Top 20 Anime Characters Born in September

Greetings! This post continues our birthday series, now covering your favorite anime characters born in September.

There are dozens of reasons why someone falls in love with anime. Maybe it’s the storytelling or artwork? Whatever your reason, most anime fans would agree that character development and design top their list of reasons to appreciate anime. This diverse horde often makes it difficult to create a list of ten amazing entries. Over the past couple of weeks, a lot of care went into identifying and assembling entries. The result is an evenly balanced catalog of anime personalities who, according to their creators, have a birthday in September.

As you read the post, please feel free to let me know if I overlooked one of your favorite characters. Make sure to leave a comment below and let me know your picks.

20. Kyouhei “Dotachin” Kadota

  • Birthday: September 15
  • First Anime Appearance: Durarara!! Ep. 1 “First Worlds” (2010)

Kyouhei Kadota is a charismatic young man and member of the Dollars Street gang. He is generally someone who is serene and helpful but not averse to being funny if the occasion requires levity.

Durarara!! gives little insight into Dotachin’s upbringing. He is adept at life on the streets and skilled at street fighting. Kyouhei cares for his friends and is willing to move mountains to keep them safe, as he demonstrates by rescuing Saki Mikajima. His pleasant demeanor attracts a huge network of associates he can draw upon for assistance.

On the surface, there is nothing special about Kyouhei Kadota. He’s not a charismatic protagonist or enigmatic antagonist. Instead, Kyouhei is the series’ lovable, gang counselor and moral compass. These attributes make Kyouhei Kadota one of our month’s favorite anime characters. 

19. Ino Yamanaka

  • Birthday: September 23
  • First Anime Appearance: Naruto Ep. 1 “Enter: Naruto Uzumaki!” (2002)

Ino Yamanaka is a remarkable kunoichi, whose nin abilities include medicine and healing. Her aptitude for sensing earned her the position as head of the Konoha Barrier Team.

Ino is the only child of Inoichi Yamanaka and an unnamed mother. Her confident and frank persona sometimes lends itself to lambasting others for the smallest of transgressions. Overall, Ino’s skills and honesty inspire her clan and village. She completed 40 missions, with a majority occurring while Ino was D-ranked. In her spare time, Ino helps to run the clan’s floral shop. Ino would go on to Sai Yamanaka and have a son, Inojin Yamanaka.  

Ino Yamanaka is a popular supporting character within the Naruto franchise. A prickly shōnen warrior, Ino’s endearing qualities make her one of our favorite anime characters born in September.

19. Hitoka Yachi

  • Birthday: 4 September 1996
  • First Anime Appearance: Haikyū!! Ep. 2 “Direct Sunlight” (2015)

Hyper imaginative, Hitoka Yachi is the Karasuno High boys’ volleyball team’s manager. Her creative musings are evident in Hitoka’s concern about what to do if she was about to die. 

Hitoka is a quirky first-year student whose poor judgment leads to hilarious misunderstandings among her classmates. Intimidated by Kiyoko Shimizu’s presence, she reluctantly agrees to become the Karasuno boys’ volleyball team manager. She matures over the series and gains greater self-confidence, leading her to assist the Karasuno team through the championship brackets. Within the manga’s time skip, Hitoka is a successful college student with the aspiration of working for an ad design company. 

This character enters the pantheon of anime girl managers on an all-boys high school team. Unlike the other schoolgirl managers, Hitoka had no desire to get involved in sports. Her recruitment is reflective of where the Karasuno High boys’ volleyball team begins the series and their growth as individuals and players. Hitoka Yachi’s disposition and cute demeanor have earned her a place in the hearts of anime fans and a spot on our September birthday roster. 

18. Chiho Sasaki

  • Birthday: September 10
  • First Anime Appearance: The Devil is a Part-Timer! Ep. 1 “The Demon King Arrives in Sasazuka” (2013)

Chiho Sasaki is an average Sasahata North High School student and a dedicated MgRonalds’ employee. Her petite, cutesy disposition masks a very headstrong young lady.  

