno’s cool black gakuran and cute girl’s uniforms. The series introduces Nishinoya returning to the team following a school suspension for being too spirited on the court. He was Karasuno’s only prodigy until the team Tobio Kageyama. Upon graduating high school, Yū traveled the world rather than pursuing the game of volleyball. 

Haikyū!! contains a host of great characters, with Yū Nishinoya being a personal favorite. His feisty court persona masks his teen insecurities, like being afraid to talk to girls. A well-rounded character, “Karasuno’s Guardian Deity” is one of our top picks for October.

4. Gintoki Sakata

  • Birthday: October 10
  • First Anime Appearance: Gintama Ep. 1 “You bastards!! Do you even have a silver soul!” (2006)

A former samurai, Gintoki Sakata is the owner of Gin’s House of Ten-Thousand Businesses or Odd Jobs. He is a powerful swordsman and the franchise’s protagonist.

Foraging battlefields for food and items to sell, the young Gintoki experienced many hardships living on the streets of his village. His fortunes would change when a local teacher took him in and educated the young boy to be a samurai. He would fight in the Joui Wars, earning the nickname ‘Shiroyasha’ or ‘White Yaksha’ due to his swordsmanship and appearance. With the end of the war, Gin created a business specializing in doing anything for money.

The Gintama series and its outcrop of movies are popular with anime fans. This anime’s success owes itself to Sorachi Hideaki’s well-crafted narrative and compelling characters. His creative skills have solidified Gintoki Sakata’s place as one of anime’s favorite characters with a birthday in October.  

3. Haruhi Suzumiya

  • Birthday: October 8
  • First Anime Appearance: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Ep. 00 “The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina” (2009)

Haruhi Suzumiya is a quirky North High student and leader of the SOS Brigade. She desires to live an extraordinary life, which establishes the foundation for the club’s many adventures.

An athletic girl, Haruhi is confident and energetic to the point of being pushy. She is an anomaly among her peers as her interests do not align with ‘ordinary’ humans. Her focus is on discovering aliens, time travelers, and espers. Haruhi’s single-mindedness leads to the creation of the SOS Brigade, which she forcibly recruit its members. The SOS Brigade must keep her entertained or suffer the consequences of her boredom.

A kamidere, Haruhi Suzumiya is a complex and popular anime character. Her cute exterior hides a determined spirit, who desires to live life to its fullest regardless of public opinion. These attributes combine to land Haruhi Suzumiya in our third-place position for favorite anime characters with a birthday in October.

2. Kirigaya Kazuto

  • Birthday: 7 October 2008
  • First Anime Appearance: Sword Art Online, Ep. 1 “The World of Swords” (2012)

Kirigaya Kazuto (online persona: Kirito) is the chief protagonist in the Sword Art Online franchise. His persistence combined with gaming abilities would lead to saving the players trapped in virtual reality.

Born Karusaka Kazuto, his aunt and uncle would adopt him following the accidental death of his parents. Initially working at his uncle’s dojo, his aunt’s work as an editor for a computer magazine would spark Kirigaya’s interest in computers and virtual reality gaming. His love of electronics would lead him to become a beta tester for the first Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game and trapped within the Sword Art Online universe.  Kirito is an expert swordsman who wore black, earning him the distinction as The Black Swordsman to his fellow players. His skills would have a long-term influence on the online and real-world gaming community long after the Sword Art Online system crashed. 

Kirigaya Kazuto is second in popularity to Sword Art Online’s heroine, Yuuki Asuna. He is a determined and selfless individual, who never loses focus of protecting the weak. These attributes and his overpowered battle style make Kirito our second most popular anime character for October.

Fun fact: Asuna is born in September.

1. Naruto Uzumaki

  • Birthday: October 10
  • First Anime Appearance: Naruto Ep. 1 “Enter: Naruto Uzumaki” (2002)

The ‘Boy of Miracles,’ Naruto Uzumaki is the series’ central character and ninja of Konohagakure’s Uzumaki clan. He worked hard to overcome adversity, becoming widely respected for his heroic deeds.

The protagonist’s journey began with him becoming a jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails upon his birth. This fate would cause many villagers to shun the young child. When the time was right, he would set out from the home to strengthen his abilities and pursue becoming a Hokage. His physical power and mental determination earned him recognition as a factor for the Allied Shinobi Forces winning the Fourth Shinobi World War. Closing his hero’s loop, Naruto would become his village’s Seventh Hokage.

Naruto Uzumaki handily surpasses Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach) and Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece), as the chief protagonist within the Holy Shōnen Trinity. His abilities, resilience, and narrative arc resonate with the fandom. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that Naruto Uzumaki continues his streak to be our most popular anime character with an October birthday.

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