The daughter of Riho and Inspector Senichi Sasaki, Chiho’s personality is very much a blend of her mother’s kindness mixed with her father’s persistence. These attributes are evident in her behavior towards the narrative’s protagonist, Sadao Maou. Their relationship has given Chiho the ability to hear and understand the language of his realm. Her love for Maou often leads to Chiho becoming jealous whenever a girl approaches him. She is also proficient in kyūdōka, which afforded her to take on angels within the manga.

Chiho is a popular character, with both The Devil is a Part-Timer! anime and manga fans. Her cuteness factor mixed with a dedication to friends and employers is inspirational. Chiho Sasaki’s moe charm makes her tops on many waifu lists and our eighth-best anime character with a birthday in September.  

17. Rangiku Matsumoto

  • Birthday: September 29
  • First Anime Appearance: Bleach Ep. 24 “Assemble! The Gotei 13” (2005)

An expert swordsman, Rangiku Matsumoto is the 10th Division’s lieutenant. She is someone who has a tendency to skip out on her duties in favor of drinking and lounging around headquarters.

The series gives little insight into Rangiku’s family or past prior to Gin Ichimaru saving her from starvation. His rescue would come to serve as her celebrated birthday. Rangiku would attend and graduate from Shin’ō Academy before joining the Seireitei’s mission to provide hollows peace in the afterlife. A beautiful and flirtatious individual, she takes pleasure in teasing Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya and the other males in her life. With her Zanpakutō Haineko, Rangiku is all business when the chips are down.

The beautiful, curvaceous, overpowered warrior-woman trope is a staple in shōnen anime. Unlike her shōnen peers, Rangiku Matsumoto’s tragic backstory is a footnote within her character arc and never gets in the way of defining her values. Her intelligence, skills, and seductive personality converge to make Rangiku one of our top picks for September.

15. Bruno Bucciarati

  • Birthday: 27 September 1980
  • First Anime Appearance: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Golden Wind – Ep. 1 “Gold Experience” (2018)

A member of the Pasione gang, Bruno Bucciarati is a major supporting character in part five of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure saga. His journey to identify Leaky-Eye Luca’s attacker sets him on a path with the narrative’s protagonist.

Bruno or ‘Brown Sugar’ is a member of the powerful Neapolitan crime family. Despite his criminal ties, Bucciarati is an honorable man who prizes righteousness over thuggery. So much so, that he is willing to lay down his own life to do what is right. A Stand User, he wields Sticky Fingers to unzip and zip portals to transport from location to location. Bruno can also determine if someone is lying based on how much they perspire. This capability leads him to assist the story’s central character, Giorno Giovanna.   

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure epic storytelling is popular with the anime community. Hirohiko Araki’s writing and illustrative work are a huge reason behind the series’ success.

14. Sango

  • Birthday: September 8
  • First Anime Appearance: Inuyasha Ep. 24 “Enter Sango, the Demon Slayer” (2001)

Sango is a demon slayer and ancillary hero character in the Inuyasha franchise. She is a master of rituals, chemical repellents, and fighting techniques necessary to conquer demons.

Raised in Yōkai taijiya village, Sango lived alongside her younger brother and their father. While on a mission to destroy a spider yōkai, the demon would possess her sibling. The demonic possession would lead him to destroy their village and the killing of its inhabitants, including their father. Sango, alongside her faithful two-tailed demon cat and Miroku, pursues the annihilation of yōkai.

With a heart of gold, Sango’s motivations are the preservation of family and friends. She demonstrates her persistence in achieving this goal throughout her narrative. This mystical, shōnen fighter has a well-deserved following who have chosen her as one of their favorite characters born in September.

13. Momo Yaoyorozu

  • Birthday: September 23
  • First Anime Appearance: My Hero Academia Ep. 5 “What I Can Do for Now” (2016)

Momo Yaoyorozu is the full-figured, Vice President of Class 1-A at U.A. High School. A highly intelligent young woman, her powerful Meta abilities were rated first place on the Class 1-A Quirk Apprehension Test.

The ‘Everything Hero: Creati”, Momo’s Creation Quirk converts her fat cells to produce non-living objects from her skin. The successful creation of an item requires constant eating to replenish the expelled fat and to understand an object’s molecular structure. Combining her Quirk abilities with bukijutsu techniques, Momo becomes an unstoppable force of nature. She is also a capable educator who tutors her classmates and demonstrates proficiency at playing keyboard instruments.  

Momo Yaoyorozu is an overpowered warrior but an inexperienced hero-trainee. These attributes give us a character struggling to define their place in life, both hero and personal. Her struggles make our hero a great female character, who definitely deserves a spot among the best anime characters born in September.

12. Hayato ‘Storm Bomb’ Gokudera

  • Birthday: September 9
  • First Anime Appearance: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Ep. 1 “What!? I’m the Tenth Generation Mafia Boss!?” (2006)

With a passion for organized crime and the supernatural, Hayato Gokudera is a principal character in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! He is a powerful fighter, who manipulates explosive devices effectively to evade attacks and create illusions.

A Namimori Middle School student, Hayato was born in Italy to a Japanese father and an Italian mother. His distinguished silver hair coloring causes Ryohei to nickname Hayato Octopus-Head. He is an unruly individual, who desires to join the Mafia. His ambition lands a position with the Vongola Famiglia and the title of Tenth Generation Storm Guardian. Hayato is a close friend of the protagonist and Vongola boss, Tsunayoshi Sawada.

Hayato Gokudera is a fascinating anime character in an equally captivating series. He dedicates both his heart and soul to protecting his family from competing for organized crime interests. These actions often occur within a world where the laws of physics do not apply, which only adds to the entertainment value of the story. Hayato’s contribution to the narrative has given him status as a fan favorite for September.

11. Boa “Pirate Empress” Hancock

  • Birthday: September 2
  • First Anime Appearance: One Piece Ep. 409 “Hurry! Back to the Crew – Adventure on the Isle of Women” (2009)

Captain of the Kuja Pirates, the ‘Pirate Empress’ Boa Hancock is the main antagonist within the Amazon Lily Arc. With a busty model-like physique, she is the most beautiful woman in the One Piece universe. 

The “Pirate Empress’ is not averse to using her feminine charm and assets to manipulate others into doing her bidding. She also has no problem with using her body to manipulate others into forgiving her whenever something she does goes sideways. Monkey D. Luffy is the only one who seems immune to her appeal. She becomes his ally through several adventure arcs in the series. Boa also rules over the Kuja tribe alongside her younger sisters, Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold.

The series creators took inspiration from Boa Hancock’s character from Greek and Roman mythology regarding sirens. Unlike the sirens of old, the ‘Pirate Empress’ manages to destroy sailors using her voice and great looks. Boa Hancock’s cunning and seductive personality makes her one of the top picks for September.

10. Misaki Ayuzawa

  • Birthday: September 29
  • First Anime Appearance: Maid-Sama! Ep. 1 “Misa is a Maid!” (2010)

Misaki Ayuzawa is Seika High School’s Student Council President and the narrative’s protagonist. Hardworking, she prioritizes the needs of others over her own interests.

A helpful young girl, Misaki’s optimistic and gentle demeanor would change following her dad’s abandonment of the family. His departure left the family with a huge debt, causing Misaki to grow up quickly to assist her mother and younger sister. Her teen life centered on academics, family, and work until she met Takumi Usui. Their relationship leads Misaki to find balance in her life and trust in others.

In 2010, fans identified Misaki as the sexiest woman in anime. Along with Takumi, she would also covet the title of anime’s sexiest couple. Eleven years following her debut, Misaki Ayuzawa continues to maintain a loyal following that counts her among their favorite anime characters.

9. Miyuki Shirogane

  • Birthday: September 9
  • First Anime Appearance: Kaguya-sama: Love is War! Ep. 1 “Episode 1” (2019)

Miyuki Shirogane is a third-year student at the wealthy Shuchi’in Academy and its current student council president. He is a hardworking student and part-time employee, which often results in him being sleep-deprived.

Living in Sangenjaya, the Shiroganes are a working-class family. Miyuki’s economic status provides a barrier to confessing his love for the student council’s vice president, Kaguya Shinomiya.

In spite of his insecurities with Kaguya, he takes pride in being at the top of his class and proving the worth of an ‘impure’ student. His only fear is to confess his love to Kaguya to have her say “O-kawaii-koto” or “How Cute” in response. This leaves him with the feeling that a relationship with her is impossible.

Miyuki Shirogane is a grounded character, who is diligent and reliable to both family and friends. His only insecurity is how to get the girl of his dreams. His genuineness is one of the core motivations for why so many fans like the ‘Prez’, as a character.

8. Kei Tsukishima

  • Birthday: 27 September 1996
  • First Anime Appearance: Haikyu!! Ep. 3 “The Formidable Ally” (2014)

Kei Tsukishima is the Karasuno High School volleyball team’s middle blocker. Tsukki’s arrogant façade masks his devotion to the sport and his teammates.    

As a younger brother, Kei idolized his older brother and the image of the brother’s volleyball abilities. This perspective would change upon learning that his brother lied about being Karasuno’s ace player. His brother’s betrayal would cause Kei to adopt a contrarian perspective toward the sport. His fellow first-year teammate’s spirit would be Tsukki’s love of volleyball. Kei’s game sense and tempered play prove valuable to the Crow’s court strategy.   

Wedded to a conceited persona, Kei Tsukishima comes to demonstrate that he cares for his brother and fellow teammates. The internal struggle with life’s disappointments often serves as a catalyst for a character’s transition into a hero or villain. Fortunately, Kei Tsukishima struggles and conquers his demons to become a prized member of the High School volleyball team.

7. Yami Sukehiro

  • Birthday: September 17
  • First Anime Appearance: Black Clover Ep. 4 “The Magic Knights Entrance Exam” (2017)

Yami Sukehiro is the unorthodox Captain of the Black Bulls. A black magic user, he is a powerful swordsman and well-respected Magic Knight.

A shipwrecked fisherman, the young Yami came to observe disparities in the Clover Kingdom. He would take up a life of a petty criminal until a chance meeting with the Grey Deer’s captain. Julius Novachrono convinced the young man to become a Magic Knight.

Yami’s abilities and loyalty to the Clover Kingdom’s people caused the Wizard King to make him captain of the newly formed Black Bulls. His band of loyal misfits is the physical manifestation of Yami’s philosophy to always strive to better oneself.

Yami Sukehiro is a popular character in the Black Clover universe. His unruly personality, eccentric leadership, and overpowered abilities make him a favorite among fans. A compelling character, the Destruction God is our seventh-best anime character born in September.

6. Zenitsu Agatsuma

  • Birthday: September 3
  • First Anime Appearance: Demon Slayer:Kimetsu no Yaiba Ep. 4 “Final Selection” (2019)

Outwardly, there is little evidence that Zenitsu Agatsuma is actually a powerful Demon Slayer. His Hashira-level swordsman skills were instrumental in defeating Kaigaku of the Upper Moon 6.

A series protagonist, he is the traveling companion of Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado. In spite of personal insecurities, Zenitsu’s motivation to hunt demons is to avenge his teacher’s death. His talented swordsmanship led to the creation of a new Breathing Style form. In addition to fighting demons, he is proficient at playing the shamisen and koto. 

Zenitsu Agatsuma presents a complex psychological character arc. At face value, he is a romantic whose desire is conflict avoidance. His generally peaceful demeanor can quickly evolve into beast mode should the occasion call for it. Entertaining and skilled are just a couple of the qualities that make Zenitsu Agatsuma an anime fan favorite.

5. Zoë Hange 

  • Birthday: September 5
  • First Anime Appearance: Attack on Titan Ep. 15 “To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1” (2013)

A gender-ambiguous character, Zoë Hange is a highly intelligent, researcher and former Survey Corps commander. They use their immense intellect to design and craft weapons to protect humanity from the Titan onslaught. 

There is little information about Zoë’s upbringing prior to joining the Survey Corps. Driven by anger, the Corps mindlessly killed Titans but changed their perspective when they kicked a dead titan’s head. The lightweight nature of the decapitated head made Zoë want to study the gargantuan monstrosities. They would dedicate themselves to researching and understanding the threat in order to effectively combating it. Over Zoë’s narrative arc, they dispatched no less than five titans on their own.

Zoë is a popular supporting character in the Attack on Titan fan polls. They consistently rank within their top five favorites. A warrior-scientist, Zoë Hange continues to have a loyal fan base that counts them among their favorite anime characters with a September birthday.

4. Asuna Yuuki

  • Birthday: 30 September 2007
  • First Anime Appearance: Sword Art Online Ep. 1 “The World of Swords” (2012)

A VRMMORPG gamerAsuna Yuuki is the heroine of the Sword Art Online franchise. Kayaba Akihiko’s software tampering would pit Asuna and thousands of gamers against one another in a bit to escape.

Asuna is the youngest child of RECT Progress’ former CEO, Shouzou Yuuki. A solo player at first, she becomes a sub-leader of the floor-clearing Knights of Blood. Her sword skills earned her the nickname “The Flash”.

She would eventually fall in love with the story’s protagonist. The pair’s time in Sword Art Online would result in an in-game marriage and the adoption of an in-game daughter, Yui. In real life, Asuna maintains a close relationship with her Sword Art Online community friends.

Sword Art Online has its fair share of detractors. However, the characters seem to generally resonate with anime fans. Asuna Yuuki is one such character that rates highly as both a character and waifu.

3. Joseph Joestar

  • Birthday: September 27, 1920
  • First Anime Appearance: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Ep. 10 “New York’s JoJo” (2012)

With an anime spanning over a century, Joseph Joestar is the story’s second prominently featured JoJo and is significant to the narrative’s underpinning.  He has taken on Nosferatu, Pillar Men, and other Stand users throughout his life.

A brawler with a short fuse, this young man was no stranger to the juvenile justice system. His “Uncle” Speedwagon’s disappearance sets Joseph on the path to becoming a powerful Stand user. He marries Suzi Q and the couple’s daughter gives birth to their grandson, Jotaro Kujo. He is also the father of Josuke Higashikata. Due to a fight with Kars, JoJo wears a prosthetic hand that serves as a running gag during the Stardust Crusader’s storyline.

The Old Man, referenced by Jotaro Kujo, is a popular character, with both anime and manga fans. His development from a compulsive teen to a mature adult gives us hope that we can all grow up. An overall fun character, Joseph Joestar is one of our best characters in anime born in September.

2. Kakashi Hatake

  • Birthday: September 15
  • First Anime Appearance: Naruto Ep. 3 “Sasuke and Sakura: Friends or Foes?” (2002)

The Kakashi of the Sharingan, Kakashi Hatake is a powerful shinobi and Konoha’s Sixth Hokage. A talented ninja and mentor, he despises being a leader and responsible for others. 

A Village Hidden in the Leaves resident, ‘Copy Ninja Kakashi’ acquired his abilities through his father’s teachings. His perseverance and exceptional talent resulted in him handily defeating Might Guy to become a chūnin by age 6. Kakashi’s fighting techniques would lead him to become a mentor for Team 7’s shinobi-in-training. He employs various Jutsu techniques and welds the White Light Chakra Sabre. Kakashi’s techniques were instrumental to his survival during the Fourth Shinobi World War. 

Unlike other genres, shōnen provides the most diverse and varied cast of characters. Naruto is no exception. With this understanding, Kakashi Hatake’s faithful following earns him the status of our most popular character with a birthday in September.

1. Emilia

  • Birthday: September 23
  • First Anime Appearance: Re-Zero: Starting Life in Another World Ep. 1 “The End of the Beginning and the Beginning of the End” (2016)

The Witch of Glaciation, Emilia is the Half-Elf female protagonist in the anime series. Her abilities include using fire magic and the spirit arts of water, wind, and earth.

Raised by her aunt, Emilia grew up isolated from others in the elfin village. Lonely, the young girl learned how to summon Lesser Spirits or “fairies” to play with her. The Witch of Vainglory would come after Emilia because of her abilities, which resulted in her aunt’s death. This event caused the Half-Elf to annihilate the Witch before freezing herself and the Elior Forest under a blanket of ice.

After seven years in hibernation, Emilia would thaw out and meet Puck. The pair would come under the care of Roswaal L. Mathers, who supports her candidacy to become the 42nd King of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica.

Tappei Nagatsuki has gone on record to state that Emilia is one of the reasons behind the creation of Re:Zero. He also dislikes ranking his characters but thinks Emilia rates above all other Re:Zero personalities. Based on the numbers, Re:Zero’s creator along with the fans has spoken to identify Emilia as a favorite anime character born in September.

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